The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

5) Chapter 40.1

Chapter 40: Saint Magus 2.3


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

Li Luo squatted down on the spread carpet on the ground, with his head lowered, he stuck out his little tongue and licked the milk in the small bowl placed in front of him—as a newly born cub, he still was unable to eat anything, and could only drink milk.

Fortunately, the taste of milk here was very delicious, and the milk taste was very rich. It didn’t taste like the milk that was sold in the supermarkets in his world that practically didn’t have any bit of the sweetness of milk.

Elvis sat on the sofa beside Li Luo with a book in his hand. The book was unfolded, he seemed as though he was reading it seriously, but in fact, from time to time, he stole glances from the corner of his eyes at little Li Luo who lowered his head as he drunk the milk. When he saw that Li Luo had almost finished drinking all of it, Elvis immediately leaned over and easily lifted up his small body with one hand, before placing him on his lap, as his hands stroked the soft fur on Li Luo’s back, and finally stretched out one of his slender fingers, slowly scratching Li Luo’s chin.

“Little thing, how about I give you a name?”

Li Luo couldn’t resist his nature of a cat, as Elvis continuously stroked and scratched his chin, Li Luo let out a comfortable purring sound. After hearing Elvis’ words, he lifted his plump head and used one of his front paws, he caught Elvis’ finger that was scratching his chin, before he opened his mouth softly and let out a “meow” sound.

Something like a name, he simply wasn’t concerned in the least about that. As the author of this book, moreover he also had the general direction of this world in his mind, so he entirely understood everything regarding the important characters in the book, Li Luo licked his claw, the plump face of the cat showed an indifferent expression, simply couldn’t be more calm.

Elvis looked at the little thing on his legs, when he saw his expression and appearance, he couldn’t help but raised the corners of his lips, pulling out the finger that Li Luo’s claw hooked, and continued to scratch that soft small chin, and said as he teased it, “You are so cute, it would be better to just call you Mengmeng, right?”

Li Luo: “……” Mengmeng, your sister Mengmeng! Little brat, you want to call me Mengmeng, your family is called Mengmeng.

Li Luo’s mouth twitched, facing Elvis, he showed his still not growing sharp claw. His whole body’s furs are standing up. In order to show his dissatisfaction, he also looked fiercely at Elvis, as he letting out “meow-wu-meow-wu” sound several times loudly.

Elvis looked at the small thing in his lap who made threatening gestures with its whole fur stood up, which instantly made it appearance seem more round, and couldn’t help but clench his fist, placed it on his lips, as he covered up the corner of his mouth, entirely hiding the smile that constantly formed on his lips. At this time, a light bulb suddenly flashed in his brain, as a name quickly appeared within his mind, he couldn’t help but open his mouth and said, “Ludwig, I’ll call you Ludwig.” This sentence was not a question, but an affirmative sentence. The name Ludwig had the meaning ‘the light in one’s life’ at the place where Elvis lived.

The arrival of this little thing in his arms had made him experience the happiest feeling that he had felt ever since he became a waste. It was just like a light that suddenly penetrated out from the dark clouds, instantly illuminating his originally deathly still heart, making his deserted heart once again vigorous with vitality. Moreover, he unconsciously always wanted to treat this little cat even better, hoping it could always stay with him, and never leave him.

After Elvis’ voice fell in his ears, Li Luo immediately felt there was something inside his body that was suddenly active, just like a hidden instinct, prompting him to stand up, and grab Elvis’ finger with his paws, before opening his mouth and biting his finger. The sharp teeth instantly pierced Elvis’ finger, and Li Luo instinctively swallowed a few drops of blood that came out from that.

When Li Luo finished swallowing the blood, the both of them simultaneously felt a resonance from the depths of their bodies. It was transmitting out a strange rhythm that seemed come from a very ancient time. Producing an indelible connection between the two of them, which existed in the soul and could not be erased.

Elvis stared blankly, this feeling, should only appear when a soul contract with a contracted beast was formed, but why could Ludwig also sign a contract with him?

Elvis looked down at the snowball-like little dumpling on his lap. Incredibly, this little thing was not an ordinary animal, but a magical beast?

However, he did not have the ability to form a contract with magical beasts at all at this moment, the small thing was the one that chose him. However he could only be like an ordinary person, and stay at home. He couldn’t take the little fellow to see the vast world outside. Elvis wasn’t the slightest bit worried about Li Luo’s rank and potential, but instead had a sense of guilt. If he had not signed a contract with him, his Ludwig certainly would’ve been able to find a better master.

Elvis held Li Luo’s two front paws, so that his amber colored cat pupils were looking at his own eyes, “Ludwig, I maybe won’t be able to be like the owner of other contracted beasts, and make you become more powerful. Even so, do you still have no regrets from forming a contract with me?”

After Elvis’ voice fell, a small claw patted his face. Then he immediately felt the tip of his nose being licked as if it tried to comfort him, so that he would not give up on himself.

Elvis’s mood quickly improved, he took Li Luo into his embrace, and constantly rubbed its white fur with his hands, as his face exposed an uncontrollable smile.


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