Doomsday Divine Seed Cultivator

Chapter 1: Planet Earth’s Doomsday Gaming Field

Xun Yi hid on top of a big tree and tried his best to slow down his breathing so that the zombies wandering under the tree would not notice him. He tightly gripped a long blade with a sharpened edge in one hand and firmly pressed his stomach with the other, where warm blood flowed through the gap between his fingers.

He hadn't suffered such a serious injury during his three attempts to pass through the level. Due to his negligence, he was attacked by a ghoul that was adept in speed, which pierced a hole in his stomach. The loss of blood made Xun Yi’s vision go black, and he had to press the wound hard, trying to use the pain to wake himself up. He knew that he would be infected once a zombie scratched his skin, and such a big injury sealed his fate.

But he was indignant, unwilling to turn into that type of walking dead. He wanted to go back alive. He must return alive!

He had been away from home for three months. Xiao Ye must be very scared. He had to go back alive to see him.


The blood finally dripped between his fingers and landed on the head of a zombie under the tree. The zombie slowly raised its head, looked at Xun Yi with cloudy eyes, and opened its festered and deformed mouth in a loud roar.

Some zombies were attracted by the blood and gathered around the tree. They raised their heads one after another and finally found fresh flesh and blood. They roared and jumped, scratching and grabbing with their rotten black-purple fingers.

Xun Yi had no choice but to stand up and lean close to the tree trunk, counting down in his heart. Any time now, the third level would be over soon. As long as he persisted, he could leave this nasty place…

Bang, bang, bang!

A strong giant zombie with a height of 3 or 4 meters slammed into the big tree roughly, shaking the tree violently. Xun Yi clung to the trunk tenaciously. When the giant zombie slammed into the big tree again, Xun Yi loosened his hold and fell straight down. Holding the blade in both hands, he stabbed right into the giant zombie’s head!

The giant zombie raised its head at this moment, let out a roar, and slapped him with a big palm.

Xun Yi flipped the blade in his hand and drew a cold arc in the air. The giant zombie's big palm was cut off from the wrist, and Xun Yi kicked the giant zombie in its face. He jumped up with the momentum, grabbed the branch above with one hand, and tried to hoist himself up, but found that he was out of strength. The giant zombie roared, and the other big hand was already grabbing toward him...

“The third level is over.”

The cold mechanical voice was undoubtedly the sound of a life-saving fairy in Xun Yi's ears at this moment.

The scene in front of him changed abruptly, and Xun Yi fell into a transparent cube. There were no mountains or zombies around him, just blue light beams flashing from time to time on the transparent walls.

His clothes were torn, black blood was everywhere, and his whole body seemed to have been soaked in blood. The tips of sweaty hair stuck to his face, which was as pale as a sheet. He was still gripping the blade tightly in his hand. The body of the blade was already covered in black blood, and the edges of the blade were severely chipped.

After three months of fighting, Xun Yi was no longer in the same state as when he entered the Land of Peril on the first day. His fear, weakness, and cowardice were all discarded while he faced life and death. He only knew that he couldn't die there. He had to return alive. He wanted to go back alive to meet Xiao Ye.

Moans were vaguely heard in the surroundings, and the air was filled with a strong stench of blood and rot.

The cold mechanical voice sounded again.

“Supernal Magic Cube’s training ground: Surviving the Land of Peril. Number of attempts: Three. Time limit: One Month. Requirements: Survival rate of 50% and above, 10,000 magic crystals obtained.”

“In the first attempt, 1,000 chosen ones entered, 227 survived, 75 were infected, and 632 magic crystals were obtained. The survival rate was less than 50%, and the number of magic crystals obtained was below target.”

“In the second attempt, 152 chosen ones entered, 89 survived, 28 were infected, and 934 magic crystals were obtained. The survival rate was less than 50%, and the number of magic crystals obtained was below target.”

“In the third attempt, 61 chosen ones entered, 23 people survived, 11 people were infected, and 2347 magic crystals were obtained. The survival rate was less than 50%, and the number of magic crystals obtained was below target.”

“The attempt to survive the Land of Peril was deemed unsuccessful.”

“Infected people will be cleansed automatically.”

The people who were selected by the Supernal Magic Cube were all human beings with the best genetics in the world. They came from all over the world and finally left the Land of Peril alive. They didn’t die in the hands of zombies, but they couldn’t survive this damned Supernal Magic Cube?

They were indignant, but they were powerless to resist. They could only watch helplessly as their bodies turned into transparent pale blue, and shattered into fragments of blue data codes, disappearing in the cube.

These people not only disappeared in the Supernal Magic Cube but also from the world completely.

In the past three months, Xun Yi personally witnessed these people being judged as infected by the Supernal Magic Cube and hence erased. He was fully aware of his situation. He was injured so badly that he must be infected too. He didn't want to die, and he couldn't die. He still had a child to raise. He couldn’t die!

However, when he looked at his body in horror, he found that he hadn't turned into a transparent light blue color. Was he… not obliterated, not infected?

Xun Yi was puzzled and didn't notice a pair of eyes staring at him not far away.

That person was also covered in blood and sat in the cube.

“Are you not infected?”

