The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

53) Chapter 31.1

Chapter 31: The Wild Dragon Proud Days 1.31


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

Li Officer did not dare to meet with Qin Yu’s eyes, and only lowered his head and replied, “After these last several years of training sessions, more than 20,000 extra people were recruited. Coupled with the increasing manpower in these past two years, there are more than 50,000 people in total. The amount that has been finished with their instructions are 30,008 of them, it can be guaranteed that as long as they observe the people that they come into contact with, they could immediately judge it, not even minor details would be passed, whether that person is in accordance with the depiction of the person that Emperor described.”

“More than 50,000 people, there’s still too little.” Qin Yu stood up and walked to the side of a beautiful flower pot that was placed above a small table in the corner, his eyes seemed to carefully observe the flower vase’s pattern, “Zhen [1] will send another 50,000 people to you. For that well-trained 30,008 people—you should know what to do, right?”

“Yes, this subordinate certainly will arrange all of it properly, and will work hard to accomplish this by making the manpower scatter to various countries.” Li Officer said, with more sweat dotting his back, he knew how important it was for Qin Yu to find that person, Su Mucheng. He did not understand why Su Mucheng left Qin Yu’s side without saying goodbye as their relationship was always good, moreover he even left for three years. However, as a small officer, he was naturally afraid to ask Qin Yu directly, and could only obediently follow his instructions.

“Very good, you can leave.” Qin Yu retracted his line of sight from the flower vase, and looked at Li Officer.

Li Officer rapidly agreed in a loud voice, before retreating from the room.


Two years had passed, Li Luo was in a restaurant, buying several kinds of dishes. He let the waiter pack all of it up, before he left the restaurant with a few paper bags in his hands as he walked toward the house where he was living now.

Recently he did not know whether it was his illusion or not, but he always felt there was someone watching him in the dark. Though this feeling quickly disappeared, so fast that he almost thought it was his imagination.

Even so, Li Luo felt a little uncomfortable. He decided, tonight after he finished his meal, he would wait until the night grew darker, before taking advantage of the darkness to leave this place. Then he would find a place to stay for the night. Afterwards, when the city gate was opened, he would immediately leave this country.

In these past few days, he had given a few children tips, to have them help him purchase a lot of delicious snacks at stores that sold desserts. In which he placed all of them into the storage space of Xiao Qi afterwards.

Li Luo returned to his own small courtyard that he rented. He placed all of the hot dishes that he bought just a short while ago above the table, picked up some chopsticks and slowly ate up. Now his appearance was that of a very ordinary young man. His facial features were very dull, the type of person that you would forget the next second after you saw them, but because of that pair of peach blossom eyes on top of his face, his ordinary appearance was enhanced a lot.

After Li Luo had finished his meal, he waited inside the room until the night was completely shrouded in darkness. He waiting until some of people that were living around him blew their lights out and went to sleep, before he stood up and walked towards the courtyard door. As soon as he opened the courtyard, he saw a broad and slender figure with his back faced to him, standing not far away from the door.

Li Luo’s heart immediately produced a loud thumping noise, the hand that carried a bundle wrapped in cloth, in order to cover up Xiao Qi’s storage space, almost fell to the ground because he was scared.

Qin Yu, he-he-he, why has he come to this place and how could it be possible that he would be here? This is simply unscientific.

Isn’t he supposed to be attacking the last country in the territory of the world within this book—Qing Xiao Country?

Li Luo panicked for a moment, before he quickly calmed down. For now he was not in his original appearance, and the Universal Disguise Pill was still in the effective period, how could Qin Yu recognize him?—But Qin Yu clearly was standing in the front of his rented house now!

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