The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

9) Chapter 42.1

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Chapter 42: ‘Saint Magus’ 2.5


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

Sure enough, although Elvis had explained a great deal about the matter to the great elder, the great elder very cleverly avoided Elvis’s request, until the great elder entered inside the entrance of the mansion, Elvis did not get any useful information.

Although Li Luo was still inside the bag and couldn’t see what happened outside, he could very clearly feel Elvis’s desperate mood.

Even after the elder was gone, Elvis still stood motionless, like a sculpture.

Li Luo opened the top lid of the bag where he was staying, he stretched out the tip of his claws and carefully climbed up Elvis’s shoulder. Seeing Elvis’s gloomy eyes, Li Luo stood still in silence for a long time, before he moved his head and rubbed against Elvis’s cheek, he stretch out his tongue and licked Elvis’s face, as he was unable to talk in animal form, the only thing he could do was these comforting actions.

Elvis stood for a long time, before turning around and leaving the place. At the moment he turned around, Li Luo saw the strong unwillingness in Elvis’s eyes also the resentment toward his own clan.

Elvis clenched both of his hands tightly into fists, with all of his force, the center of his palms were pierced as bright red blood came out from his palms.

He must become stronger, must become stronger, strong enough that anyone could only look up to him! Only when he became stronger, could he protect the people he wanted to protect; only when he becomes stronger, he won’t have to plead for sympathy and compassion from others.

Elvis’s eyes were red, he never felt this thirst to become stronger before, even when he lost all his abilities before, he was very disappointed and unwilling, but he was not excessively desperate like this.

The remaining bit of affections he had for the clan, also completely disappeared at this moment.

“Meow.” Feeling the strong emotions from Elvis’s body, Li Luo felt his body couldn’t help but stiffen, so he involuntarily let out a “meow” sound.

Elvis recovered back from his thought. Seeing the little cat look at him with its moist amber eyes, the stiff expression on his face eased a lot. He reached out his hand to stroke the soft fur of the little dumpling on his shoulder and said, “Of my family, only you are left.”

Even so, when the alarm was lifted and the gate was opened again, Elvis still had a glimmer of hope that his grandmother would be fine and rushed out of the city gate at the quickest speed, advancing towards the location where his grandmother Vicia said she would pick mushrooms.

When he saw Vicia’s bloodstains and incomplete corpse, Elvis’s nerves finally broke, he instantly held Vicia’s dead body, and let out a loud miserable cry sound which did not seem like a human’s at all, as tears uncontrollably poured down from his eyes. He was like a lost and lonely beast, that endlessly made whining sounds.

Listening to Elvis’s heartbreaking and sorrowful cry, Li Luo felt his heart tighten, as if he also was able to feel the despair that Elvis was feeling. He couldn’t help but lean over his head, placing his claws under his abdomen on the ground and make several deep scars.

Even after a cry in pain for a long period of time, Elvis felt like he was not feeling the passage of time, as he blankly knelt down while holding the dead body of Vicia, from when the sun hung high until the moon rose, and then fell again.

When the sun rose once again the next day, Li Luo finally couldn’t stand it. He hesitated for a while, before slowly walking to the person that didn’t close his eyes even once as he continuously held Vicia’s corpse. Elvis’s eyes were very red. Li Luo stretched out his claws and patted Elvis’s thigh, “Meow” He called out loud.

Elvis did not respond, still holding Vicia’s corpse. Only when Li Luo let out “meow meow meow” a few dozen times, he moved slightly, and lowered his head looking at the small round cat at his side.

Li Luo lifted his head and looked at Elvis’s eyes, there was concern revealed in his amber pupils, “Meow.” ‘Don’t be sad again, I will accompany you, at least until you reach the peak of the world, I will not leave you. And by that time, you will be surrounded by a lot of people who trust you, admire you, love you, and you will no longer feel the despair and loneliness again. And you also will be strong enough to protect the people you want to protect.

Elvis seemed to understand the meaning of Li Luo’s appease, he took Li Luo into his arms, as the look inside his eyes also restored it’s vigor. He picked up the dead body of Vicia and walked back to his home in the city step by step.

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