Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 10: Multiple Versions of Birth Mystery

President Yin didn't notice Xun Yi’s reaction at all. He pondered and said, “You haven't killed a zombie yet, have you?”

Xun Ye waved his hand. “Do you think my Xun Yi is the kind of person who would let me kill zombies?”

Xun Yi hurriedly took over the conversation. “With your little arms and legs, don't even think about killing zombies. I’ll protect you.”

Xun Yi couldn’t figure it out. With Xun Ye’s temper, he hated being carried around and kissed like a child. He even hated being approached by strangers. How on earth did he get along with President Yin so well? Was it really just because the other party was good-looking?

Xun Ye looked at Yin Fuchuan and shrugged helplessly.

Yin Fuchuan laughed and said tactfully, “You can find an opportunity to incapacitate a few zombies and let him deal with them so that he can level up. Although you can protect him, you can't prevent all unknown dangers. If possible, Xun Ye should have the strength to protect himself.”

Xun Ye looked at Xun Yi anxiously, afraid that the latter might disagree.

To his surprise, however, Xun Yi was very obliging, and immediately responded to President Yin’s suggestion, “You’re right. I’ll let him kill a few when I get a chance.”

Xun Ye, “…”

Even though Xun Yi agreed to let him kill zombies, Xun Ye didn’t get excited immediately. Instead, he looked at his father from head to toe. He felt that Xun Yi was a little abnormal today. Since when was he so amiable?

Xun Yi had a smile on his face but a warning in his eyes, warning his son not to push his luck and to get away quickly. Did he know how much he weighed? What would happen if President Yin was tired out?

Xun Ye was unmoved and laughed instead. “Xun Yi, you should go and rest. Look at how heavy your dark circles are. You don’t look pretty anymore.”

Xun Yi's first reaction was to hide his face. Did he display his ugly side to his crush?

But when he thought of Yin Fuchuan in front of him, he forced his hand down.

“Now that we have time, you should rest when you can.”

Xun Yi nodded, walked over to a soft bench, and lay down.

No matter how excited he was to see his crush again, it couldn’t overcome his fatigue.

He was very tired. During the three months in the Supernal Magic Cube, he barely slept a wink. He had to face dangers at any given moment with no possibility of rest.

After he returned, he hurried home. Doomsday followed right after that, and he fought his way here.

His tensed nerves finally got the chance to relax a little now. With this, his sleepiness became even more unstoppable. Before he knew it, he fell asleep on the couch.

Listening to Xun Yi's even breathing, Xun Ye whispered, “Are you my dad's boss?”

“No, we just had a collaboration at work. Is he really your father?” President Yin couldn't help but wonder.

Xun Ye answered matter-of-factly, “There are many versions surrounding the mystery of my birth. Which one do you want to hear?”

They had nothing else to do anyway. To pass the time, Yin Fuchuan teased him, “Let’s hear all of them.”

“Okay, let me tell you the first one.”

“There are rumors outside that I’m the unborn son of my grandparents, also Xun Yi’s twin brother. For some reason, I entered Xun Yi’s belly. More than ten years later, I grew up in Xun Yi’s belly, and they had to perform a C-section to get me out. So the question is, am I my grandparents' son or Xun Yi's son?”

Yin Fuchuan, “…”

“The second version is that when Xun Yi was in high school, he got a girl pregnant. Since Xun Yi is pretty good-looking, that girl gave birth to me to be with him forever. But Xun Yi turned out to be a scumbag, or maybe my grandparents tried to break the forlorn couple up. They only wanted me, not the girl, so my birth became a mystery.”

Yin Fuchuan, “…”

“The third version is the most straightforward one, which is I have no blood relationship with Xun Yi at all. He simply picked me up from somewhere. After all, I look nothing like him.”

“Of course, there is another version, which Xun Yi often recited.”

“He said that he gave birth to me. On a dark rainy night, he was bewitched by a devil in his dream, and he became pregnant with me, a little devil. After ten months of pregnancy, I finally emerged from his belly. To this day, there’s a big scar on his belly, which apparently happened when they cut him open to take me out.”

Yin Fuchuan, “…”

Xun Ye looked at him. “Which one do you think is true?”

Yin Fuchuan chuckled. “I think only your father knows the answer.”

Xun Yi didn't know how long he slept, but he was awakened by the noise outside. When he turned over and stood up, he grabbed the saber beside him but came up empty.

His saber was missing!

His pupils constricted. No weapons in the Land of Peril meant sure death.

“You’re awake.”

An unfamiliar voice was very close to him!

Xun Yi abruptly looked up and saw a beautiful face, a face that... appeared in his dreams countless times.

He had Xun Ye with him.

Xun Yi thought he was still dreaming, and then he remembered that he had left the Land of Peril. The man in front of him was not a dream, but a real person. He had really met Yin Fuchuan.

