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44) Chapter 27.3

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Chapter 27 Part 3:

Warning, mature content

Li Luo gradually woke up from his sleeping. He had a splitting headache, but more than just a headache—he felt as if several heavy wheels mounted to a thousand catties repeatedly crushed his body and his muscles till they were very sore. Furthermore, that place behind his body also felt weird, as if there was something in it.

Don’t tell me after a hangover your whole body would feel uncomfortable?

Li Luo let out a soft groan. He tried to sit up on the bed, but found his waist was being hugged from behind by someone, obstructing his movements.

Li Luo turned his face, and saw Qin Yu lying behind him with his eyes closed. Qin Yu’s broad naked shoulders were exposed outside of the quilt. There were several deep red scratches that were scattered around them.

Qin Yu’s face was very content, as he slept deeply.

At this moment, Li Luo finally felt something was wrong. He felt a splitting headache that lanced through his head, as several memories of last night flashed through his mind, each of which made his complexion become even more white and then red out of shame.

Not to mention Qin Yu’s member at this moment was still inside his body.

Li Luo sat up on the bed. He tried shake off Qin Yu’s arm on his waist and stand up, but his waist was hurt, and he once again fell into the bed. At the next moment, his waist had been once again embraced by a strong arm and brought inside a warm bosom.

Li Luo’s face flushed when he opened his eyes and found himself very close to Qin Yu. His lips trembled several times before he uttered a question, “What’s going on here?”

When Qin Yu who was still hugging Li Luo saw this, he felt Li Luo’s look was just like a fluffy kitten. Even if he was making threatening gestures, it only made him look even more cute. So, Qin Yu could not help but once again capture Li Luo’s lips and kiss him.

Li Luo immediately covered his mouth. With even more resentful eyes, he looked angrily at Qin Yu and said, “Qin Yu!”

Qin Yu held Li Luo waist, and started moving his member that was still buried inside Li Luo’s body. He slightly parted his lips, as his voice became rougher. Then he spoke in Li Luo’s ear with a slightly trembling voice, just like a bomb that had finally exploded, he confessed all of his feelings that had been buried for a long time inside his heart, “It’s just as you saw. Mucheng, I love you. I never saw you as a brother, I always loved you as lover. I always wanted to be like this. So I could hold you, so I could own you, so I could be with you all the time. Do you understand?”

After he listened to Qin Yu’s words, Li Luo only felt as if he heard some incredible thing. However he had been doing it with Qin Yu for one full night, even if he didn’t want to believe it, it was fact.

When Qin Yu saw the dazed look of Li Luo, he couldn’t help but smooch a kiss on his cheeks and lips, before he pulled out. He stood up and carried Li Luo in his arms as he said, “I’ll take you to the bath. You have to clean up your body. The inside of your body was still filled with the trace of my semen, it isn’t good for your health if you let it remain inside.”

Finishing, Qin Yu carried Li Luo in his arms as he walked towards the door beside the sleeping quarters. Inside was a very large bath. The bath was filled with the flowing water from a hot spring. No matter what time it was, the water temperature was just right to make people feel very comfortable.

End of warning

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