The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

59) Chapter 34.1

Chapter 34: The Wild Dragon Proud Days 1.34


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

Li Luo did not dare to turn around and look at the expression on Liu Ruoyan’s face, he could only use his gaze to indicate to Qin Yu to send Liu Ruoyan away.

Qin Yu pretended he did not know the meaning of Li Luo’s gaze when he looked at him. He once again kissed Li Luo on his lips, then he turned his head and said, “We have not seen each other for five years, why don’t we sit down and chat while drinking tea.” Qin Yu did not say it in an inquiring tone, but an affirmative one. Without waiting for Liu Ruoyan to answer, he immediately picked up Li Luo and carried him to the edge of the table, before sitting down as he placed Li Luo on his lap.

Liu Ruoyan’s expression appeared somewhat blank, after she listened to Qin Yu’s words, with a foolish look she sat down in the opposite seat from Qin Yu and Li Luo.

From this angle, she saw very clearly. Li Luo’s handsome face was flushed red lightly, his pair of peach blossom eyes also seemed to be filled with spring that was about to overflow, but no tears came down as they stayed at the rim of his eyes. His brows were frowned, as he nibbled his lips lightly, he seemed to be enduring pain.

Finally, he seemed like he was unable to bear it as he turned his head to Qin Yu and whispered softly, “Don’t do this, stop!” His voice had a hint of a soft rhyme in the end, listening to it Liu Ruoyan immediately felt like there were soft things sweeping her heart, making her face so it could not help but flush red.

Qin Yu sent out a glance to Liu Ruoyan, his eyes flashed a hint of displeasure, he seemed dissatisfied that such a voice from Li Luo was heard by an outsider. His eyes were dark as he directly held the back of Li Luo’s head, in the front of Liu Ruoyan, he immediately started kissing Li Luo’s lips, prying open his mouth, and kissed him deeply.

Qin Yu took off his hand that originally seized Li Luo’s lower half wantonly, and placed it on Li Luo’s shoulder, and deliberately pulled down Li Luo’s clothes a little bit, only exposing a small part of skin on his shoulder. Although it was just a small part, it was covered with many red and purple marks. It could easily be imagined that under the shelter of his clothes, the skin underneath must be the same as this part of skin, all covered with such marks.

Liu Ruoyan stared blankly at the situation before her, before she slammed the teacup in her hand down, making the warm tea immediately spill out onto a small part of the table.

She hadn’t gotten married yet, and was still ignorant about the matters between men and women. However, when she saw the way Qin Yu was carried and kissing Li Luo, and then saw those traces on Li Luo’s body, even if she knew nothing, she could still comprehend what kind of relationship Li Luo and Qin Yu had now.

Then she remembered that she had seen such a trace on Li Luo before he disappeared. A small light bulb immediately flashed in Liu Ruoyan’s brain, her expression was no longer blank, rather an angry expression had emerged, “Mucheng gege, did Qin Yu force you? As long as you say it to Yan’er, Yan’er certainly won’t let him bully you again!”

Li Luo immediately felt the hands that were holding him tighten, within Qin Yu’s eyes a trace of black gas seemed to emerge gradually, the hand behind him slowly stroking his back at some kind of frequency.

Li Luo immediately felt his scalp tightening, this signal, every time Qin Yu wanted to press him down and do him, he would touch him like this—Don’t tell me he wanted to overwhelm him in front of Liu Ruoyan?

Li Luo’s eyes immediately showed uneasiness, with the present Qin Yu, if he tried to escape from his grasp, he wasn’t sure whether Qin Yu would really do that thing, but he did not dare to gamble.

Li Luo held Qin Yu’s shoulder, his thin shoulders shaking a bit, before he said in calm tone, “No, Yu, he did not force me, it was of my own volition.”

“I don’t believe it! What about the five years you disappeared? Was it not because Qin Yu was forcing you, so you refused to stay with him?” Liu Ruoyan still didn’t believe him, so she continued to ask.

Li Luo truly had to kneel down to the girl in front of him for how observant she was. He wanted to say that, right now, Qin Yu still had him imprisoned. He was only missing a chain tied to his foot. However, he didn’t dare, and also couldn’t say it.

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