The murderous aura surrounding him faded away, and he looked around. “Where’s my saber?”

“You can’t use it anymore. Try this one.”

Yin Fuchuan picked up a saber leaning against the wall, walked over to Xun Yi amid his astonishment, and handed the weapon to him.

Xun Yi felt a little happy. He reached out to take the saber and looked at it carefully.

This saber… was a gift from Yin Fuchuan.

Xun Yi was surprised the moment he held the saber, which was only half the weight of the previous one. Pulling out the saber, it felt lighter to the touch. The saber was long and slender, and the body was as black as ink, including the blade.

Xun Yi took a good look at the saber. The handle was very comfortable, cool to the touch, and seemed quite resilient. He wondered what material it was made of. If he fought with this saber, there’d be no danger of losing it.

Xun Yi tightened his grip on the handle and was just about to test it out when he heard a gunshot from outside the door.


All three people looked at the door.

“I'll go out and take a look.” Yin Fuchuan picked up his saber, opened the door, and went out.

That saber was exactly the same as the one in Xun Yi's hand.

Three big words appeared in Xun Yi's mind—a couple’s saber.

As soon as the door to the storage room opened, the noise outside became even louder.

Xun Yi was a little worried about President Yin and wanted to follow him. Just as he took a step forward, he suddenly remembered the crystal card in his pocket. He took it out and read the description.

[Squall Boots can allow you to move like the wind. Speed +1.]

Xun Yi crushed the equipment crystal card, and a pale blue data code enveloped his feet. When the light disappeared, the hiking boots on his feet had turned into a pair of black high-top boots, the Squall Boots that looked exactly like the picture on the crystal card.

Xun Yi gave it a try. He stomped on the floor and rushed out, twice as fast as before. His feet were very light as if he was really walking on the wind.

After adapting to the speed of the new equipment, Xun Yi held the saber and walked out, followed closely by Xun Ye.

Only then did Xun Yi realize that the sky was almost dark. He actually slept for several hours. Thinking that he had slept for so long without any precautions, Xun Yi couldn't help but break out in a cold sweat.

It was too dangerous. If someone made a move while he was sleeping, he would probably be dead.

However, maybe it was because of Yin Fuchuan's presence that he was able to sleep peacefully.

He wondered if Yin Fuchuan would protect him if he was in danger.

After leaving the storage room, another gunshot was heard, which caused another cry of surprise.

Xun Yi looked over and saw a group of burly men gathered at the security mesh door.

A bald man pointed a gun at the crowd. The survivors all squatted down with their heads in their hands in fear. Two corpses lay on the floor, and the strong stench of blood wafted in the air, causing the zombies outside to scratch and bite the security mesh door frantically.

“I said, from now on, I have the final say here. Does anyone else have any objection?” the bald guy said fiercely.

At everyone’s silence, he smiled ferociously. “Very good. Since no one objects, I’ll take charge here.”

Xun Yi looked at this scene coldly. It wasn’t that no one objected, but those who did were already dead.

Gao Jin, the one who wanted to take charge of the survivors here, was lying on the floor, a dead corpse by now.

Sometimes, people were scarier than zombies. Xun Yi understood this very well.

During his first month in the Land of Peril, Xun Yi was betrayed by a so-called ‘comrade’ and almost died in a horde of zombies. Fortunately, he was lucky enough to survive until the end of the round.

When people were caught in desperate situations, they would abandon their conscience and reveal their evil nature. Emotions were rubbish. Others could die, not them. That was human nature.

Someone was approaching. Xun Yi looked up and saw the picturesque face and eyes. It was Yin Fuchuan.

The coldness in Xun Yi's heart gradually faded away, and the profile on his face became softer.

Yin Fuchuan told Xun Yi what he had learned.

It turned out that these burly guys came from a fitness club.

The owner of the club, the bald guy with the gun, used to be a gangster. To avoid detection, he opened a fitness club. After doomsday arrived, they escaped from the club and met several police officers who were attacked by zombies on the way. The bald guy picked up the gun from the ground.

Oddly enough, the police officers had guns in their hands at that time, but no one could fire any bullets. The guns were useless in their hands, and they were eventually bitten to death by a small group of zombies.

The bald guy's people picked up the gun and fled all the way here. Some survivors on the street followed them here. They stood outside and negotiated with Gao Jin for a long time before being let in. As soon as they entered, the bald guy killed Gao Jin and declared himself as the leader.

Yin Fuchuan got the information from a survivor who followed the bald guy and was fortunate enough to survive.

“Why can the bald guy use the gun when the police cannot?” Xun Yi found it incredulous.

“I guess it may have something to do with profession. Since there’s a profession column on the attribute panel, it can’t be for decoration,” Yin Fuchuan said.

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