Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife

Chapter 119.3 - I'll Always Be With You

Feeling all of this, Su Yanyi felt that her previous anxious thoughts had disappeared. After all, it was just a child. They had already planned to let things happen naturally. So now they should just let things be. They couldn't just go to the hospital for artificial insemination just to complete the task!

Ah, calm down, Su Yanyi thought, it's better to ignore the system's task for now.

The two sat cuddled up on the lounge chair looking at the stars. Grandfather Su, who was inside the mansion, happened to see this scene from afar through the window. Although he couldn't see clearly, he could feel the warmth of the moment, which made him smile with satisfaction.

The two of them watched the stars for a long time. When they were done, Su Yanyi was too lazy to move and laid on Qin Jiran's back.

"Carry me back," Su Yanyi bit Qin Jiran's ear and said.

"As you wish." Qin Jiran laughed and carried Su Yanyi all the way back to their room steadily.

In April, just as the talent show's official audition was about to start, Su Yanyi received a call from the mental hospital. The person she arranged there informed her that Wang Zhilin had bitten her tongue and attempted suicide during dinner last night. But she didn't do it thoroughly and was rushed to the emergency room by the medical staff. She was rescued, but her mental state was very bad after waking up, and she was still likely to continue to commit suicide. So they asked for Su Yanyi's opinion on whether to tighten security measures or...

The person didn't say what the other option was, but the meaning was already very clear. Wang Zhilin had been tortured beyond recognition in the mental hospital. Her mental state had already deteriorated. Her final fate was just death. Of course, it still depended on Su Yanyi's decision.

"Wanna die? No, no, no. I don't want her to die. I want her to live, even if she becomes a vegetative. Do you understand what I mean?" Su Yanyi's voice was cold as she gave instructions over the phone.

"I understand. I will definitely make sure she lives!" Living a life worse than death!

The doctor made the call in front of Wang Zhilin, whose eyes grew increasingly dim and hopeless as she heard the doctor's words.

"Kill me, kill me..." Wang Zhilin's throat emitted a hoarse voice, repeating that phrase over and over.

The onlookers gazed at her with nothing but sorrow and indifference, showing no sympathy whatsoever.

The audition for "I'm the Best" was very lively. With Su Yanyi's unconditional support and Qin Jiran's creative ideas, even the auditioning scenes were extremely luxurious and grand. It attracted countless viewers and fans, along with widespread media coverage from all over the country.

This time, with Su Yanyi's support, Qin Jiran almost sent out all the heavyweight figures in the entertainment industry who could spare time to participate in the audition as judges. Each audition area was paired with an actor and a singer, and their celebrity status and professional level were undoubtedly of the highest level. This made the contestants who came to participate feel more at ease and look forward to the competition.

As an actor and a representative of the new generation of actors with equal emphasis on acting skills and strength, Qin Jiran's fame can be said to be a living business card. Many fans even came to a city far away just to see him, and some even participated in the audition for "I'm the Best" just to get him to notice them. Many of these contestants were really talented. Qin Jiran was surprised to find several good ones.

"Mentor Qin, you are my idol. I've watched all the TV dramas and movies you've acted in. I really like you. Can you give me an autograph?" A young fan with a blushing face stopped Qin Jiran on his way out. Her eyes and tone were filled with admiration for Qin Jiran.

Qin Jiran did not refuse. This fan was also one of the contestants with great talent in singing. Qin Jiran not only gave her an autograph, but also wrote a word of encouragement. Then he quickly got into his car and rushed back home to cook dinner.

After dinner, the two of them sat together and watched TV. Although they both had a lot of work to do, they would try to handle it at the company if it wasn't necessary to bring it home. After dinner, they would do some relaxing activities together, such as watching TV and taking a walk.

The two of them weren't very picky about TV shows, mostly just watching whatever was on. On this day, they happened to come across a TV drama about an obstetrician problem, and one scene in particular made Su Yanyi suddenly ask a question.

The plot on TV was the story of a couple. After the wife became pregnant, she got into a car accident and became vegetative, but miraculously, the baby (in the womb) survived. The husband, wanting to ensure his wife's health, was in pain as he considered aborting the child.

When Su Yanyi saw the husband talking to his vegetative wife, saying that he knew his wife also wanted to keep their child, but for the sake of her safety, he had to abort the baby...

At this point, Su Yanyi asked Qin Jiran, "If you were that husband, what would you choose?"

Qin Jiran hadn't expected Su Yanyi to ask such a question. After hesitating for a moment, he hugged Su Yanyi before saying, "Although I don't like this kind of hypotheses, if it really were the case, I would only choose you."

But if he had to choose between himself and the child, he would definitely choose the child. After all, he was so looking forward to having a child with Yanyi!

"Even if sacrificing our child doesn't guarantee that I will wake up for the rest of my life?" Su Yanyi wasn't surprised by this answer, or rather, when she asked the question, she already knew what the answer would be.

Who was more important to him, her or the child? That was undoubtedly her. From the beginning to the end, she never doubted the love this man had for her!

"No matter what, I'll be with you!" Qin Jiran's expression was very gentle, but there was a hint of determination in his gentleness. That was the coldness he would have if he had to give up the child and the determination he had to sacrifice everything for Yanyi!

As long as Yanyi was alive, no matter how she lived, he would be with her for the rest of his life, never leaving or abandoning her!

But if Yanyi died, then what was the point of him living? In that case, their child should be with them!

So no matter what, he would be with her, putting her ahead of everything else, in the most important position. Even if he had to sacrifice himself, he would never sacrifice her.

Su Yanyi didn't continue watching the TV drama after that, but she thought the child should have been saved. Audiences always liked to see that kind of plot, and she did too.

In reality, if she had to make a choice herself, she thought she would definitely choose the child. If she really became pregnant, she would do her utmost to keep the child because it wasn't just her responsibility, but also her expectation. So even if it meant risking her life, she would be willing to give birth to the child and leave it behind as the last gift she gave Qin Jiran, letting the child take her place and accompany Qin Jiran to live on!

In this life, no matter what, she would do her utmost to give this man the best!

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