Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 11: Unexpected Danger

Xun Yi jolted. Yin Fuchuan's remark reminded him. He should take a look at the bald guy’s attribute panel.

He started staring at the bald guy like he had done twice before.

Xun Yi had concluded from his past experience. As long as he stared at the target for a few seconds, the attribute panel would appear.

After a good sleep, his mental strength had restored to max value, and he should be able to view other people's attribute panels again.

Xun Yi walked forward and adjusted the angle so that he could see the bald guy in full view. Xun Yi stared at the bald guy and counted silently. When he counted to 5, the familiar attribute panel appeared in front of him again.

Name: Sun Yuanjun

Level: 4 (70/400)

Profession: Gunner

Basic attributes: Strength (19/23), Agility (17/21), Constitution (18/24)

Xun Yi checked his mental strength. Sure enough, it was reduced by 30%, just as he had inferred.

President Yin’s guess was correct. The police couldn’t use guns mainly because their profession wasn’t ‘gunner’. Even if they held a firearm, it was no more than a toy in hand.

But how did this bald guy get the profession as a gunner?

Xun Yi’s profession as a seed cultivator seemed to have appeared along with him, displayed on the attribute panel as soon as it appeared. He wondered if it was the same for everyone else.

However, even if the bald guy was a gunner and happened to have a matching weapon in his hand, Xun Yi wasn’t worried. Unless he had had proper practice, his shooting accuracy would definitely be limited.

While it was true that he had the gun and profession, he didn’t have the matching skills.

Just like President Yin, he was a seed cultivator and also the skill of cultivation and creation, obviously a matching skill at a glance. The role it could play must be huge.

Xun Yi also had to lament the fact that during the few hours he had rested, the level advantage he had gained from killing zombies was no more. As expected, there was no slacking off even for one moment.

The bald guy ordered several survivors to throw the two corpses out. The survivors were so frightened that they cried and howled. On the one hand, no one dared to touch dead bodies. On the other hand, carrying the bloody corpses out was no different than delivering food to the zombies. Who would dare to do it?

“You have two options. Either carry the bodies out or you can turn into a dead body now.” The bald guy pointed his gun at a chosen survivor with a bloodthirsty smile on his face.

He was a psycho lunatic through and through, but the stable social environment restricted the growth of his evil. As doomsday arrived, all his long-suppressed evil thoughts broke free.

The survivors held their breaths nervously and looked at the bald guy in horror.


It seemed like something had fallen over.

Everyone looked nervously at the innermost part of the first floor.

At this time, the sky was completely dark. There was no trace of light, and everything was pitch black.

Xun Yi quietly stepped back. His strong mental strength made him very sensitive to the outside world and even more alert to danger.

“Xun Ye,” he called out in a low voice.

Xun Ye was next to Xun Yi the whole time, holding the corner of his clothes tightly.

Xun Yi quietly took off his backpack, squatted down, and took out a strap from the bag.

Xun Ye's eyes had adapted to the darkness. When Xun Yi took out the strap, he knew what Xun Yi was up to. He quickly stood close for Xun Yi to strap him to his back.

Just as he was about to pick up his backpack, the sound of shuffling footsteps could be heard. Xun Yi swung the backpack over his shoulder and turned around to look for Yin Fuchuan. It was so dark that no one could tell the human heads apart.

“Xun Yi,” Aunt Yu Xiao called out to him softly from nearby.

At this time, someone turned on the flashlight on his mobile phone and looked in the direction where the sound came from.

A scream followed.

“It’s a herd of zombies!”

The shout dropped like a bombshell. The survivors who guessed it screamed and fled in all directions. The quiet herd of zombies heard the noise and rushed to the crowd with a roar!

Xun Yi grabbed Aunt Yu Xiao who was standing not far from him and ran to the storage room.

With the help of that fleeting light, he quickly glanced among the crowd, trying to find Yin Fuchuan.

Unfortunately, there was no sign of him.

He could only go to the storage room to hide first. After all, it was an independent space. As long as he guarded the door, the zombies couldn’t enter easily.

Many people shared the same thought.

It turned out that after hearing the crash, some survivors had made their way to the storage room door. They lay in wait, planning to hide in the room if something went wrong.

When chaos started, the first reaction of the first few people who rushed into the storage room was to close the door, uncaring about the life or death of other people. Their own life was more important.

Xun Yi was not far from the storage room door. After hearing the noise, his first thought was Xun Ye. After strapping Xun Ye to his back, he went to look for Yin Fuchuan before returning with Aunt Yu Xiao in tow.

He rushed to the door and was almost locked out.

He stomped on the ground and the Squall Boots came into play. He rushed to the door at high speed and stabbed the saber sheath into the crack of the door, preventing the door from closing.

