The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

40) Chapter 57.2

Chapter 57 Part 2:

The carriage was unable to enter from the main entrance, so the young man led the crowd to the inn’s side door. He knocked on the door several times in a rhythm, before someone immediately opened the door, and allowed everyone go inside.

Li Luo and Elvis were following behind the crowd, and when the two of them entered, the person who opened the door immediately closed the door.

Li Luo walked into the door, and his eyes immediately brightened, he felt the inn was high quality when he was outside, but after he came in, he felt that in addition to the high quality the architectural design on the outside, the inside was very innovative and appeared very unique.

They entered the courtyard garden in the middle of the building, with a fountain that was built in the middle of the garden. They saw a sculpture of woman with splendid clothes that slightly bent her waist there, seeming to want to draw the clear water of pond at the side of her legs.

In her hand was a pottery jar, as the flowing water gushed out from it into the pond, and at this woman’s feet was a huge flower basket, inside was all kinds of flowers blooming, apparently having been created by magic, the flowers in the basket were lifelike, and emitted a soothing aroma, in addition there were countless butterflies encircling around the sculpture of the woman dancing gracefully, the picture was very dreamy.

“Ok, you shall take out all the goods from the carriage. I will send people to move them inside, and let my master check if all of them are still here.”

This kind of situation where they didn’t see the employer was very common, Hermon also did not ask many questions, he turned his head and dispatched his people to move out all the items inside the carriage, each and every one of the boxes were placed neatly in the garden, there were more than 20 boxes in total.

The young man nodded, and looked back, as more than ten men dressed in the same clothes as him immediately came out, before they bent over and moved the boxes into the corridor not far away.

Inside a room in an angle where everyone couldn’t see, a slim figure of a girl was standing behind the curtains, her long skirt was draped over the soft carpet, one of her slender white and soft hands slightly opened the thick curtains, as her emerald green eyes looked curiously at the people standing in the courtyard below.

After seeing the young man with blond hair among the crowd, who looked very handsome, the girl only felt that her heart was jumping, and both of her eyes began to shine, she couldn’t help but pay attention to the blond haired young man, the more she observed, the more her eyes brightened.

“Princess.” At that moment, a vague female voice sounded from behind the thick door, the girl reluctantly withdrew her line of sight, and then said after a while, “Come in.”

“Yes.” The person outside the door answered, before opening the door, and walked in. This was a young girl in a crimson colored skirt, she walked to the girl standing in the front of the window, before stopping in the front of girl, and bowed her body, “Princess Chris, all of the items that you wanted have been delivered, this subordinate already checked them and there was no danger, do you need to check the goods personally?”

“Oh, then open all of them, and let me see.” Chris nodded her head, her long brown curly hair slightly swayed with her movements, she turned those pair of emerald green eyes on her beautiful face from the window, before he beckoned the maid, “Meila, come here.”

“Yes.” The little maid went closer to Chris without any hesitation.

“You help me inquire, who is that person?” Chris once again opened the curtain, and pointed her finger to Elvis, who was talking to Li Luo.

“Princess, what do you want to do?” Meila asked in confusion.

“Just go and do it, do you want to rebel against my order?” Chris glared at the maid.

Meila immediately shrank her neck and answered, “I know.”

Chris nodded with satisfaction, her beautiful face was full of smiles, and her eyes were sparkling as she looked at Elvis a few times, before she moved her line of sight to the more than twenty boxes of items that she had been thinking about for a long time.


After Li Luo and and Elvis got their payment, they parted with Hermon.

What they didn’t know was that not long after they left, Hermon who originally wanted to leave, was stopped by a maid.

The maid directly asked him about Elvis’ information. Hermon originally didn’t want to leak it, after all, Elvis gave him a very dangerous feeling, but after the maid showed him a token from her sleeve, Hermon’s pupils shrank, his voice paused for a moment, before he telling the maid everything he knew of Elvis.

Li Luo and Elvis left the hotel, once again passing through the small alley, before arriving at the outskirts of the market.

“Ludwig, are you hungry?” Elvis turned his head and asked Li Luo who was walking beside him.

Li Luo who was originally not feeling hungry at all, but when Elvis asked this question, he felt that his stomach became hungry. He nodded and looked at the surroundings, “Let’s find a place to eat.”

He was always eating dry foods in this journey, at this chance he was going to find a good place to have a large and sumptuous meal.

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