The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

41) Chapter 58.1

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Chapter 58: Saint Magus 2.21


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

After Li Luo and Elvis perfectly completed their first time escorting goods, they received two more escort missions. Until they earned enough money to pay for two semesters of tuition and living expenses, only then the two of them stop joined in escorting goods, and once again entered the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts, exercising their abilities.

Li Luo felt that since that accident, he had gradually become less resistant to Elvis’ approach, and as long as Elvis called him, approached him, or leaned in to help him, his heartbeat couldn’t help but accelerate.

Even more strangely he felt that Elvis and Qin Yu had a lot of similarities.

This feeling, he had this ever since he was kissed by Elvis, it couldn’t be suppressed, and had been circling within his mind.

It was just like a faucet that had been opened, as the water in the pond below accumulated more and more, but the source was unable to be closed, and he could only look helplessly as the pool became fuller and fuller.

The more he felt like this, the more he was unable to resist Elvis.

Perhaps it was because he quickly left Qin Yu in that way in the previous world, so he felt somewhat guilty, but more often, after he returned to his original world, he became aware that he also had some feelings towards Qin Yu.

Of course, he was still unable to accept the things that he had done to him by imprisoning him.

However, he didn’t know whether or not this was the reason, that this occurred when he was near Elvis……but it was undeniable that he certainly had feelings for Elvis, and this was a fact that couldn’t be changed. No matter how slow he was at realizing his own feelings, but after so long, if he still didn’t know that the emotion that he was feeling was love, then he must be very stupid.

However what does Elvis think about him, if he showed his feelings to him, would he reject him, if Elvis was upset because of it, what should he do?

Li Luo felt that at this moment he was just like a lovesick young girl, too worried about the outcome, wanting to confess, but still wanting to think about it, the thought that he wasn’t worthy of Elvis made his heart ache _(:з )∠)_

However, if it was him in that position, his friend or younger brother suddenly confessed to him, and he refused, the interactions between the two of them would certainly become awkward. Not to mention, he was Elvis’ contracted beast, they were living together every day, if Elvis rejected him, then he would certainly think about wanting to die, to die, to die, to die at all times QAQ……

When Li Luo thought about the consequences, he couldn’t help but clench his fists.

Moreover, when he returned to the real world before, he realized his own feelings for Qin Yu and wanted to go back to that world to accompany him, but now he had this kind of feeling for Elvis, would he be too……a bit fickle, wait a minute! What the hell was he thinking?! Why would he think of this word!

Li Luo truly wanted to kneel to himself.

“Ludwig, what’s wrong, what are you thinking about?” Elvis’ deep and magnetic voice awakened Li Luo from his swirling thoughts, and as soon as his soul come back, he instantly saw Elvis’ flawless and handsome face very close in front of his eyes.

Li Luo immediately felt his heartbeat quicken by several beats, he was nervous and his breathing became hurried, he couldn’t help but issue a hiccup.

Li Luo, “……” Could he be more stupid orz?

Then he hurriedly replied, “I…I wasn’t thinking about anything. Oh, by the way, Elvis, isn’t the new semester supposed to start in three days? Don’t we need to get out of here?”

Elvis’ eyes flashed a trace of a smile, but he didn’t tease Li Luo again, and he followed along Li Luo’s words, “En, let’s quickly pack up, and prepare to leave the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts.”

After Elvis turned around, the corner of his lips couldn’t help but hook up, he could sense that Ludwig also had feelings toward him. However when he looked at Ludwig’s really interesting reactions, although he really wanted to expose it, he faintly felt that it was still not the most suitable time, moreover, Li Luo’s various reactions at the moment were also very cute.

Now what he waited for was an opportunity to make Ludwig confess his feelings at him. If there was not, he would find a way to create one. When that time came, he would certainly be able to completely have Ludwig. He had been waiting for a long time, it was alright to wait a bit longer.

After the two of them finished packing up, Elvis and Li Luo began walking out the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts.


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