The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

54) Chapter 31.2

Chapter 31 Part 2:

Li Luo grabbed the bundle in his hand which in fact only held few pieces of clothing inside tightly. Although he really wanted to turn around and shut the door firmly, however tomorrow at noon the Universal Disguise Pill would lose it effect, he must go tonight, or wait for more than half a month’s time. Li Luo thought over and over again, and decided to treat Qin Yu as if he did not see him, and directly ignore him, according to his own thoughts it would be easy to walk away. Li Luo pretended he was very calm, walked out and closed the door of the courtyard, and then slung the bundle on his shoulder, walked toward the side of where Qin Yu was standing.

Although he tried hard to restrain himself, his heartbeat still sped up several times, and even his palms were somewhat dotted with a little sweat.

Li Luo walked past the place where Qin Yu was standing, Qin Yu was still standing there, without the slightest of movement, just like a statue that towered there in general.

Li Luo was just about to sigh in relief, when his hand on his side was suddenly grabbed by a big and hot hand.

“Mucheng, is that you?” After a few years, that voice had become ever more deep and low as well as magnetic as it sounded near Li Luo’s ears.

Li Luo was startled, but on the surface he still pretended to be calm, he slowly turned around and looked at Qin Yu’s direction, there was a puzzled expression that showed on his ordinary and mediocre face, “This Gongzi [2], do you have the wrong person?”

Qin Yu was standing in the darkness, Li Luo couldn’t see the expression on his face, but could clearly feel Qin Yu’s eyes were fixed on his, just like a lonely wolf who was betrayed and abandoned, it was very terrifying.

Li Luo felt his scalp would stand up entirely while he was being stared at by those scorching eyes. He exerted all of his physical strength to throw off the hand that held him, wanting to take his wrist off from Qin Yu’s hand, “This Gongzi, I’m sorry, I still have something to do, can you let me go?”

Qin Yu seemed to lean his head once, then stared at Li Luo, his gaze was even more scorching and full of possessive desire, he seemed to chuckle lightly in the darkness, “No, you are Mucheng.” Then he didn’t allow Li Luo to struggle again and directly held him within his bosom.

Li Luo also didn’t want to continue to pretend now, he rapidly launched an attack towards Qin Yu. His martial arts may be much worse than Qin Yu’s, but he was sure Qin Yu would not hurt him. His martial arts also would not be able to hurt Qin Yu, so there was no reservation, he just wanted to fight for the opportunity so he could escape.

However, he did not think that during these few years, although Qin Yu focused on attacking other countries, he did not slack off in training. Not only at this moment his martial arts was even more advanced than that time when Li Luo left him, it was also improved more than a layer, making him ever more matchless, there were none who would be able to stand up against him.

Li Luo and Qin Yu only exchanged for more than ten moves, before Li Luo was defeated, even though Qin Yu had not resorted to his full strength, he was still quickly stopped by Qin Yu.

Qin Yu seized Li Luo’s two hands with one hand, before quickly pulling Li Luo into his embrace and ruthlessly nibbled on his lips. Li Luo only felt the pain in his lips, immediately he tasted the smell of blood, he knew his lips were bitten by Qin Yu until they split.

Qin Yu’s kissing was very fierce, as if he wanted to devour him into his stomach, only after a long time had passed his kissing gradually became more slow and gentle. However Li Luo felt dizzy because of the lack of oxygen, and his waist which was being held tightly by Qin Yu was also extremely painful, as through it was about to be broken off.

Then he was knocked unconscious, as everything blanked out.

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