The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

8) Chapter 41.2

Chapter 41 Part 2:

When Li Luo wrote this plot, he didn’t feel anything was wrong. It was a necessary plot to leave, but now he became a character in the book, and the male protagonist is living by his side. He also lived with the protagonist’s grandmother, that good-natured old woman, for more than a month, and now to let him so cold-eyed watch the old woman die, he couldn’t do it.

Li Luo immediately turned around, and moved his four small claws in fast speed, running to the edge of Elvis’s leg, he placed his front paws on Elvis’s trousers, anxiously pulling, he opened his mouth to talk but only “meow-meow-meow” sounds came out.

“What’s wrong, Ludwig?” Elvis lowered his head and looked at Li Luo who was pulling his trousers with his paws in puzzlement, and asked strangely, “Are you hungry?”

“Miao wu.” Li Luo shook his round head, his amber pupils completely reflected his panic.

“Then, what’s up?” Elvis picked up Li Luo and touched his back a few times, trying to calm down his excitement.

However the little thing in his arms not only wasn’t soothed under his comfort, but instead became even more anxious, his four small claws were continuously moving, as his mouth issued a “meow” sound.

Li Luo was anxious, while constantly looking for a plan, what could be done to make Elvis know what he wanted to say. He turned his head around and saw the sweater that Vicia knitted on the side, he immediately waved the four limbs of his body, wanting to go down.

When Elvis saw that the little cat was continuously looking at the side, he put him on the sofa, but he then saw the little white cat happily running to the sweater that his grandmother had just knitted for him. The little cat continuously slapped the sweater with his paws, as he turned his head and anxiously let out meow meow sounds at him.

Elvis finally realized that something was wrong, he wrinkled his eyebrows and with no smile on his face, unimaginable thoughts flashed within his mind, “Ludwig, are you saying that my grandmother is in danger?”

Li Luo was so moved, he simply wanted to cry on the ground. The gesture that he made with great effort finally had an effect. He immediately called out “meow” and nodded his head.

Elvis didn’t say anything, nor did he think he was so strange to believe that kind of warning sign that his contracted beast made with only it’s palm of the hand. He placed Li Luo into a small bag that was specially made for him, and then tied the bag his waist, before he quickly rushed out of the house and ran towards the gate of Mika City.

However, as he ran to the city gate, he heard the alarm bells from the high tower which had been built next to the city gate. The sound of bells were like a heavy stone, that smashed his heart continuously.

Elvis’s face became more and more ugly, and he swiftly ran to the city gate, but he was immediately stopped by two guards.

Elvis’s eyes were red and he took a few deep breaths before he quickly asked, “What happened outside?”

“A horde of magical beasts, moreover the scale is bigger than the previous records in Mika City. Now the whole city is on alert, and it is forbidden to enter and exit.” One of the guards said.

A horde of magical beasts?

Elvis felt as if his mind was being frozen by magic, and he couldn’t think at all.

Although he had not experienced the horde of magical beasts during his teenage years, he knew very well how terrible the horde of magical beasts are. A small scale of horde of magical beasts could cause the destruction of a village with a population of more than a hundred people, not to mention the larger scale.

“My grandmother is still outside.” Elvis said.

“Although I am very sorry, but I still have to ask you to restrain your grief.” The guard who stopped him didn’t waver in the slightest.

When Elvis heard this, he felt his blood was frozen. He understood that the city guards could not open the gate for him. After all, there were so many people in the city, it was impossible for him to open the gate for a single person, and let so many people be in danger.

Elvis’s head finally sobered a bit. He didn’t say much, as he knew that at this moment he could only request help from his own clan. This was his only hope. He did not hesitate to turn around and quickly run towards the center location of the Roxis clan. As long as he could save his grandmother, he was willing to pay any price.

In the bag, Li Luo also heard the alarm bells sound, and when he listened to the dialogue of Elvis and the guard, Li Luo knew that even if Elvis was now aware the situation, he still could not change the result. In the Roxis clan’s eyes, Elvis didn’t possess even a bit of usefulness at all, it was impossible for them to take the risk of sending people to save his grandmother.

Li Luo unconsciously felt somewhat sad. He laid down in the bag, as his two ears softened and drooped down. He felt that Elvis had stopped his steps and began to negotiate with the people who were guarding the gate, but the people who guarded the gate were unwilling to let him in. For the clan members who entered the main house, there were clear rules. They must be a talented person that have both elders and patriarch consent to be able to enter, and Elvis obviously did not have this qualification.

Elvis stayed at the side of entrance for a few minutes, but he was entirely unable to negotiate success. Then he suddenly moved his footsteps again. Li Luo knew that he was seeing the clan’s great elder. Elvis had the highest expectations of him, as he was the person who used to be good to him previously, but Li Luo knew that the rising hope that he had now would only bring him more despair.

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