Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife

Chapter 119.2 - I'll Always Be With You

With this incident happening in the Qin family, the stocks plummeted again. The remaining small shareholders also had the idea of selling their shares. As long as they had some brains, they didn't think highly of the current situation of the Qin family. Su Yanyi quickly acquired another 4% of the shares, adding to her original 25%, which made her the largest shareholder of the Qin family, since Qin Zhenli only owned 28% of the shares!

However, even at this point, Su Yanyi did not reveal herself as the largest shareholder. She remained hidden, waiting for the next opportunity to strike. In fact, all along, what she had been calculating were the shares held by the people in the Qin family. She wanted Qin Jiran to appear in front of the Qin family after he had acquired 51% of the shares, so that no one could shake his position!

And while Su Yanyi was busy acquiring shares of the Qin Conglomerate, Qin Jiran's team had also started working. The production team of the large-scale variety talent show "I Am the Best" was established, with Qin Jiran as the chief planner leading the planning team to begin preparations for all aspects of the show. At the same time, Corey also sent a team to discuss cooperation matters with Qin Jiran. The collaboration between the two companies was immediately reported by Dragon Media, which could be considered as the first promotional activity for the program.

After the promotional activity, registration events were held in as many as 25 domestic provinces and cities. At the same time, five special teams were sent abroad to select new stars around the world.

In fact, this event could not be called a worldwide talent search, but it added a bit of international flair. However, in country M, the media company under Corey's family's Warrens Group was extremely cooperative and had begun conducting talent searches in various states of country M.

At the same time, both companies also announced that the top ten contestants would receive a very generous prize and contract related to TV and movie roles from both companies.

Once this news was released, it immediately attracted countless people's attention, especially those young men and women who were eager to enter the entertainment industry. They arrived at the registration site as soon as possible and carefully filled out their names and talents and/or specialties in the registration form.

In fact, there were already many talent search shows, but this was the first time that Resplendent Entertainment had held such a large-scale event. Moreover, it was in collaboration with the famous Warrens Group in country M, which made many people even more excited. For some, it was a chance to soar to the sky. Even those who lacked confidence would hold onto a glimmer of hope and come to try.

Qin Jiran was busy, but he never missed a making a meal. However, the last gift that Su Yanyi had been waiting for had not yet arrived, making her anxious. Every time she saw Qin Jiran, she couldn't help but stare at him, hoping he would take the initiative to give her the last gift. She only needed one more gift to complete her upgrade task, and then the system could be upgraded!

001 always said that there would be major changes when the system upgraded again, and she was a little impatient to see it. But Qin Jiran wouldn't give her the gift, and the system also required her not to be explicit about it. This made Su Yanyi more and more anxious. Therefore, after she obtained 4% of the shares of Qin Conglomerate, she immediately went to find Qin Jiran, of course, looking very calm on the surface.

"Sign it." Su Yanyi put the share contract in front of Qin Jiran and said domineeringly.

Recently, Qin Jiran had signed quite a few contracts. When he saw that it was again a 4% stake, he was not surprised at all. After signing his name, he hugged Su Yanyi in his arms.

"We have 29% now, 1% more than Qin Zhenli. My dear wife, you are amazing!" Qin Jiran said sweetly, praising Su Yanyi generously. He spoke from the heart, feeling incredibly proud and happy to have such an excellent woman as his wife.

"It's nothing. There's still more to come," Su Yanyi replied indifferently. She wasn't even slightly proud of this achievement. Only when she could obtain more than 50% of the shares would she be a little proud.

"Okay, you take your time. I'll wait for you to give me more." Qin Jiran knew that no matter how much he tried to persuade her, Su Yanyi would continue with her work. So he decided to support her and keep his feelings to himself.

He used to worry about Su Yanyi's safety, but after learning about her family background, he understood that this acquisition game was just a game for her. He allowed her to enjoy it to her heart's content.

"I'll be waiting too," Su Yanyi said with a meaningful gaze.

Qin Jiran naturally thought that she was talking about Qin family's shares and didn't realize that Su Yanyi was waiting for his gift.

In fact, Qin Jiran was preparing a gift, but he was quite busy recently. He had no time to finish it, albeit the gift was almost complete. It would take only a day or two more to complete it.

And finally, the gift didn't keep Su Yanyi waiting too long. When she acquired another 1% of Qin Conglomerate shares, Qin Jiran had already prepared his carefully crafted gift.

"Yanyi, I'll take you somewhere," Qin Jiran said eagerly after dinner. He had gone out for a while and came back to find Su Yanyi, pulling her out excitedly.

Su Yanyi had just hung up on Kang Zhong's call, confirming that she had acquired another 1% of the shares. Although it was an important matter, she could afford to wait. She was curious about where Qin Jiran was taking her with such enthusiasm.

They went to the backyard, where Su Yanyi had planted the tree. The tree had grown several times taller in just a few days, making it look more lush. Under the big tree was a bamboo chair with a blanket on top. It looked comfortable and inviting.

"Lie down and tell me if there's anything uncomfortable. I'll fix it," Qin Jiran said
eagerly, hoping that Su Yanyi would like his gift.

And it was at this moment that the long-awaited system prompt for Su Yanyi finally sounded.

【Congratulations to the host for completing the Level 3 task once. Adding one point... The current total is thirty points. Completing the Level 3 points task and the upgrade task will allow the host to upgrade to Level 4. The upgrade task from Level 3 to Level 4 is for the host to get pregnant.】


At this moment, Su Yanyi really wanted to say, "Is this upgrade task really okay?" It's really inappropriate to joke about getting pregnant at this time!

"What are you thinking, Yanyi? Your expression looks weird," Qin Jiran asked, noticing that Su Yanyi had been still and her expression had become somewhat different and puzzled.

"I'm thinking... this chair looks really comfortable!" Su Yanyi really wanted to say that it's really annoying that even the system is bringing up the topic of having a child, as if getting pregnant has become a kind of task.

"Then let's lie down and see. It's my first time too, and I don't know if it's good or not," Qin Jiran immediately shifted his attention and looked expectantly at Su Yanyi.

Su Yanyi sat down with Qin Jiran on the comfortable and stable chair. The blanket was soft, and the feeling was comfortable. They could even sit together and look at the stars. The stars in the sky were bright and twinkling...

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