The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

4) Chapter 39.2

Chapter 39 Part 2:

Soon, the carriages stopped in front of a mansion with a very wide area.

The door of the carriages opened, and more than ten youths came down from the carriages. The five or six youths led by Tals followed the previous middle-aged man wearing a four star magic robe and entered the main gate of the mansion, while the other youths were all scattered and ready to go home.

Those who could live in this big house of the clan were all potential children who were recognized by the elders and patriarch, while others could only live in their own homes. Being able to live in this big house was the thing that all of the children in the clan were most looking forward to.

Salina had maintained the most comfortable way to hold the little cat within her bosom. For fear if she moved wrongly she would make the little one in her bosom feel uncomfortable. When she tried to use one hand to hold the little cat’s small butt, she quickly felt it turn around its body and tried to move its small butt away from her, while it lightly grabbed her hand with its plump and small claws. She couldn’t help but laugh, holding the little white cat with both hands, she placed it in the same level with her eyes, and stared at it, “Do you feel uncomfortable when I hold you that way? Or are you embarrassed?”

Then she saw that fluffy, little cat, wrinkled its small nose, its big amber eyes were misted, as it innocently called out “meow-meow-meow” at her.

Salina laughed even more happily. She took Li Luo’s small body and let it fly a few times in the air. Then she once again held it and continued walking forward with large strides, but this time she was very careful using her hands to hold the little one within her bosom, so she would not touch its small butt.

Li Luo could clearly sense the young lady’s delicate fragrance and body heat. Oddly, he did not feel like he used to be, where when he was touched by a girl, he would instantly blush as his heartbeat sped up, now he thought he did not feel anything at all, and only felt that the girl’s soft embrace was really comfortable _ (: 3) ∠) _.

Salina turned a few corners as she held Li Luo, and then went to the left, walking toward the direction of a house with a little orange light that passed through from inside the window.

Li Luo stuck his fluffy small head out from inside Salina’s bosom. He felt a little nervous and couldn’t help but stretch out his little pink tongue and licked his own mouth. Now this body had been changed its core, he doesn’t know whether the male protagonist would still fancy him. If he refused him, what should he do?

Only when Salina reached the front of the house and knocked on the door, she called out loudly, “Grandma Vicia, please open the door, it’s me, Salina.” Li Luo withdrew his head and looked forward only showing his pair of big eyes.

After a while, the wooden door opened, revealing a face full of wrinkles, but a benevolent face. As soon as the old woman saw Salina standing outside, she immediately smiled brightly, “Oh, it’s Salina, good child, are you coming to look for Elvis?”

“En, yes, is Elvis inside?” Salina asked, standing on her tiptoes as she looked inside.

“Yes, yes, he is in his room.”

“Can I go in and find him?”

“Come in, wait a moment, Grandma Vicia will bring tea and snacks for you.” Vicia walked to the side and let Salina go inside.

“No need, Grandma Vicia, I won’t stay for a long time and will leave in a minute.” Salina said as she trotted up the stairs.

The old stairs let out creaking sound as Salina walked on the top of them, there were portraits of Elvis’ parents, paternal grandfather, maternal grandmother, and maternal grandfather who had passed away. Their portraits were hung up on the walls of the staircase, but it didn’t make one feel frightened. Instead, everyone’s facial outlines seemed very soft and warm, against the light of the candles that were brightly lit every few steps on the stairs.

After she arrived at the second floor, Salina walked to the room on the right and knocked on the door, “Elvis, are you inside?”

Inside the room.

A fourteen-fifteen year old boy was lying in bed with his hands folded over the back of his head, as he looked out of the window, at the night sky full of stars.

Although the outline of the young man’s face was still somewhat immature, it was not difficult to see that he would certainly become a very handsome man in the future. He had extremely dashing golden hair, under that two thick sword like eyebrows, is a pair of azure blue, deep eyes, just like the vast ocean.

Hearing Salina’s voice outside the door, the young man quickly recovered back from his daze state, and retracted his attention from outside the window. He rolled off from the bed and walked to the door with bare feet to open it.

When he opened the door, the first thing he noticed was not Salina who smiled at him brilliantly. Instead, he looked at the soft, tiny, and fluffy, round small cat within Salina’s bosom, as it opened its pair of big amber eyes, and looked back at him.

Besides staring at him, the little cat also softly let out a “meow” sound, and waved its plump and small claw towards him, looking as if it wanted to say hello.

Elvis looked at that soft little thing, and his already deathly still heart did not know why it suddenly trembled. It was as if the surface of frozen ice was brushed gently by the spring wind, and in a short while it rapidly melted and cracked, revealing the warm spring water below, everything was gradually revived as the spring water flowed, revealing out a thin piece of lively atmosphere.

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