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50) Chapter 29.3

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Chapter 29 Part 3:

Once it was time for Qin Yu to get up and have the once in three days morning court, Li Luo instantaneously closed his eyes and pretended he was still sleeping.

Sure enough it did not take long before Qin Yu moved, he first lowered his head and gazed at Li Luo in his bosom, before kissing Li Luo on his forehead. Qin Yu carefully removed his body and got out of bed. He put on his clothes, and finished his morning ablutions, before leaving the room.

Li Luo had been waiting for Qin Yu to leave the room to open his eyes. He lied in bed for a while. When he was sure Qin Yu was really gone, he half sat up from the bed. After that, he quickly began to call out Xiao Qi in his mind.

【Ding Dong ~ System Xiao Qi’s sincerely at your service lalala~】

“……” Li Luo was silent for a while before opening his mouth, and asked in his mind, [Xiao Qi, how far is the progress now?]

【It’s already at 75%. Great Host has to continue to make an extra effort, the sooner you accomplish the success, the sooner you will able to return to the real world. 】

Still 25% left before he could leave this world. Yeah, how could he forget, the perfect ending of this book was that Qin Yu had captured all of the surrounding countries. Only when Qin Yu had become the overlord of this dynasty, his task would be marked as finished.

There was still such a long time left, Li Luo felt that he couldn’t continue to stay at Qin Yu’s side. If he was still by Qin Yu’s side, he felt he certainly was going to be eaten without remorse by Qin Yu, until he couldn’t even turn over. After which he could only be pressed down on his bed to be eaten until even the residue wouldn’t be left.

Therefore, he wanted to leave this place, leaving Qin Country that was being controlled by Qin Yu.

Li Luo made up his mind, and began to prepare for his journey to escape. Since he had done it once before, and now that he was going to do it again, it would end much more smoothly and easily.

After Li Luo returned, he got ‘little coffers’ from Qin Yu. There were also several banknotes with a value in silver inside, in addition there was some silver and gold. For the convenience of living in other countries, those banknotes must be exchanged to silver and gold, since those are the hard currency of each of those countries.

Li Luo really did not think that not long after his long journey back to Qin Yu’s side, he would now have to take the initiative to leave Qin Yu. Moreover, he also wanted to hide away, act like a turtle, and wait until Qin Yu captured all of the large and small countries around Qin Country and become the Overlord. Then he would promptly leave this world.

Li Luo knew escape like this made him appear very cowardly, but his strength was weaker than Qin Yu’s. Due to this he was completely unable to resist Yu’s intimacy, just like last night, at that time Qin Yu had really scared him. He felt that he himself still liked women, he couldn’t accept this kind of love from Qin Yu.

Li Luo prepared his bags, and then stuffed all of them inside Xiao Qi’s space.

Xiao Qi asked strangely, 【Great Host, what are you doing? Running away again? But here is very safe ah~】

Li Luo did not answer Xiao Qi’s question, he only said in his mind, [Leave this place first, I’ll explain later.]

Now he was busy this period of time, if he did not leave quickly, then Qin Yu would come back from morning court.

After all the preparations were made, Li Luo once again went back to the hidden secret tunnel inside the rockery. Before he entered the secret tunnel, Li Luo looked back to the direction of the place where Qin Yu was attending morning court, then he walked in, his figure soon disappeared into the secret tunnel. The secret doorway of the secret tunnel rapidly fell dark again after he entered, concealing all traces.

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