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40) Chapter 26.2

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Chapter 26 Part 2:

The sun that hanging in the sky already risen in the midpoint. At this time of day was the moment where the sun was shone down it most piercing sunlight.

In Bian Capital City, above the tall city walls, there appeared a beauty wearing a gorgeous palace dress. She was standing above the city wall, as she locked her gaze with the distant Qin Yu who riding a horse below the city wall.

At the moment she saw Qin Yu, Jing Chun Empress Dowager’s eyes flashed a trace of hatred and disgust. Qin Yu’s appearance and Empress Nangong during that time were three-quarters similar. So when she saw him, she could not help but remember that woman was the one that had all of the attention of the previous emperor.

Qin Yu slightly narrowed his eyes as he looked at the Jing Chun Empress Dowager above the city walls. Due to the glaring sunlight, it made it so he could not see the expression on her face clearly, but he still able to sense a trace of disgusted feelings that the woman who standing above had for him.

“Qin Yu.” The woman in the gorgeous palace dress said as she lowered her head slightly and looked at Qin Yu, her tone is very harsh, “You acting this way is truly disgraceful. To have the intention to overthrow the reign of the emperor, are you not afraid you would become a shame on the ancestors’ hundred years of teaching?”

Qin Yu could not help but let out “Ha” a loud laugh. His eyes contained a ridiculous sneer as he gazed at the woman, and did not reply to her even a word.

When Jing Chun Empress Dowager saw Qin Yu didn’t answer and still did not have any changes of color on his face after she scolded him, Jing Chun Empress Dowager continued to say Qin Yu was still young, so that was why he took a wrong step in life. She then advised Qin Yu he still had a chance to correct it, and promised Qin Yu as long as he retreated, she would make the emperor give him a qinwang title.

Qin Yu didn’t have the patience to continuously listen to her, so directly interrupted Jing Chun Empress Dowager’s words, and said, “As long as you release Su Mucheng, I will let you and your son leave this place alive.”

Jing Chun Empress Dowager did not feel embarrassed when her words were being interrupted by Qin Yu, she combed the hair on her temples and said, “Su Mucheng is naturally in our hands, his safety all depends on your choice.” After she finished speaking, Jing Chun Empress Dowager smiled as she gazed at Qin Yu direction, and seemed to be very confident that Qin Yu would certainly agree to her conditions.

Qin Yu’s eyes slightly narrowed, he gazed fixedly at Jing Chun Empress Dowager for a long time. Then, a cold glint seemed to flash in his eyes. Qin Yu slightly pursed his lips, the next moment, a smile suddenly bloomed on his face as he said, “Mucheng, he currently isn’t in your hands, right?”

Even though Jing Chun Empress Dowager’s complexion was unchanged, there was a flash of panic in her eyes, but very soon she covered it up. She hid her mouth as she lightly laughed, “Haha, not with us here, could it be that he is on your side?”

Qin Yu smile grew wider, he become even more certain that what he guessed was right. The huge boulder in his heart was completely put down at that moment. The depressed look on his face immediately swept clean as he became active to enter the battlefield. Since Mucheng was no longer in the hands of this pair of mother and child, he no longer needed to scruple anymore.

No longer wanting to hear Jing Chun Empress Dowager’s nonsense, Qin Yu pulled the reins of his horse, making the horse’s head turn around. He faced the army behind him.

For the siege of Bian Capital City, from this moment, it officially started.


Li Luo really wanted to cry but had no tears as he rode a mule, and continuously rushed over.

Ten days ago, he finally arrived in Su Shui City, but he found out that Qin Yu and his whole army already had set off a long time ago. Previously, when he traveled to this place he didn’t meet with Qin Yu’s marching army, so he didn’t encounter Qin Yu. At this moment, he had no other choice but to turn around and once again head toward Bian Capital City. He only hoped Qin Yu wouldn’t be fooled by those two villains, thinking that he still had not escaped, and suffered from their suppression.

If nothing went wrong, it was estimated that when he would arrive, the war would almost come to an end, or would be already over.

Just as he guessed, when Li Luo rushed over on his journey, Qin Yu finally killed two of the just recently injured enemy soldiers, and once again fought one on one with Qi Cheng.

After that, Xiang Bei Army which had been converged with Xiang Nan Army, made the amount of troops double its size. Hence, it only took a week to completely defeat the 100,000 troops under Qin Yan. Then they immediately smashed the city gate of Bian Capital City, as they advanced in a majestic moment into the city, before surrounding the imperial palace.

Jing Chun Empress Dowager and Qin Yan, just like Li Luo wrote in the novel, couldn’t escape successfully from the imperial palace. They had felt hopeless, but they were unwilling to be captured and tortured by Qin Yu, so the both of them drunk poisoned wine and died inside the throne room. Before that, they ordered people to set fire at the imperial palace. Even if they were dead, they were still unwilling to let Qin Yu to ascend the throne easily.

Fortunately, Xiang Bei Army and Xiang Nan Army were able to timely put out the fire, so the fire that spread intensely a moment ago was successfully put under control. The large fire that filled the sky eventually only burned down several palaces. However, Jing Chun Empress Dowager and Qin Yan who died inside the throne room hall were burned completely beyond recognition.

Therefore, Ascension Ceremony of the new emperor can only be a slightly delayed until the throne room was repaired.

Even so, Qin Yu was already the highest ruler of the Qin Country.

However, even though the young emperor had already become the ruler of the Qin Country, he didn’t flush with happiness as others had thought, but rather he was slightly depressed.

He didn’t not know where the person he always had thought about in his heart was now. Although he couldn’t be certain that he was safe, but to have not seen him for so long, the yearning feeling for his beloved had long been emerged into a vast sea, almost about to drown him out.


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