The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

57) Chapter 33.1

Chapter 33: The Wild Dragon Proud Days 1.33


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

Li Luo was sitting on Qin Yu’s lap and his waist was being held by him, as they sat in front of a table full of food. Li Luo wanted to get up from Qin Yu’s leg, but his hand which hugged his waist was just like an iron pestle, it was entirely impossible to pull it open. As a result, Li Luo could only awkwardly sit on Qin Yu’s lap with his almost completely naked body. Li Luo’s hands were covering that place between his legs. He felt as if his face was burning.

Not to mention, while holding him, Qin Yu was also using his chopsticks to pick up vegetable slices and directly fed them into his mouth.

At the beginning, Li Luo resisted when Qin Yu was feeding him, but after Qin Yu directly took the food into his own mouth, and then pulled the back of his head and kissed him deeply as he delivered the food inside his mouth, did he give up the resistance.

“Are you full?” Qin Yu’s low and magnetic voice sounded in Li Luo’s ear.

Li Luo’s body went stiff, he did not answer Qin Yu’s question. He always felt whether his answer was, full or not, either were wrong. At this moment, he was completely unable to guess Qin Yu’s way of thinking, maybe he never saw through Qin Yu’s mind previously.

Seeing that Li Luo didn’t answer for a long time, Qin Yu chuckled as his line of sight followed Li Luo’s slim back down to his upturned buttocks, the color of his eyes darkened more and more.

“Since you won’t answer, then I’ll assume that you’ve already eaten enough.” Qin Yu put down the chopsticks in his hand, and he directly stretched out his hand to the only layer of muslin that covered Li Luo’s butt. The hand that originally hugged Li Luo’s waist untied the red muslin belt. The soft and wide muslin clothes immediately slipped down from Li Luo’s shoulders, revealing the white and smooth skin inside, “Since you are full, then it’s my turn.” Qin Yu said, as he caressed Li Luo’s chest with the hand that he used to tear open the belt.

Li Luo felt that the nerves in his brain were stretched taut from the movements Qin Yu made, moreover he was unable to think anything, so he directly grabbed Qin Yu’s hand that was on his chest, and hurriedly said, “Wait a minute! I…I’m still not full, can we continue eating?”

“It doesn’t matter, I will be in charge of feeding you until you’re full—using another way.” Qin Yu said while burying his face inside the crook of Li Luo’s shoulder.

Sure enough, whether his answer was full or not, they were both wrong.

Li Luo’s back was against Qin Yu’s chest. As soon as Qin Yu pressed him down on the table, Li Luo’s fingers instantly clutched the delicate and complicated patterns of the tablecloth, from Qin Yu’s actions, he lightly bumped into the table, his lips were flushed red and his mouth was slightly opened as Qin Yu kissed him veraciously. His eyesight was blurring, his chaotic brain grew empty.

He was pressed down twice by Qin Yu on the table. Afterward, he was carried to the bed and while sitting on Qin Yu’s waist, he was done twice there. At this moment, Li Luo was exhausted and in a daze, he almost fell asleep when Qin Yu took him to the bath to clean him up, but when he was being cleaned up by Qin Yu, he once again was pushed into the bathroom wall by Qin Yu as he entered him. In the end, Li Luo was unable to withstand that nonstop vigorous activity and unconsciously fell asleep.

Qin Yu took the already asleep Li Luo in his hands and carried him to the bed. The corner of Li Luo’s eyes had turned red because he was crying. Qin Yu laid down beside Li Luo, but he did not immediately go to bed, rather with one hand supporting his head, he leaned his head and carefully looked at Li Luo’s appearance. Inside his black eyes were deep emotions that Li Luo had never seen before. As he looked at Li Luo, he stretched out his other hand and carefully traced the lines of Li Luo’s face with his fingers, as if he wanted to engrave the appearance of Li Luo deeply into his heart, never to be forgotten for eternity.

When Qin Yu saw the sleeping Li Luo unconsciously wrinkle his eyebrows, Qin Yu reached out with one hand and began to caress the area between Li Luo’s eyebrows to ease them up. Then Qin Yu sat up half-seated, and he put his hand on Li Luo’s waist, and helped Li Luo massage his waist. He condensed his warm internal forces on his palm as he massaged Li Luo’s waist, making Li Luo’s furrowed brows gradually loosen. In the end Li Luo unconsciously issued a comfortable moan.

When Qin Yu heard Li Luo’s soft moan, he could not help but let out a chuckle. He continued his massage, while looking at Li Luo’s relaxed appearance. Afterwards, he leaned over to Li Luo’s body from his half-seated position, and whispered in Li Luo’s ear softly, “If only you normally were as well-behaved as now.” The sound was just like a gust of wind, quickly dissipating into the room.

Even if Li Luo still wanted to flee from his side, he would use the fastest speed to capture him back to his side. Now he almost had this vast world under him, only lacking the last step. The spies he had trained already covered all of the land under his jurisdiction, this dense net, even if Li Luo ran far away, he too would be unable to escape the net he laid.

“You are mine, in this lifetime, don’t ever think to escape from my life.” Qin Yu hugged Li Luo’s waist and pulled him into his embrace. Feeling the warm and real body in his bosom, Qin Yu’s nerves that in these five years had not relaxed, slowly relaxed down. He held Li Luo’s body, and heard the light and steady breaths that came out from him, he unconsciously fell asleep.


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