The survivors following behind him forced the door open and rushed in frantically together with Xun Yi.

“Close the door! The zombies are coming in! Close the door quickly!”

“Move the tables, benches, and storage racks to block the door. Hurry!”

“I need someone to help me. I can’t close the door!”

So many people tried to squeeze their way into the storage room that the door couldn't be closed at all.

It was pitch dark inside, impossible to tell whether the person coming in was human or zombie.

To prevent others from forcing their way in, some people found brooms, mops, and other objects in the storage room and attacked those people who tried to enter. For a while, howls and screams of pain filled the room.

The people at the door worked together to kick out the people who came later. It took several men to close the door to the storage room. They quickly blocked the door with the things they found to prevent people and zombies from entering.

“Let me in! Aahhh! Please let me in!”



Bangs came from the door, the zombies roared, and screams and calls for help rang one after another.

Everyone hid as far inside as they could, not even daring to approach the door for fear that they’d be eaten first if the zombies rushed in.

Xun Yi took out his mobile phone, turned on the flashlight, and handed it to Xun Ye. “Light the place up.”

The spacious storage room seemed very crowded now, crammed with dozens of people inside.

Xun Yi couldn't help but frown at this scene.

If any of these people were infected, the consequences would be disastrous once they turned into zombies.

“Aunt Yu, come here.”

Many people huddled inside, leaving no one near the door. This was the most dangerous place that no one dared to approach.

Yu Xiao didn’t care about danger. She only believed in Xun Yi.

The bangs at the door were endless, but Xun Yi was staring at the people in the storage room warily.

“Xun Yi, door!” Xun Ye suddenly shouted.

Xun Yi turned to look. The door hinge had become loose, obviously due to the great burden on the door panel when everyone squeezed through the door just now.

A storage room door didn’t have the quality of a security door at all. After being ravaged by humans and attacked by the unusual strength of zombies, even the door frame was coming loose.

The people hiding in the storage room began to scream in terror.

If the zombies broke in, they wouldn’t even have a place to escape.

“Aunt Yu, back off!”

As soon as Xun Yi finished speaking, the door panel collapsed with a bang. The zombies outside frantically clawed with their hands. Fortunately, many loose items blocked the doorway, which supported the collapsed door panel and prevented the zombies from surging in.

Even so, everyone in the storage room was scared out of their wits.

Xun Yi jumped onto an overturned cabinet, drew his saber with his right hand, and chopped off the head of the first zombie that climbed up along the door panel with one strike. The flying head and black blood spurting out from the broken neck caused another wave of screams.

The more the people in the storage room yelled, the more excited the zombies outside became, and they kept squeezing through the door. Xun Yi kept swinging his saber, cutting off the heads of zombies one after another.

Some of the survivors hiding inside panicked. They ran to the wall and pushed the storage rack that leaned against the wall over.

Seeing that, the others immediately understood what they wanted to do. As long as they could block the path leading inside, they could defend it for a while even if a zombie broke through.

Thinking of this, the survivors hiding inside stepped forward to help. They pushed down a wall-high storage rack and lifted it to block the door entrance.

If the zombies rushed in and ate the people at the door first, they would be safer hiding inside. As long as the storage rack didn't fall over, the zombies couldn't get in.

Xun Yi glanced at the storage room blocked by storage racks and his eyes went cold. They were really seeking death.

Xun Yi kept slashing at the zombies with his saber. Yu Xiao stood by the wall and watched for a while before she stepped forward to help. She pushed forward a bench that was sliding back, trying to block the door panel that had been forced open.

Seeing this, Xun Yi jumped down to help. He dragged the rack that had fallen to the side and lifted it, leaning it against the door panel and the corner of the wall.

The zombies outside crashed into the door panel frantically. With every hit, the bottom of the rack would hit the corner of the wall behind it. It should be able to hold on for a while.

Xun Yi began to stab the zombies’ heads on the ground with his saber. He wanted to collect the magic crystals, which were very important to him. It was the energy source of the Magic Cube Domain.

“Put me down. I'll help you.”

Xun Ye had seen Xun Yi digging for magic crystals. He couldn't help kill zombies, but he could dig for magic crystals.

“You don’t have tools. Just stay there!” Xun Yi patted him and told him not to move.

“I do! President Yin gave me a dagger!”

While saying that, Xun Ye took out a dagger from his backpack with difficulty. The dagger was also completely black and only 20 centimeters long.

When Xun Yi heard that it was given to him by Yin Fuchuan, his heart softened inexplicably. At the same time, he began to worry. He wondered if Yin Fuchuan had escaped into other storage rooms. Was he safe?

Xun Yi was almost certain that Yin Fuchuan was not in this storage room. Otherwise, he’d never sit back and watch them kill zombies here while he hid in the crowd.

He was not such a person.

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