The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

9) Chapter 9

Chapter 9: The Wild Dragon Proud Days 1.9

After that day at the stream, when they stroked each other off, Li Luo felt so ashamed, that he dared not to go back there for another bath. If that kind of thing happened again, what were they to do if people saw them?

However, if he didn’t go to that place, he couldn’t take a bath again. So he had no other choice but to speak to Qin Yu to solve this matter, because only Qin Yu had a bucket in his tent.

Because of the limited number of tents, he lived together with Qin Yu.

After he asked, Qin Yu agreed as long as they took a bath together. This arrangement was in order to save trouble, because they couldn’t waste time. After all, they were in a confrontational position with the Ling City’s guard army, so there was no telling when the war could start.

Nowadays this kind of situation where they would stroke each other off was happening more and more frequently. When they went to bed, Qin Yu would hug him and having a morning erection certainly couldn’t be avoided. But Qin Yu’s demands become more and more with every day, to the point that Li Luo’s hands would feel sore after he help him.

Furthermore, recently Qin Yu also liked to cling to his neck and randomly nibble at it with his mouth. But after doing it, he would immediately look at him with regretful expression and apologize.

Li Luo was also unsure what to say to Qin Yu. After that moment of excitement, he understood something. He may also have those moments of excitement, however, that were not very much and there was no craving at this stage. But what do you expect of a protagonist? His sex drive was bigger than an average person, so how could a loser like he even compare to Qin Yu in that area?*
*(Original text: 果然男主这种生物和他这个潘磕芯筒皇峭一个世界的生物嘛?I not know if it was correct translation, I translate it according what I understanding.)

Li Luo was deep in thought and feeling depressed. Absentmindedly he stabbed a few time at the bowl in front of him and made a few small holes in the yellow bread.

Qin Yu immediately saw Li Luo’s abnormal behavior, so with a nervous tone he asked: “What’s the matter? Does this food not suit your taste?”

In order to get along better with the soldiers, besides not eating in the same place, Qin Yu and Li Luo ate the same food as them. Today’s meal was bread and a plate of pickles, there was also a bowl of soup that could be drank directly like water.

“If this food doesn’t suit your taste, I’ll order them to serve you a meat dish at lunch. As for now, just obediently finish eating this food…Wait a moment! Maybe Ling City have something different. It isn’t good to have an empty stomach.”

Li Luo felt somewhat embarrassed, how could he have the nerve to say it. Thinking about Qin Yu’s excessively intimate action in this past two month and his concern for him just now, his cheeks couldn’t help but become red. He nervously held the bowl using his delicate long fingers and drank a few mouthfuls of it, “No need, this is already very good. You don’t have to make a special order for me for such a trivial matter.”

Qin Yu looked at the red trace that surfaced on Li Luo’s cheeks, who was obviously feeling shy. At once, his heart started itching, as if a little cat was using it claw to scratch at it, and his feelings immediately softened. Seems to think of something, the corner of his mouth slightly rose, forming a not very obvious smiling expression. He put down the chopsticks and sat beside Li Luo.

Although he was already aware of what Li Luo was thinking right now, he still deliberately grabbed his hand and took his chopsticks. “You don’t have to force yourself to eat.”

“I’m not, you really don’t need to…” Li Luo turned his head to look at Qin Yu direction as he said it and his lips accidently touched Qin Yu’s. He looked blankly as Qin Yu took this opportunity to intentionally lower his head.

Li Luo frozen. On the other hand Qin Yu was happy that he succeeded in his attempt, so with a calm and collected face like nothing had happened, he retreated and gave Li Luo some space. He looked with his dark eyes at him and spoke, “Really no need? Well…” Qin Yu still wanted to say something, but suddenly a burst of drums beat sounded outside.

Qin Yu’s expression immediately become strict. He put his hand on Li Luo’s shoulder to snap him back to reality, picked up the sword that was not far away from him and rushed out of the tent.

Li Luo came out of his stupor immediately. He picked up his weapon and ran out to catch up with Qin Yu.

Outside the tent, the sky was red with flames. Somehow the Ling City soldiers had infiltrated the camp and set fire to the tents.

Qin Yu looked at the large flame that illuminated the sky. But he wasn’t anxious, because he had long ago foreseen this happening. And he had long ago told the soldiers to shift the location of their rations and fodder. So, at the moment, what was burning was merely nothing more than abandoned tents.

It seemed that the governor of Ling City were indeed getting panicked. It was estimated that the supply of food intended for guards in the city, had almost completely ran out.

Originally, in the normal course of events, the Ling City which was a hub city, shouldn’t have fallen into food shortage this quickly. But that also depended on whether the grain inside of city reserves were in good condition.

Unfortunately, beneath a thin layer of good food, concealed were rotten grains stored for many years.

Qin Yan’s harsh exploitation, coupled with the insatiable greed of the governor of Ling city, had long ago ruined the populous and affluent Ling city. With one close look at it, it could be see that although the outside was bright and neat, the inside was already rotten to the core.

After Qin Yu ran out of the tent, he immediately slashed the neck of an enemy that was rushing at him. He was very fast, in the blink of an eye, he had killed the enemy without splattering a drop of blood on his clothes. His movements were confident, easy, and unobstructed, as if he wasn’t facing enemies, who wished to take his life. Instead, it seemed as if it was March and he was on top of the meadow, the wind blowing the willow trees, make it branches swayed to and fro. His movements made the people watching him feel free and at easy, yet with each one more and more enemies were getting killed.

Li Luo come out of the tent right after Qin Yu. He immediately put his hand on his sword and pulled it out, he then darted straight towards enemies surrounding Qin Yu.

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