The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

45) Chapter 60.1

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Chapter 60: Saint Magus 2.23


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

The morning sun that passed through from the window was blocked by the curtains, leaving only a hazy halo of light entering the room.

Although Li Luo didn’t know at what time he fell asleep last night, his long-standing biological clock made him immediately awaken at this point in time. Still, in a daze, Li Luo softly grunted and slowly opened his eyes, immediately afterward he instantly felt the soreness on his body, especially that place in his back. Although his body was very uncomfortable, it was obvious that it had been carefully cleaned up, so when he was lying on the bed, there was no sticky feeling.

Li Luo moved his body and felt that although he was uncomfortable, he could still bear it. He wanted to get up and put on his clothes, but there was an arm on his waist, and his legs were intertwined with a pair of more powerful long legs, he was firmly locked in the embrace of the man behind him, and could not get up at all.

Due to his movements, the person behind him also slowly woke up, and the arm that was on his waist all of a sudden tightened, before he held him even more firmly.

“Awake?” Feeling the warm breaths on his naked back, and then the warmer and soft thing kissed his back once, Li Luo immediately shrunk his neck, and there was a thin layer of pink color floating on his face. In his mind, the scene of last night’s wild passion involuntarily emerged, making his face flush even redder.

Elvis’ azure eyes were half narrowed, when he looked at the person within his bosom who obediently let him hold him, he couldn’t help but place a few more kisses on his smooth back, and immediately felt that the shoulders of person in his bosom had shivered, as the tips of the ears that were as if carved out from white jade which was exposed under the silver-white long hair were completely covered with a layer of red, he was like a small animal that shrunk its body and did not dare to move its claws, and just letting him bully it.

Elvis’ pupils slightly darkened and he hooked the corner of his mouth, he moved his head from Li Luo’s back to the crook of his shoulder, before stretching out his hand and pulled over Li Luo’s chin, lifted up his body a bit and then directly kissed Li Luo’s lips.

Li Luo was kissed by Elvis until he was almost breathless, and what made him even more embarrassed was that he was obviously able to feel the thing that Elvis used to torment him almost the entire night yesterday pressing against his butt.

However Elvis didn’t plan to push him down again, he was just rubbing it a few times on his butt, before moving away from his body. He held his waist and kissed his mouth a few times, before he sat up and said, “Today you can just rest in the room, I will bring back breakfast for you.”

Li Luo’s entire body went soft and his face was flushed red; his amber eyes were misted, and there were two pools of spring that hung at the corner of his cat eyes, which seemed to refuse to fall; his lips were red as if coated by a thick layer of rouge, his whole appearance at this moment was just like a seductive demoness, but he looked at Elvis with a very pure and bashful expression.

The combination of these two contradictory things formed a very deadly temptation.

When Elvis looked at Li Luo like this, he felt his self-control was going to be entirely destroyed, his gaze became deeper and deeper, and his Adam’s apple moved as he gulped once, he couldn’t help but lowered his head and kiss Li Luo’s lips.

Only after a long time passed and he realized that he would miss class if he didn’t go out now, Elvis let go of Li Luo, and quickly got up, he then put on his clothes, washed his face, and rinsed his mouth, before he left the room.


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