The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

64) Chapter 36.3

Chapter 36 Part 3:

Five days later, Qin Country’s Army finally broke through the tall gates of Qing Xiao Country. Qin Country’s Army was pouring into the city from the broken gates, the loud and clear sound of horns resonated without obstacle into the horizon. That imposing momentum, immediately overwhelmed Qing Xiao Country’s soldiers that had long been utterly defeated.

Li Luo at this moment was sitting inside a carriage with a very ordinary appearance, but inside it was very comfortable, and the whole carriage was made from ironwood that was unable to be cut by a sword. It followed the army entering the city, advancing towards the Imperial Palace of Qing Xiao Country.

Everything had become a foregone conclusion, it was estimated that within a few hours, the Imperial Palace of Qing Xiao Country would be destroyed by the Qin Country’s Army, and Qin Yu’s plan to establish the superpower’s territory, finally would become complete today.

Li Luo once again looked at the progress bar in his mind, the progress had become 99.9, about to become 100%. However, although after being caught by Qin Yu, Li Luo always hoped for the progress bar to be a little faster, but at this time, Li Luo didn’t feel slightest bit of happiness, instead his mood somehow became heavy.

He was really going to leave.

Li Luo leaned on the carriage wall, he unconsciously remembered Qin Yu when he was still a child. At that time Qin Yu still had a round apple face, and he always liked to follow behind him as he called him Mucheng gege [1], his eyes were always lit up brightly, just like a whole sky full of stars. Whenever there were good things, he would always send them to him gladly. When he saw him accept them, he would instantly be happy and chatter continuously with him.

Then that child that had the same height as a stone table previously slowly grew up, the outline of the plump face gradually became solid, round eyes slowly elongated, and finally turned into a handsome and extraordinary man.

Even when he became an adult, his line of sight was always on him, never moving away.

Only his feelings of dependence and worship had been changed into desire to own him, want to get him, and have a burning passion with him.

However, there was no way for Li Luo to accept his feelings, even though Qin Yu had been pressing him down underneath him for so many times, and his body always responded to it. However, sensory stimulation does not mean love, not to mention that he was initially being forced by Qin Yu.

However, even if he received this kind of treatment for a few months by Qin Yu, his heart still had no feelings of resentment towards him, but he could not return to the status that he had previously when he regarded Qin Yu as his own brother.

Now Qin Yu was different from the previous soft and small child, he no longer had to rely on him, he also doesn’t need his protection. Qin Yu now was unusually strong, powerful enough that no one could hurt him.

The carriage slowly advanced forward without any bumps, it sometimes stopped, but it was not long before it moved forward again.

Finally, the carriage stopped, the door of the carriage opened, and a handsome face that Li Luo was familiar with was revealed behind it.

“Mucheng, it’s already safe, you can come down now.”

When Li Luo came out of the carriage, he found that it was now parked in a huge courtyard.

The flowers in the courtyard were very lustrous and splendid, even if there were several potholes in it, which seemed to be a little inconsistent with this very beautiful courtyard.

Li Luo slightly slanted his eyes as he focused his gaze on the edge of the flower beds in the distance, there was a spot where the bloodstains were not yet cleaned.

After Li Luo walked down of the carriage, Qin Yu quickly led him to the room which was not far away, and said, “We both will stay here tonight, we’ll first put our things inside, when the night arrives there is the celebration banquet being held, and you are going to sit next to me.”

“Oh, yes.” It had come to the last moment of him being with Qin Yu, Li Luo did not want to make anything awkward, so he nodded and agreed with Qin Yu.

Qin Yu eyes immediately revealed a happy expression when he saw Li Luo’s reaction.

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