The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

52) Chapter 30.2

Chapter 30 Part 2:

Due to the frequent use, the Universal Disguise Pill basically was not too useful at this point. Li Luo once again entered the shopping center in the system and purchased a new one, and hung the new Universal Disguise Pill around his neck.

Originally Li Luo also thought to go straight outside of the territory where Qin Yu would seize control of, then go into even farther away region. However Xiao Qi told him, as a character in this book, even if he didn’t need to follow the plot, he was unable to leave the territory of the world within this book. Even if he went out, he would be forced to transfer back to the original place.

Therefore, Li Luo could only wander around within the limits of what he wrote.

Li Luo once again looked at the progress bar in his mind, it had already reached 94%, as long as it progressed 6% more, he could leave this world, going back to his own world.

In these past three years, Li Luo never once had not thought about Qin Yu, after all, they did live together for so many years, he was not a ruthless person. However, as soon as he thought about what Qin Yu wanted to do to him, Li Luo quickly dismissed this idea. Perhaps before leaving this world, he could secretly sneak to see Qin Yu, and then leave.

Li Luo went out from the teahouse. He walked past the quiet and narrow alley, and walked into a small courtyard, opened door and went in. The yard was small, but very nice, because the location of the place was not that strategic, the price was very cheap.

Originally, Li Luo had not planned to stay here for a long time. Moreover, he did not want to live in this kind of place even if it was beautifully decorated. However, this house was close to the downtown area, so for now this small courtyard had been very satisfying.

Li Luo didn’t stay for a long time. He quickly made preparations to leave, packed up his bags, before leaving the Xi Lin Country, onwards to the neighboring country.

Although he was always using the Universal Disguise Pill whenever he went out to change his appearance, his portrait was posted everywhere in Xi Lin Country. It was inevitable there would be a time where the Universal Disguise Pill would be within the cool down period. When that happened, he would inadvertently be recognized by other people.


Qin Yu was standing on the top of tall walls, overlooking the desert below which was billowing with smoke and dust. The sunset was about to completely sink into the west horizon, leaving only the corner of it remaining, it dyed half of the sky a bright fiery red.

Over these past several years, Qin Yu’s feature lines became more and more deep, that handsome face looked as if it had been carved in years, slowly engraved with an unspeakable charm, serene and imposing grandeur. Even if he was only standing there quietly, as long as the people had eyes, they would always take a glance at his presence.

A man wearing taijian [4] clothes that followed behind Qin Yu with a lowered head, softly said, “Emperor, it is dinner time.”

Qin Yu looked at the distant sunset for a while, before turning around and steadily walked down from the city wall.

Halfway around, Qin Yu suddenly stopped, the young taijian that followed closely behind him also immediately stopped his footsteps, and respectfully lowered his head slightly.

“Chen Fen, go summon Li officer to meet me.”

When the young taijian heard the young Emperor’s deep and beautiful voice in front of him, this Emperor which had been able to obtain the accomplishments higher than any Emperor in history, he instantly respectfully replied, “Yes, Emperor, nucai [5] will swiftly go summon Li officer to meet you.”

Qin Yu did not speak again, just continued to walk forward. By the time he had finished lunch, Li Officer had long been waiting outside of the door. Only when Qin Yu allowed him to come in, did he push open the door and walk inside. With one hand placed on his chest, he knelt down facing Qin Yu.

“You may excuse with curtseying, you don’t have to be so polite.” Qin Yu, who was sitting in his seat, stretched out his hand.

“Thank you, Emperor.” Li Officer immediately saluted.

Qin Yu was knocking his fingers on the tabletop, his black eyes were as if they could see through people’s minds at a glance. He looked straight at Li Officer that stood in front of him, who already had a layer of fine sweat dotting his back. Only until he looked at Li Officer properly for a while, did Qin Yu open his mouth and ask, “How is the progress of matter that Zhen [6] had you handle?”

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