The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

43) Chapter 27.2

Chapter 27 Part 2:

Warning, mature content

The youth’s long black hair was scattered on the top of the bed. His fair skin was as white as jade. His cheeks were slightly red, his eyes were misted, and his lips were moist. His slender neck was like fragile and finely crafted porcelain, as it hid inside a light blue collar.

Qin Yu leaned on top of Li Luo’s body. He slightly raised the corner of his lips and his eyes were darkened as he said, “If it’s not me, who do you think it was? Your Ruoyan meimei?”

Li Luo couldn’t understand the meaning of Qin Yu’s words, so he inclined his head slightly and asked, “Yu?”

When he saw the confused look on Li Luo’s face Qin Yu laughed, “Ha.” When he remembered the scene that happened that afternoon when Li Luo hugged Liu Ruoyan in his bosom as he softly comforted her, Qin Yu narrowed his eyes. He stretched his hand and pulled up Li Luo’s chin lightly, “I’ve already told you, don’t get close to Liu Ruoyan, because…I will be jealous.”

Once he finished speaking, Qin Yu lowered his head and captured Li Luo’s Lips. His kiss was overbearing and irresistible.

Qin Yu’s thirst for Li Luo that was being suppressed for many years, could at this moment finally burst out. Now he could finally get the person that he wanted for a long time. Therefore, he hadn’t been able to control the strength he used when he bit at Li Luo’s lips. Li Luo under him immediately shouted in pain, his brows frowning as he pushed at Qin Yu’s body on top of him.

Qin Yu seized the struggling hands of Li Luo. His cruel look all of a sudden softened. He gently touched Li Luo’s bleeding lips, and said: “If you are obedient, I will not make you feel pain, all right?”

Li Luo fell into a daze as he stared blankly for a moment before he blankly nodded, his eyes still in a daze as he said, “Don’t…pain.”

Qin Yu couldn’t help but chuckle, and he once again captured Li Luo’s lips and took a bite at it. “Really obedient.”

Qin Yu’s actions became even gentler afterward. After all, he wanted to cherish this person under him, he naturally didn’t want to hurt him. In the end even if he ate him all over a few times, he felt it was not enough.

Qin Yu gently took off Li Luo’s clothing, his breathing couldn’t help but become heavy as he watched the youth gradually reveal his beautiful body.

Though he had seen it countless times before, Qin Yu still felt this youth’s body was like an aphrodisiac that would never fail take effect on him.

Qin Yu appraised the marks that he left on Li Luo’s body. He gave Li Luo sufficient foreplay, before he straightened his back and entered his body.

The moment Qin Yu entered his body, Li Luo felt the pain and he struggled, but Qin Yu bent over and pulled his face for a long kiss.

Gradually Li Luo’s entire body slowly become soft. He couldn’t help but produce a high pitch sound as he allowed Qin Yu to control even more of his voice. He was thoroughly eaten over and over again.

The slight sound in the sleeping quarter interior’s bed gradually decreased until the next day when the sky began to gradually brighten. Li Luo closed his eyes and Qin Yu embraced him tightly in his arms, sleeping tiredly.

In his sleep, Li Luo still couldn’t help but whimper softly. His eyelids were red and swollen and his lips were also broken with several small holes, his whole body was full of purple hickeys. Not to mention the focus of love place, was covered with ambiguous marks.


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