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14) Chapter 12.2

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Chapter 12 Part 2:

“Can I borrow your sword?” As Li Gongzi spoke, he looked expressionlessly at Qin Yu.

Qin Yu didn’t speak, he stared Li Gongzi in the eyes and then handed over the sword in his hand.

Li Gongzi took the sword and a trace of hatred emerged in his eyes, which was becoming thicker and thicker. His peach blossom face had a trace of sneer as he said, “Lin Daren, the hatred I felt, when you forced me and killed my parents in front of me...I have never forgotten it. I’ve been awaiting this day for such a long time and I’m finally able to take my revenge.”

Said Li Gongzi as he lifted the sword with some struggle. He mercilessly started stabbing at the body of the frightened governor, until finally the sword pierced through the governor’s heart, ending his life.

After killing the governor, Li Gongzi was shaking as if all his strength had escaped from his body. As he was about to fall, Li Luo went to supported him.

Li Gongzi turned his head to face Li Luo and slightly smiled. His smile was like the full bloom of plum flower in the winter, very beautiful, “Thank you.”

Li Luo blushed when he saw the smile in that face which was more beautiful than woman—indeed regardless of it was a man or woman, as long as it’s a great beauty, using this killer move, they couldn’t resist it.

Qin Yu expression become cold, he grasped Li Gongzi’s arm firmly and with a murderous gaze he asked: “Where are the things?”

Li Gongzi didn’t immediately answer, instead he looked at Qin Yu and give him a dazzling smile, “This must be the famous sixth prince.”

Qin Yu slightly squinted his eyes, the hand that held Li Gongzi arm also tightened a bit, “How do you know I’m the sixth prince?”

“I guessed.” Li Gongzi wasn’t even slightest bit scared by Qin Yu’s murderous eyes So he still replied in neither too fast, nor too slow manner, “If it is possible, I hope that I can continue to help Dianxia and lessen his work.”

Li Luo’s brain once again connected the strings and lit a small light bulb. He remembered, that in order to make that adorable (rotten) younger sister of his a lot less criticising of his writing, he had set this Li Gongzi—Li Rui’an as a very talented, but pitiful man character, who was forced to become a male pet for that governor. And when Qin Yu saved him, he voluntarily became the male protagonist’s brother, after which he ended up as the prime minister of the Qin country, who always stayed by the male protagonist’s side to assist him.

When he thought of himself in that year, Li Luo once again wanted to strangle himself inside his heart.

“Dianxia certainly doesn’t trust me yet, but please Dianxia give me an opportunity. I certainly won’t disappoint you Dianxia.” Li Rui’an faced Qin Yu and cupped his hands in salute, “Now the hour is already late, I will first take you two to the location of the military seal and military orders.” His footsteps were somewhat frivolous, but it did not affect his upright stance. He was just like a pine standing above the cliff, no matter the pressure it’s trunk didn’t bend.

Qin Yu put his sword into his scabbard and silently followed Li Rui’an. He seemed to be quietly observing him.

Li Luo immediately caught up with Qin Yu, his slender and graceful figure in the night reminded of a black leopard pacing slowly. His movements were sensitiv and vigorous.

Inside a secluded room in the governor residence, Li Rui’an took out the military seals and military orders wrapped in silk from inside a hidden square. After checking it, Qin Yu wanted to leave with Li Lou, but he was unexpectedly stopped by Li Rui’an.

Looked at this scene, Li Rui’an deliberately asked in loud voice. “Dianxia, please stay for a bit. Can we talk alone, I have a few words to say?”

Qin Yu ignored him, while Li Luo looked at Li Rui’an. This is your most important brother, so how come you are just leaving like this? Weren’t you really close with your little brother previously?

In order to prevent the occurrence of the lack of the main characters that would caused the final outcome of the situation to change, Li Luo could only harden his resolve and face Qin Yu, who had been ignoring him for a the last months. He said: “Yu, he just helped us, so just hear out what he has to say, all right? It won’t delay us much.” He himself did not realizing his tone was much softer than usual, the tone was slightly tender, just like throwing a tantrum.

On the other hand Qin Yu immediately noticed it, he slightly smiled and his eyes filled with a trace of tenderness, “Ok.”

Li Rui’an thoughtfully looked at the interaction between Qin Yu and Li Luo, which ascertained the speculation in his mind even more. He couldn’t help but give a faint smile, “Then can I request this Gongzi to withdraw first.”

Li Luo nodded and left the room. He had no idea what Li Rui’an and Qin Yu spoke about in the room, but after he came out, Qin Yu’s expression seemed a bit weird, he looked at him a few times.

In contrast, Li Rui’an had a slight smile behind Qin Yu and looked like a elegant beautiful Gongzi. Even after he came out he still faced Li Luo and gave him a gentle smile.

However, only this a while of discussion, Qin Yu had agreed to bring Li Rui’an along with them, Li Luo could not help but wonder for a while about it, but the sound outside immediately diverted his attention. The Xiang Bei Army was attacking the city, so the sounds of horns and sword clashing were everywhere.

As soon as his free time was over, he immediately forgot what his previous doubts were.

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