The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

62) Chapter 36.1

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Chapter 36: The Wild Dragon Proud Days 1.36


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

Li Luo definitely didn’t think that there would be a day where he and Qin Yu, would wear the same color clothes. They were thick layers of ceremonial robes with alternating dark and red colors, and together with Qin Yu walking down a red carpet that stretched hundreds of meters to a high platform, while thousands of people watched the crowning ceremony of the Empress.

Their hands were clasped together as Qin Yu guided him, every time they walked past one region, the people in that place would immediately kneel down and kowtow toward him and Qin Yu.

Finally, Li Luo, under the lead of Qin Yu, arrived at the high platform and then sat beside Qin Yu.

Although they sat in such high place, looking down at the mass of people below did indeed feel very cool. However not including those who are full of hostility towards him, even most of the people looked at him used a kind of ‘you are a shameless little vixen that bewitched our emperor, it’s simply a calamity towards the laws and disciplines of the Imperial Court, you really don’t know any shame!’ gaze at him.

Li Luo really wanted to cry but he had no tears, he did not want to marry Qin Yu. If you guys could be a little useful, and could have persuaded Qin Yu, how could this kind of thing happen?

He had not even kissed his blood-related younger sister’s mouth before he crossed over, he instantly kissed a man as his first time, and now he even married him.

Li Luo could not help but check the progress bar in his mind, the progress bar was still staying at 99.5, his desire to disappear on the spot was simply impossible to achieve.

The atmosphere was unusually quiet and solemn below, as Qin Yu completed Li Luo’s crowning ceremony as the Empress. He hugged Li Luo, and revealing the first satisfying smile ever since Li Luo’s disappearance.

Li Luo and Qin Yu’s bridal rooms were decorated very festively, the room was covered with red silk curtains. It was full of red candles everywhere. In the front of the bed was a small table with two red candles burning above which were as thick as a child’s arms, with a golden dragon and phoenix circled above the candle. The table was filled with various kinds of festive fruits and pastries.

The wall was also re-applied with a thick layer of pepper and mud, so that the room was filled with a peculiar fragrance.

After the ceremony was finished, Qin Yu lead Li Luo all the way until they walked past a corner, before he directly picked Li Luo up and carried him. He walked with great strides into their bridal room.

He placed Li Luo down on the edge of the bedside table. Qin Yu picked up a jug and poured two cups of wine, he still had a smile on his face. His deep eyes seemed to be flowing with the warmth of spring water, when he locked eyes with him it made Li Luo unable to help but feel his heart soften.

“It is said that exchanging cups of wine between bride and groom is important during a wedding, we are married today, and we also can’t miss this one segment.” Qin Yu said, while he handed over a full cup of wine to Li Luo’s hands.

Receiving that kind of expecting gaze from Qin Yu, Li Luo involuntarily took the wine cup, and then intertwined the arm that held the wine with Qin Yu’s arm, and unconsciously poured down the wine into his mouth.

After they finished drinking the wine, only then did he manage to react. I actually exchanged cups of wine with Qin Yu so naturally?!

In his mind, little Li Luo immediately knocked his head a few times against the wall, with a face that basically stated that there’s nothing left to live for.

After they finished exchanging cups of wine, Qin Yu picked up Li Luo and brought him to the bed, but he did not do anything further to Li Luo. He merely hugged Li Luo’s waist and rubbed his back repeatedly. Afterwards he told Li Luo many things about what happened around him in the five years when Li Luo was absent.

They spent almost all night with Qin Yu talking as his voice sounded continuously, Li Luo did not know when he fell asleep, but when he woke up, Qin Yu’s silhouette had long since disappeared.

That night, Li Luo’s heart was very calm, as if he returned back to the time before he and Qin Yu slept together in the same bed, and lived in the same place. He and Qin Yu would be able to chat about what happened to them today, whether it was happy, or sad.

Li Luo laid down in bed, looking at the red canopy of the bed above, and sighed. If only Qin Yu could interact with him like he did last night, rather than want to treat him like a lover. He definitely would not leave for five years without notice, and he would spend more time with him.

If that was so, in the end, he probably would not want to leave so quickly, right?

Li Luo sighed again, he placed an arm across his eyes, not looking at the red scene.


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