The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

65) Chapter 36.4

Chapter 36 Part 4:

In the flash, the evening soon came.

The celebration banquet was located in a spacious hall. All of the high-ranking military officers were present in this place, their seats were arranged according to their rank, and many other soldiers were placed elsewhere.

Li Luo was wearing a robe the same color as Qin Yu, but the style was slightly more gorgeous compared to Qin Yu’s, making his handsome face even more unparalleled in beauty.

Qin Yu, while he was drinking the wine, his gaze never left Li Luo who was sitting beside him. Although he wasn’t drunk, the inside of his eyes were completely intoxicated with strong desire.

Naturally, Li Luo also felt the hot gaze that the person beside him casted, but he had been watched with such a gaze for several months, so he was completely accustomed to it, not feeling a bit uncomfortable.

Below, the officers and soldiers from time to time stole glances at Qin Yu and Li Luo above from the corner of their eyes. Their Emperor was married to a male Empress, it was a well-known affair in court, not to mention their Emperor had been spending a great deal of time to find this person for several years.

Li Luo was not aware that the people below were stealing glances at him, he did not want to touch any wine this time, the last time he touched it, he instantly was tossed on the bed by Qin Yu, directly being eaten over and over again. He swiped his chopsticks into those dishes which looked very delicious, eating until his stomach was full.

At the end of the feast, all of the officers and soldiers below had fallen to the table and slept loudly, Li Luo also felt he couldn’t eat anymore, and simply put down his chopsticks.

Qin Yu saw him put down his chopsticks, and plainly asked, “Are you full?”

“En.” Li Luo nodded.

“Then let’s go back.” Qin Yu stood up and said to Li Luo.

“Okay.” Li Luo also stood up, and followed behind Qin Yu, directly leaving through a small sized door.

At this moment the moon had risen to the highest point in the sky, under the swaying of silver moonlight, everything was covered with a layer of a white halo. Qin Yu sent back all of the taijians [2] and palace maids. He personally held a lantern in his hand, and walked on the side of Li Luo. The lantern revealed a yellow halo of light as it illuminated the way ahead a little bit, but the light was exceptionally warm. In fact, with how bright the moonlight was, they no longer needed to hold a lantern, but Qin Yu was very fond of looking at Li Luo’s soft facial features under the faint yellow light.

He did not know if it was only his illusion, but he felt this evening, Li Luo seemed to always steal glances at him from time to time from the corner of his eyes, and when their eyes met, he would be like a frightened bunny, and immediately move away his line of sight.

It was really cute.

Qin Yu felt as if his heart was going to melt down under this warm atmosphere, but he did not know why, in such calm and peaceful state, there was a faint uneasiness rising from the bottom of his heart. This trace of uneasiness was like the mirror of the moon in the water, with a slightest touch it would disappear, but when it calmed down, it once again emerged there, unable to be erased at all.

Qin Yu turned around and looked at Li Luo who was walking at his side, he stretched out his hand, and he tightly grasped Li Luo’s palm, completely wrapped the hand within his own hand.

“What’s wrong?” Li Luo turned his head and looked at Qin Yu, his eyes revealed a look of doubt.

“Nothing.” Qin Yu breathed out a sigh of relief, he had completely grasped this world, what was there for him to be so scared of, even if Li Luo wanted to run away again, he also had enough manpower and resources to once again bring him back to his side.

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