The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

4) Chapter 37.2

Chapter 37 Part 2:

Li Luo climbed out of bed, before he went to the bathroom. He turn on the faucet, and splashed his face a few times with cold water, only then did he feel a lot better.

Looking at his pale complexion inside the mirror, Li Luo wiped his face, before he couldn’t help but look blankly at his left hand again.

There was a strong longing that unconsciously arose in his heart, he wanted to see Qin Yu again. He wanted to hug Qin Yu and stay in his embrace, and not let him show such a look of despair and helplessness once again. As long as he could see him again, it didn’t matter how he treated him.

[Xiao Qi.] Li Luo impatiently called out in his mind.

【Great Host, what’s wrong?】 Xiao Qi soon appeared, as a soft childish like voice sounded within Li Luo’s mind.

[Xiao Qi.] Li Luo paused, seemingly to not knowing how to say it, he paused for a long time before he asked, [Can I go back to the previous world that I had been going through?]

【Great Host, you already completed the task, why would you want to go back?】 Xiao Qi asked in puzzlement.

[Just answer me, in the end can I go back there?] Li Luo grasped his own hands firmly, as he nervously asked.

【Please wait a moment, I’ll check the information.】Xiao Qi said before instantly disappearing.

Li Luo was waiting anxiously, only after about more than ten minutes passed, did Xiao Qi appear again, and said in Li Luo’s mind, 【You can, but Great Host you have to ensure that you complete all of the next few worlds to 100% percent completion, you cannot forcefully withdraw. After you completed the tasks in all of the worlds, you can choose to re-enter any one of the worlds, at any period of time, and you can stay as long as you want oh~】

[Oh.] Li Luo sighed in relief, he felt the heavy stone that crushed his heart suddenly fall down, and felt as if the gloomy room was suddenly filled with bright sunshine, all of the things in his eyes had become brighter. Immediately he realized that something was wrong, [Wait a minute, Xiao Qi, you also can forcefully withdraw after entering a world?] Li Luo asked suspiciously.

【Theoretically, it is possible, but in this case, the task of this world, will be judged as incomplete, because you failed. So my advice is to do your best to complete the progress bar to 100%. Moreover, forcefully withdraw back to the real world can cause the time and space to be in disorder, and maybe you would back at a few years ahead.】

[Back a few years ahead?]

【Great host does not have to worry about this, the chance of such disorder to happen is very small, and will disappear in a few days, and you will return to the normal space and time.】

[Okay, I got it.] Li Luo nodded his head, in order to be able to see Qin Yu again, he would never choose to forcefully withdraw out from a world, so there would be no such situation as Xiao Qi said.

【(o_o) Oh, that’s right, Great Host, are you not going to see your friend today? It’s already 6:40 AM, you still must wash your face, brush your teeth, and change your clothes.】 Xiao Qi loudly reminded Li Luo.

Only then Li Luo managed to react, his original relaxed and happy mood once again became somewhat gloomy, but it not the same as Qin Yu, for Jin Chenji it was a kind of worry for friends.

After brushing his teeth in a hurry, and washing his face, Li Luo bought breakfast in the shop downstairs. He finished eating, before he took out his mobile phone and dialed a number.

“Li Luo?” The voice of a weary teenager sounded from the phone, “Did you also see the matter that happened to my big brother’s?”

“En, yes.” Li Luo said, his voice unconsciously drooped down, “How is the situation of your big brother now?”

“Still not awake.” The teenager’s voice is a bit choked as he said it, sounded very sad.

“Do not be too sad, I am sure he will wake up.” Li Luo then said, his voice is hoarse, “Can I come visit your big brother now?”

“You can, I will wait for you at the entrance of the hospital.”


Li Luo then said a few more words to Jin Chenxie, before hanging up the phone.

Li Luo took a taxi and went to the private hospital where Jin Chenji was check in. When he almost arrived at the entrance of hospital, Li Luo saw a teenager wearing a crumpled t-shirt and jeans standing there. His hair was in disorderly state. Moreover, there was a thick layer of dark circles under his eyes. With one look, he instantly knew that he certainly didn’t sleep well last night.

As soon as he saw Li Luo getting out of the taxi, he quickly welcomed him and said, “Come with me.”

Seeing that he did not want to speak much, Li Luo also did not speak further and followed him.

Li Luo only carried the fruit basket in his hands as he followed closely behind the teenager, riding the elevator and arrived on the top floor where the VIP rooms is located.

There are only five sickrooms in this place, with each sickroom in the level of six-star hotel, and inside the sickroom there were three suites for family members that wanted to stay overnight.

Jin Chenxie lead Li Luo directly into the sickroom that was far in the right side, and turned a corner, before Li Luo saw Jin Chenji that had his head tied with bandages, as he laid on the bed with his eyes closed.

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