Xun Yi subconsciously knew that this abrupt question was directed at him. He raised his head and looked over, meeting a pair of pitch-black eyes.

This person was from Hua Nation too.

“No,” Xun Yi replied in reflex. He didn't want to die, so he could only go with this answer.

“Then how did you get the wound on your abdomen?” the man continued to ask.

Xun Yi couldn’t hide his injury at all. As he sat there, his body was stained red with blood.

Xun Yi looked at him, his eyes were as cold as knives. Three months ago, he was just an idol star, but after three months, his demeanor changed from the inside out, no longer as elegant and beautiful as before.

He sneered, “Are you doubting the judgment of Supernal Magic Cube?”

To them, Supernal Magic Cube was a godlike existence. How could she make a mistake?

The man shut his mouth but his eyes were still fixed on Xun Yi.

A mass of pale blue data codes gathered in front of Xun Yi and formed a vial of light red liquid, which was suspended in front of Xun Yi.

Without even thinking about it, Xun Yi grabbed it and drank the contents in one gulp.

Whatever he was drinking, it couldn't be worse than the current situation.

After three months of contact, Xun Yi already had some understanding of the mysterious Supernal Magic Cube. Under the Supernal Magic Cube’s control, everything could be done with data. Their food, weapons, and medicines were all obtained in this manner. It was so real that Xun Yi couldn't tell whether it was real or not.

The medicine vial in his hand turned into a pale blue data light curtain and disappeared. The wound on Xun Yi's abdomen healed at a speed visible to the naked eye, and his bloodless face gradually became rosy.

“Surviving Chosen Ones, Supernal Magic Cube will be taking you to comprehend the infinite sea of ​​data. If you successfully comprehend this civilization, you can control me and become the master of the Supernal Magic Cube. If you fail, Supernal Magic Cube will initiate Plan B.”

They had long understood the mystery and power of the Supernal Magic Cube. When they heard that the reward for surviving would make them the master of this mysterious civilization, the 12 survivors were all very excited. Very few people wondered what Plan B was.

“Comprehend the sea of ​​data with all your heart and gain your enlightenment.”

As soon as the cold mechanical voice finished speaking, the scene in front of Xun Yi changed instantly. Countless blue light curtains surrounded his whole body, and countless data codes flashed past Xun Yi's side, dazzling Xun Yi’s vision. Not to mention comprehending it, he felt dizzy just by looking at it.

After an unknown amount of time, the cold mechanical voice sounded again.

“Initiating Plan B.”

“The Doomsday Gaming Field on Planet Earth will activate in 1 hour. Players are requested to do your best to level up, obtain magic crystals, and strive to pass the level. The countdown to Doomsday Gaming Field begins.”

After the cold mechanical voice finished talking, the blue cube light curtain flickered on the surface of Planet Earth.

At the same time, this announcement appeared in everyone's mind.

Xun Yi was shocked. Doomsday Gaming Field? Did that mean that doomsday would befall on Planet Earth?

“Wait a minute!” Xun Yi suddenly became anxious. He didn't want Xun Ye to live in a doomsday full of zombies. He was still a child!

The originally neatly arranged data codes became distorted and chaotic due to the influence of some unknown energy, and finally turned into a mess of light curtains. Xun Yi's figure suddenly disappeared from the light curtain. When he reappeared, he was back at the shooting scene where he disappeared.

The actors and director were in the midst of filming and were shocked silly by Xun Yi’s sudden appearance.

Xun Yi was still wearing the same clothes as when he disappeared three months ago, looking no different from then.

Supernal Magic Cube simply put everything back in place as if nothing had happened, and Xun Yi was still the star on set. Only Xun Yi knew that everything was just the Supernal Magic Cube's ability. What he experienced, including his brain memory and muscle memory, made it impossible to forget those three months.

After the initial shock, the director yelled at Xun Yi with uncontained anger, “What are you doing here? We have changed the male lead for this drama, and you’re no longer part of this crew. How dare you put on a disappearing act? Don't think that you can do whatever you want just because you have Yin Consortium to support you! Let me remind you that many people in the entire entertainment industry are more popular than you, and you’re not indispensable! The crew has calculated the delay and liquidated damages, and they will seek compensation from you…”

The furious director hadn't finished talking when he saw Xun Yi running out of the shooting scene.

Fortunately, this contemporary drama series was filmed in this city, and Xun Yi could just drive back home. He hoped that he could get home in one hour… if his car was still around.

He ran to the underground parking lot. The car was indeed still there, but there was a thick layer of dust on it. Xun Yi fished out the car keys, got in the car, and left. He paid a considerable amount of parking fees when passing the payment counter.

Xun Yi drove home. He was very worried about Xiao Ye and wondered what happened to him. He was just a 6-year-old child, and the only adult in the family suddenly disappeared for three months. How did he live during these three months? Did he encounter any danger?

Xun Yi didn't dare to think too much but quickly rushed home.

The street was full of traffic and people. Obviously, the voice that appeared in their minds didn’t attract anyone's attention. Even if they heard it, they probably thought it was an auditory hallucination and didn’t take it seriously.

In a certain high-end residential area, Xun Yi's home was very noisy at the moment.

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