The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

51) Chapter 30.1

Chapter 30: The Wild Dragon Proud Days 1.30


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

Li Luo was sitting at one of tables inside a small teahouse. He was wearing a light green robe, embroidered with several bluish-green bamboos, and he had a dark green belt at his waist. Li Luo’s hair is also tied with a hair band that was the same color as the belt. His appearance was delicate and pretty, he looked like a mere weak scholar who only knew how to read sage books.

This small teahouse was located in the middle of the city, with so many people always coming and going, news was spread very rapidly.

Li Luo slightly lowered his head. He appeared to be slowly sipping the green tea from the cup that he was holding, but in fact he had been listening carefully to the discussions of the people around.

“… all of you’ve heard about it. Yan Country was also conquered by the Emperor of Qin Country not long ago. Currently, the Emperor of Yan Country has been turned into a nominal wangye [1] of Qin Country; you don’t only see that even though he lost his country he still got to be wangye so you’d think it’s not bad. However in fact, he and his children have been placed under house arrest in the wang fu [2], and it is said that they cannot even step out from the gate of the mansion.”

“How come it’s the Emperor of Qin Country again? In these past three years, he already conquered five countries. It seems that our Xi Lin Country is also soon going to be attacked.”

“Hush! These kinds of words, how can you say that…”

“But it is said that the Emperor of Qin Country seems to be looking for someone.”

“Hey, this one I also know, it’s that person whose portrait had been posted on our city wall beside the city gate, right?”

“It is said that the Emperor of Qin Country would agree to one request from the person who could successfully find this person…”

“Qin Country’s power is great, our Xi Lin Country is only a small country. Now we are also posting the portrait of that person everywhere. The ruler of our country probably wants to get the Qin Emperor’s favor now, for his own future, so that he would make a good future prospect.”

“Are there not other small countries, who like us, are also looking for this person everywhere?”

“I do not know who this person really is, who unexpectedly made the ruler of Qin Country make such a big fuss to find him.”

While Li Luo was listening to the discussion of those teahouse customers, they didn’t know how many tables the little Li Luo in his mind had flipped over.

He originally thought that after a long time passed when he left Qin Yu, his feelings for him naturally would fade away. However the fact was completely different from what he had thought, and now it had developed in the opposite direction of his imagination.

Li Luo felt like he was becoming a famous wanted criminal that was being searched for everywhere. Wherever he went, he should carefully hide himself.

_ (: З) ∠) _ Feel so tired, it is simply child abuse.

Seeing the speed of Qin Xiaoyu’s [3] conquest of other countries, it was basically almost one-fold faster than in the novel that he wrote—he looked at progress bar of his mission’s completion in the system. While Li Luo felt happy in his heart because he could go home quickly. Li Luo also felt an indescribable feeling in his heart, if he was to be captured by Qin Yu, then his fate would certainly be miserable.

The thought of the things that could have happened after Qin Yu captured him, Li Luo could not help but feel a cold shiver. No, he absolutely couldn’t let such a thing happen.

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