The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

49) Chapter 29.2

Chapter 29 Part 2:

However he did not know why, Li Luo who usually would be asleep until dawn unexpectedly woke up in the middle of the night. He drowsily turned around, his eyes still misty. Suddenly, he saw the dark shadow standing straight in front of the door.

Li Luo completely woke up. Qin Yu actually was still standing there, moreover, even his standing posture had not changed.

Why didn’t he leave?

Li Luo sat up from the bed and looked at the shadow for a while, before he sighed. He climbed down from the bed, put on shoes and strode towards the door. Opening the door, Li Luo looked at Qin Yu who still maintained the same posture as when he entered the room.

After the latter saw him come out, his eyes instantly lit up, and his handsome face brightened as if it was the shining moonlight that casted it’s light down on him.

Li Luo looked at Qin Yu, gazed into Qin Yu’s eyes that seemed to be filled with starlight. As he straightforwardly looked into his eyes, Li Luo could not help but lower his head slightly, dodging Qin Yu’s line of sight. He said softly, “Yu, what you did to me last night, I will treat it as if nothing happened and we will still be brothers. I have always treated you as my younger brother, and I never thought you would love me. I like women, women like Ruoyan.”

Qin Yu’s original bright eyes gradually dimmed down as he listened to Li Luo’s words. He clenched his lips tightly, and when he heard Li Luo’s last words that he liked women like Liu Ruoyan, his black pupils seemed to begin to fill with black mist. Qin Yu took a deep breath and suppressed the intent to kill Liu Ruoyan in his heart, and whispered, “Mucheng. It’s impossible. I can’t forget what happened last night. I finally got you, and I can’t let you go. Even before, I always thought of you as my soulmate, my other half.”

Li Luo once again said assuredly, “But I like women, I only can be together with women.”

Qin Yu’s eyes narrowed dangerously, under the moonlight, his handsome face seemed to be covered with a layer of cold mist, “Only like women, only want to be together with women?” His voice had just fell, then as fast as lightning, he approached Li Luo and pressed him to the door.

Warning, has a bit of mature content

“Qin Yu, what are you doing!” Li Luo exclaimed loudly. Qin Yu leaned down and kissed him deeply. His struggling hands were directly grasped by Qin Yu with one hand and being held above his head. Qin Yu opened Li Luo’s legs wide and squeezed his leg hardly inside the space between Li Luo’s legs.

This time don’t mention struggling, Li Luo couldn’t even move.

When Li Luo was nailed to the door, Qin Yu slid his other hand into Li Luo’s clothes. He felt his flexible and thin waist, reluctant to leave for a moment. Then he moved his hand up to follow the line of Li Luo’s waist to his chest and groped it. A long time later, Qin Yu’s groping hand had already gone into Li Luo’s pants, and directly explored Li Luo’s butt.

Li Luo was finally able to get away from Qin Yu’s strong kiss with great difficulty, when he felt that Qin Yu’s finger explored and entered that spot, he immediately gasped roughly before he shouted out, “Qin Yu, stop!”

“Why do you want to stop, Mucheng, see, you obviously like it.”

Li Luo naturally also knew his own desire was already semi-hard and stood up, but Qin Yu wanted him to admit himself that he was unexpectedly excited under his treatment, which was impossible.

Qin Yu’s black pupils seemed to be able to absorb all the light, that just a moment ago dazzled like starlight eyes that seemed to flash like a meteor shower. Although he was also hard, he didn’t directly take advantage of Li Luo here. Instead he moved away his original hand which was placed on Li Luo’s rear and went to his front again, onto Li Luo’s already hard member, and help him release. After that, Qin Yu withdrew his hand, with half narrowed eyes, he directly stuck his tongue out and licked the liquid on his fingers, “Mucheng, you are obviously also hard, you say you only like women, and can only be together with women? Heh, then what is this on my hands?”

End of warning

Li Luo was practically in horror at Qin Yu’s various actions, he looked at Qin Yu as if he was looking at a demon.

#Wait a minute, director, why has the child that I raised from childhood into a big child become completely blackened like this ah? Surely it must be the script that has a problem! Please! Stop! Joking!#

After Qin Yu let go of both Li Luo’s hands, Li Luo still didn’t make any movement, just like a scared rabbit, he obediently allowed Qin Yu to carry him up in his embrace all the way back to his sleeping quarters.

Qin Yu didn’t do anything to Li Luo, after he put Li Luo down onto the bed inside the sleeping quarters, he just stretched his hands out and encircled Li Luo’s waist. He firmly hugged Li Luo within his bosom, before putting his chin on the top of Li Luo’s head. He and Li Luo’s chest were stuck close together, their legs were intertwined, he held Li Luo as sleep overtook him.

Li Luo however opened his eyes, he couldn’t sleep until the sky finally had the first glimmer of light.

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