The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

66) Chapter 36.5

Chapter 36 Part 5:

When they were back in their yard, the moon had been tilted a bit to the east, as the silver moonlight became increasingly misty.

Qin Yu pushed open the door, the inside had long been cleaned thoroughly by Qing Xiao Country’s taijians and palace maids, the appearance of the room has been changed into the same style as the room where he and Li Luo lived together for a few months.

Li Luo took off his shoes and outer garment, before lying down onto the bed, Qin Yu also immediately went to bed, and laid beside Li Luo.

Qin Yu instantly embraced Li Luo’s waist, kissed his lips and took a bite on them.

Li Luo stroked his own lips, and said, “Can we not do it today? I want to talk to you.” He already looked at the progress bar in his mind which had reached 100%, very soon, he would be going back to his original world.

“Okay.” Qin Yu’s mood tonight was not very good, he felt his mood somehow became more and more downcast. Qin Yu could not help but reach out a hand, and grab Li Luo’s palm, before he placed it on top of his chest.

Li Luo was able to feel Qin Yu’s heartbeat in his palm, his mood also subsequently became gloomy. He did not know in the end how deep Qin Yu’s feelings were for him, but when he remembered how he persevered when he wanted to find him in those five years, even not hesitating to expend manpower and resources, he could see his persistence.

Li Luo was also holding Qin Yu’s palm tightly, before he and Qin Yu started to talk about the past when they were brought back to the mountain by Zhao Mutian.

Memories were always beautiful, when they were talking Li Luo unconsciously fell asleep.

In the midst of his consciousness, Xiao Qi’s voice suddenly sounded in his mind. 【Great Host, the time and space transmission is ready, you are about to be sent back to your home in the real world. Please be prepared. The countdown time is about to start~】

Li Luo immediately woke up, he looked at Qin Yu that was lying beside him. Qin Yu seemed to have been sleeping very deeply, but his eyebrows were unconsciously furrowed, his hand still clutched Li Luo’s hand, and was still placed on his chest.

Li Luo wanted to pull out his hand from Qin Yu’s clutch, but no matter how hard he tried, he was unable to pull it out, and could only give up.

He asked Xiao Qi in his mind, [Is it alright to leave like this?]

【It’s all right, the host’s soul will be directly transformed into a molecule, the host already created this character’s complete soul lifetime. Therefore, the body left behind will behave in the same manner of personality as before the host left and will continue to live in this world. No one will find out something is wrong.】

Li Luo nodded his head, he took advantage of the last minute to look at Qin Yu carefully, and then lowered his body and whispered in Qin Yu’s ear, “Ah Yu, goodbye.” When he said this, Li Luo felt a sharp pain in his heart, the rim of his eyes also had become somewhat hot, he really wanted to go back to the real world, but when he saw this person in front of him, the feeling of being reluctant to part with suddenly emerged in his heart.

Qin Yu’s eyelids were shaking violently, and seemed like he wanted to wake up.

But he apparently was unable to wake up, the hand that clutched Li Luo’s tightened, his eyes began to shed tears, and his lips squirmed, he seemed to want to say something.


A layer of white light started to circle around Li Luo’s body, as he felt his soul gradually become light dots, and dissipate into the air.

Qin Yu finally was able to free himself from the invisible shackles, and open his eyes, his whole eyes were very red, as if they were filled with tears of blood.

“Do you want to leave again! Don’t go! Don’t leave me! You didn’t plan to leave me alone, right!” Qin Yu looked at Li Luo who had his whole body wrapped in white light, his eyes revealed a panicked look, “Where do you want to go? Don’t go, okay?” He reached out his hand as he tried to catch the scattered points of light, but he merely got the air in front of him.

Seeing Qin Yu’s hurt appearance, Li Luo unconsciously burst into tears. Before because he was being forced by Qin Yu, he always wanted to leave Qin Yu, and go back to his own world. However now that he saw Qin Yu this way, he did not know why but he felt as if his heart was being stabbed repeatedly with a blunt knife, slowly cutting holes open one after another, the pain was unbearable.

Realizing it was impossible to catch the floating lights, Qin Yu could only hold Li Luo’s hand in his chest tightly, hot tears dripped drop after drop into Li Luo’s palm, “I will not shut you in again, you can go anywhere you want, and I also will not force you again. As long as you stay, I will promise you anything, okay?”

Li Luo had never seen Qin Yu cry so badly and be broken-hearted like this before. Except for that time, when he cried because of his parents death, at other times, no matter how bad he suffered in pain, he never shed a tear.

Li Luo held those fallen teardrops in his hand, as though he had received the fragments of Qin Yu’s broken heart.

In the end, his consciousness became more and more blurry, and the last thing he saw was Qin Yu’s eyes full of sadness.

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