The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

46) Chapter 60.2

Chapter 60 Part 2:

Li Luo sat down and finished a large bowl of fruit soup that Elvis had brought him——it tasted just like canned food from his original world, before also eating a whole small piece of wheat bread, Li Luo was sitting alone inside the room, and as there was no one else inside, his train of thought couldn’t help but start to drift away.

Now that Elvis was not around to disturb his thoughts, the doubt that flashed past last night once again come back to his mind.

Li Luo before only felt that Elvis and Qin Yu were somewhat similar, but now he found that even the way the two of them treated him at that time was also very similar and almost made him think they were one person.

If Elvis and Qin Yu were two different people, it was still possible that they had similarities in their lifestyle and behavior, but if the feeling of being pressed down by him on the bed, and the actions full of possessiveness and desire were also similar, it was too close to the mark.

What the hell is going on here? After Li Luo thought to this point, he suddenly felt that his breath hurried for a short time, don’t tell me the two of them were actually the same person, no, they must have the same soul?

Although this idea was very inconceivable when it poured into his mind, Li Luo was unable to expel it out.

Li Luo patted his face a few times, before scanning his surroundings, he couldn’t help but stand up and slowly walk around inside the room for a few laps, but the idea inside his head was still circling around his mind and never got anywhere, making him unable to control his imagination which started to run wild.

Li Luo was walking a few circles more inside the room before he finally stopped and instantly changed into beast form, he jumped from the window to the tree outside, climbed down, and then slipped out.

Perhaps after taking a long walk in the St. Helier Magic Academy, he would be able to suppress that absurd idea.

Li Luo was walking along the wall, before jumping down into the flower bed, he followed a road where no one would go, and finally arrived beside the clear and big lake that he and Elvis saw the first day they came to the St. Helier Magic Academy, just as he wanted to lift his legs and step out from behind the rockery, he suddenly saw a somewhat familiar figure when he looked up.

There were a few old men who seemed that they were already a little great in age, and two or three youths were coming from a distance. The brown, half-white haired old man looked somewhat familiar and the flax long haired girl looked very familiar.

Li Luo’s cat ears shook as he seriously thought for a while before he finally reacted, that was right, the girl with flax long-haired was Selina, and the old man with brown half-white haired was the great elder of the Roxis Clan.

After seeing them, Li Luo suddenly remembered the plot of the story, because the academy informed the clan that their two geniuses had fallen, the patriarch of Roxis Clan almost fainted on the spot.

However, afterward, he immediately heard that there was a student in the Black Thorn class named Elvis, they immediately sent someone to inquire and finally determined that, that Elvis was the one they thought it was.

So the purpose of these people coming over now was that they wanted to make Elvis return to the clan once again.

However, the water had already spilled out, it was impossible to be retrieved back, not to mention at the time when Elvis was in his most difficult time, and he sought the clan for help, no one went outside to help him save his grandmother, at that point, these people had no hope.

Li Luo avoided looking at the group of people except for Selina, before turning around and plunged inside the bushes, he ran to the classroom where Elvis would have his lesson, ready to inform Elvis about this matter, he would not let Elvis see this group of people completely unprepared.

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