The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

7) Chapter 7

Chapter 7: The Wild Dragon Proud Days 1.7

The sunlight was shining viciously on the ground. The rising heat making the scenery appear listless and somewhat distorted.

Somewhere in a poor small village with sogon grass roofs, completely surrounded by barren soil.

A man with a crooked back and dark hair was walking with a tired face and heavy pace. He passed by the fields, that had dried up and cracked from the sun, and walked into his worn out courtyard.

Inside a woman dressed in plain cotton clothes and wrapped up hair, was holding a malnourished and sickly in appearance little boy in her hands. She had been waiting there for a long time, looking anxiously at the courtyard door.

When she saw the middle-aged man come back, her eyes flashed with a glimmer of hope. “Husband, How was it? Can the taxes this year be postponed?”

The man shook his head, then he sat on the doorstep, took out a pipe from his bosom and with ‘bada-bada’ sound he drew out from it.

Only after taking a long breath did he started speaking, “No reduction in rent and we cannot fail to pay, not only that but it’s raised with 10%. The village elder said that the taxes must be handed in October of this year.”

After hearing that, the woman immediately let out a loud cry, “How will we continue living like this, our baby almost has no food to eat, and we still have to pay the tax…As the matter of fact, aren’t they forcing us to die?”

This same scene also happened in other various parts of the Qin country. Originally, the people already felt resentful when Qin Yan post positioned heavy taxes after his ascension to the throne, now they became even more unable to suppress their anger towards him.

This resentment, under the heavy pressure of life, needed only a small spark, before it become a sharp blade aimed at Qin Yan.


“Hahaha, good! Good! Good! This unexpected situation will give us a good reason to take action!” Inside the spacious living room, Nangong Ao was reading the secret report in his hand. His face was red as he stroked his long beard and laughed heartily, then handed over the report to Qin Yu, who was sitting to his right, “You also take a look. This thief is currently doing something that will benefited us!”

Qin Yu immediately read through the secret report with rapid pace. When he finished, his eyes also shined with a trace of joy. His plan had long been arranged and it could, now, finally be implemented.

As long as he properly grasped this opportunity, he would certainly take back his position, that was unjustly stolen from him and once again have it in his hands. As long as he had that position, he would finally have enough power to bind that person forever at his side.

“Grandfather, that plan that we arranged previously, is it ready to be implemented?”

“Yes, we have to strike while the iron is still hot.” Nangong Ao nodded, “Now that we have such a good opportunity on our hands, we must pay back that Qin Yan kid before he has time to react. We will use the people’s anger to ignite large fire and burn him to ashes.”


A month later, when the common people’s resentment accumulated to an explosion point, rumors spread among them.

The rumors said that to obtain his current position, the current Emperor murdered his own younger brother. He had also poisoned the former Emperor and his beloved Empress. In other words the former Emperor hadn’t actually passed on the throne to him.

His younger brother, who was murdered, was said to be intelligent and adorable since childhood. He would show courtesy to his servants and possessed a kind heart, nothing like the present cruel and unforgiving emperor.

Even though most of common people had never meet Qin Yu before, they had long ago heard of his good reputation. In the light of the present emperor’s conduct and deeds, immediately all of the good memories about that little prince who had been “assassinated” flooded in their mind.

The people lamented how unfair the heaven was to actually permit such malicious prince to become the emperor. The Heavens really were blind.


Bian capital city, the Palace, Yang Xin Hall.


A jade white teacup ruthlessly smashed on the ground, it immediately split up into pieces, the hot tea splashing the shivering man that was kneeling on the ground.

“Damn, who has spread this kind of rumor! Zhen will decree him to be punished by having his corpse split up by horses, he won’t be allowed to have an easy death!”

“Emp…Emperor! Please calm down your anger!” The man that kneeling on the ground started shaking even more, he did not dare lift his head and kept kowtowing toward Qin Yan, who was dressed in a five-legged dragon robe.

“Calm down? How can Zhen calm down? Investigated it! Quickly investigated it, this investigation is of the greatest importance, who in the end did this, actually daring to step on zhen’s head.

“Yes, yes, yes, na chen…chen retreat first.” The man kneeling on the ground still didn’t dare raise his head, with it lowered in submission, his legs shifted little by little till he was out of Yang Xin Hall.

“Humph!” Qin Yan flung his sleeve and walked away with a dark complexion. He returned to the court and took a seat in the back of the table, malicious intent flashed in his eyes.

This rumor, don’t tell me it was…he subconsciously thought about a person and his complexion became even uglier.

It seemed that he needed to send his personal faction to go investigated that place.

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