The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

12) Chapter 11.2

Chapter 11 Part 2:

In order to be able to capture Yunxi City with quickly, three days ago, Li Luo and Qin Yu took a few trusted soldiers with them and infiltrated Yunxi City. They were disguised when they entered.

However, after observing the governor’s residence for three days, they had failed to find out a way to prevent the guards from being alarmed when they infiltrated the residence.

There were two layers of soldiers armed with spears outside the residence, not to mention the patrolling soldier that changed shifts every hour, it was almost comparable to an iron wall.

In fact, whatever strategy Qin Yu made, it always had a trace of a thorny problem.

In this case, the best plan was to release a wide range of knockout drugs, that would take care of all soldiers in one swoop. Then it was vital to find the governor and kill him before the next shift of soldiers arrived.

Afterwards when they allocated a few people to dispose the soldiers guarding the city gate, the plan would be a success. However, if they failed to dispose of the governor, they would execute the next plan which was to open the city gate, and let the 300,000 troops outside the city in. This plan would cause some casualties from the commoners’ side. Therefore, it was for the best that the first plan succeed.

The problem was that they actually didn’t possess such effective knockout drugs. They also couldn’t search for any senior doctors in the city to employ.

As if she had the ability to read their mind, Liu Ruoyan had arrived just in time to provide help in their hour of need.

This was even written in the novel, in order to enhance the feelings between the male and female protagonist.

After all, the female protagonist was so delicate and weak, but unexpectedly in spite of danger she came to help the male protagonist, it proved how strong and deep her passion towards him was.

However, the present situation was that the heroine and the protagonist seemed to avoid each other, as if they got involved with each other they would pollute the air.

When the two of them started staring at each other, angry sparks went flying from their eyes. Li Luo had become invisible as Qin Yu’s gaze, which was as though want to eat people, was on Liu Ruoyan. “Does Nangong bobo know that you did something like this?” Li Luo said.

“He does, Yan’er got his approval. Why? Doesn’t Mucheng gege want to see Yan’er? Yan’er hadn’t seen you for long, so she missed you.” Liu Ruoyu’s agrieved eyes looked at Li Luo. Since Qin Yu’s palm was still clutching her shoulder, she could only pull her arms away from Li Luo’s and act coquettishly.

As Li Luo saw Liu Ruoyan’s dazzling misted almond eyes, his otaku heart was softened by half and then softened even more when he looked at that little hand that grabbed his own. suddenly his brain was blank. The brain center: “Ahahahahahah, the female protagonist from my novel is shaking my hands, and just a moment ago she wanted to hug me, I feel like I can to die without regrets now.”

Li Luo’s white cheeks suddenly become red, his shy appearance attracted his mild colour corner of the mouth. Outwardly he didn’t look like his heart flooding with excited, instead he looked very gentle, “Mucheng gege naturally also missed Ruoyan.”

After Liu Ruoyan heard that, she proudly sends out a glance at the darkened Qin Yu. After some struggle, she opened Qin Yu’s palm and while grinning she pulled Li Luo outside the yard.

Qin Yu stood still, watching Li Luo obediently follow Liu Ruoyan, his face became dark like ink, his palm clenched tightly at his side. It seemed he wasn’t progressing fast enough, he would need at least half a year to have that position. He had to rethink his plans, because he couldn’t wait much longer.


That night, there was no moonlight shining in the sky and the stars were sparse, only one or two decorated the night sky. Everything was shrouded in darkness.

It was ‘sizhi’[1] three-quarter, the most dark time of the night, even nearby things could only be seen as a hazy outline, not to mention those further away.

Qin Yu and Li Luo had learned martial arts, so at night, they could see much better than normal people.

The six people wearing dark night clothes were traveling swiftly across the alley streets. They accurately arrived at the side of governor residence, where the guards were dead.

Qin Yu stood in the forefront and headed out to scout the corner. He saw in the distance several people above the walls with a torch guarding the governor residence.

Against the torch’s background, the governor residence’s rough situation was obvious.

He observed the distribution of the soldiers and reached out his hand to feel the wind direction. Then he turned around and waved his hands, Li Luo immediately understood his meaning and moved in the wall. He indicated to three people behind him to scout in another direction.

They all skillfully spread out and soon arrived at a willow tree that blocked the mouth alley.

Qin Yu once again looked at the soldiers that guarded it and went with the wind. He slightly nodded his head and left one person behind. The rest of them left in another direction.

After leaving a person behind, Qin Yu and Li Luo searched for a suitable place to put on their black scarves, that were smeared with the antidote. Qin Yu took out a powder package from his bosom and waiting a while before raising his hand, releasing the powder in the wind towards the guard’s direction. It spread and surrounded them.

After only one burned incense stick, the once straight soldiers started swaying and fell to the ground.

Li Luo followed Qin Yu out of the alley, he passed the soldiers on the ground and softly jumped over the wall. The other four people guarded the main gate and the back door to prevent emergencies.

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