Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife

Chapter 119.1 - I'll Always Be With You

Su Yanyi gave Qin Jiran 25% of the shares of the Qin family, which was an extremely valuable gift. Even more valuable was the sentiment behind it, which made Qin Jiran feel indebted.

However, Qin Jiran felt that he and everything he owned belonged to Su Yanyi, so he wasn't in a rush to repay her. He had a lifetime to repay her for her deep affection.

After selling his shares, Qin Chu obtained a large amount of funds and immediately began planning his revenge against Qin Haowen. He didn't rush to confront Qin Haowen himself, but instead had his subordinates find two women with good quality and then trained and prepared them before sending them to Qin Haowen.

Qin Haowen had been grounded, but Qin Zhenli was too busy to keep an eye on him every day. Moreover, since compensating Qin Chu with the shares, Qin Zhenli had disliked his illegitimate son even more and warned Qin Haowen not to leave the house without permission. Despite this, Qin Haowen sneaked out and was eventually discovered by Qin Chu's people, who ordered the two women to appear at the bar he (Qin Haowen) went to.

【T/N: Idk why the author keeps on confusing between Qin Zhenli and Qin Zhenren. Here onwards, I'll consider:

•Qin Zhenli as the eldest son. (Qin Haowen is his illegitimate child.)

•Qin Zhenyi is the 2nd son. (Qin Jiran is his illegitimate son & Qin Chu is his legitimate albeit 2nd son.)

•Qin Zhenren is the youngest one. (He has a daughter named Qin Ying.)】

The reason why Qin Haowen and Qin Chu fought over that woman that day was because they were both lecherous. As soon as they saw a beautiful woman, they couldn't wait to rush towards her. After a sweet conversation, the two women were seemingly enticed by money and went to a hotel room with Qin Haowen.

Qin Chu monitored Qin Haowen's movements all the way, and the two women brought Qin Haowen to the designated room as instructed. They coaxed him into drinking until he was almost drunk, and then Qin Chu and his men stormed into the room.

Qin Chu brought two bodyguards, whom he had hired at great expense for this mission, and they immediately subdued Qin Haowen and forced him to kneel in front of Qin Chu.

"It's you, Qin Chu. Let me go, or I'll never let you off!" Qin Haowen shouted in fear, but he knew he was in trouble. He harbored a glimmer of hope that with Qin Zhenli as his backer, Qin Chu could only beat him up at worst.

But the Qin Chu was now somewhat deranged. He had barely survived his hospital stay, and his body still ached. Furthermore, the fight had caused him a lifetime of regret. Now that he had caught Qin Haowen, he wouldn't let him go so easily. Qin Chu pulled out a small knife that he had prepared and looked at Qin Haowen with a cruel gleam in his eye. "Qin Haowen, now that you're in my hands, it's time for retribution. You owe me a debt, and I'll make sure you pay it with your blood. You'll never get what I've lost."

Qin Chu didn't want to waste time with Qin Haowen, at least not before getting it done physically. He just wanted to see Qin Haowen end up in the same situation as himself, otherwise he would never be able to swallow this anger!

The two bodyguards were actually from the underworld and were even wanted criminals. They had no psychological pressure in doing this. When they heard Qin Chu's orders, they immediately approached and pulled down Qin Haowen's pants. At this point, Qin Haowen was really scared and struggling desperately while also pleading: "Qin Chu, we are family after all. Although we fought that day, I never intended for you to crash into the car. It was all an accident. I really didn't mean it. Qin Chu, you can't do this to me. If my father finds out, he won't spare you. Qin Chu, please let me go. I know I was wrong. I'll give you money, I'll apologize to you, please, don't take off... "

Qin Haowen's pants were pulled off amidst his begging and crying, and then Qin Chu threw a small knife in his hand to one of the men. The man took the knife and started working on a certain part of Qin Haowen's body, causing Qin Haowen's body to stiffen. He wanted to struggle but was too scared to move, his face turning pale as he stuttered, "Qin Chu, I beg you, please don't do this. I was wrong, I really was. If you let me go, I'll listen to you in the future. Whatever you ask me to do, I'll do it... Ah!"

The moment he screamed, another bodyguard covered Qin Haowen's mouth, and he fainted.

Qin Chu looked down at Qin Haowen condescendingly and suddenly burst into laughter, looking extremely crazy.

"Hahaha, Qin Haowen, you deserve this punishment. I will make you taste the same pain that I will endure for a lifetime. We can't escape from each other!"

Qin Chu felt that he was really crazy for doing such a thing, but he didn't go completely insane and left himself a way out.

"Let's go!"

Before coming here, Qin Chu had already arranged for plane tickets to Europe. After leaving the hotel, he took his subordinates to the airport and boarded a plane to Europe within half an hour, with a large sum of money exchanged for shares. He left City A without any hesitation.

When Qin Chu left the hotel, the scene that had happened there had already been reported to Su Yanyi, and all of Qin Chu's movements were under Su Yanyi's surveillance. However, it was only surveillance, and Su Yanyi's people didn't do anything else throughout the entire process.

"Let your people hide and not attract any attention. As for Qin Haowen, let fate decide." Su Yanyi gave orders to her subordinates. She didn't feel any obligation to save Qin Haowen. When it came to the matter between Qin Chu and Qin Haowen, Su Yanyi only had one thought: "You reap what you sow."

In the end, Qin Haowen didn't die. It wasn't because he was lucky, but because before Qin Chu left, he arranged for someone to call for emergency help for Qin Haowen. Qin Chu's intention was not to kill Qin Haowen. He just wanted him to live well and experience the pain of losing his genital. Moreover, Qin Chu didn't want to become a murderer. Qin Haowen's life was not worth it!

When Qin Haowen was sent to the hospital, he was already in a coma. However, the doctor was able to find Qin Zhenli through his mobile phone. Upon hearing the news, Qin Zhenli immediately dropped his phone and rushed over. Although, he didn't really like Qin Haowen, but he was still his son.

After that, even before Qin Haowen woke up, there was another big fight within the Qin family. Qin Zhenli called Qin Zhenyi and scolded him, which made Qin Zhenyi angrily hang up the phone. When Qin Zhenyi found out about the situation and wanted to find Qin Chu, he realized that he couldn't contact him, which made him really anxious.

Qin Zhenli and Qin Zhenyi were different. Although both of their sons were involved in the incident, Qin Haowen was Qin Zhenli's illegitimate son, while Qin Chu was raised by Qin Zhenyi since he was young. In comparison, the latter was more important, so Qin Zhenyi really valued Qin Chu. Even though Qin Chu was in trouble now, he didn't think of giving up on him. However, since he couldn't find Qin Chu now, he became angry, especially at Qin Haowen whom he believed was at fault. So, he had a very strong and firm attitude towards Qin Zhenli and even argued back.

The two brothers in the Qin family started fighting with each other. Qin Zhenli, in anger, called the police and had Qin Chu investigated. Qin Zhenyi wanted to stop him, but since he couldn't find Qin Chu, he didn't do so immediately. Instead, he started to plot against Qin Zhenli from other angles.

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