The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

37) Chapter 25.1

Chapter 25: The Wild Dragon Proud Days 1.25


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

After Jing Chun Empress Dowager finished listening to the Commander of the Imperial Guards’ report, her lips tightened and started to tremble. She gazed sharply at the Commander of the Imperial Guards. Unable to restrain her anger, Jing Chun Empress Dowager grabbed a teacup by her side and threw it at the side of the Commander of the Imperial Guards’ face, almost hitting him, “What did you say?”

“Empress Dowager, please calm down your anger…last night this subordinate really didn’t see anyone go out of that room where Su Mucheng was being held at, except for the palace maid on duty. But, that person had the same face as the palace maid that was found lying on the bed this morning. The figure and facial features were very similar as if carved out from the same root.” The Commander of the Imperial Guards said as he lowered his head to kowtow on the ground. Really, he also had unspeakable bitterness. Who would have thought that Su Mucheng would have this kind of miraculous method where he could disguise as someone perfectly, it simply made people not be able to see the slightest wrong with it, “After this subordinate found something was wrong, this subordinate dispatched people right away to search the imperial palace.”

Jing Chun Empress Dowager fingers were trembling as she released her grip on the small table, her upper body slightly raised. She pressed the anger in her heart for a while, only when she managed to force down this anger, with an ashen face, she looked at the Commander of the Imperial Guards that was kneeling on the ground, and said, “Then what are you waiting for, quickly spread Bengong’s order and find that person! Inside the imperial palace, as well as inside Bian Capital City, even if you have to turn all of places upside down, you have to get him back to me!” Jing Chun Empress Dowager closed her eyes, and say through gritted teeth: “Drag those two palace maids out, and beat them to death with rod. Don’t ever let Bengong see their face again.”

“Yes, this subordinate will immediately dispatch people to seal off the city gates. Presumably, it is impossible for Su Mucheng to find a way to leave the imperial palace so quickly.” The Commander of the Imperial Guards didn’t dare to put on air, he understood that the last sentence of Jing Chun Empress Dowager, was in fact, for him to hear. Those two palace maids were only the innocent victims to warn everyone. If he and the rest of the imperial guards under him could not successfully capture Su Mucheng, then those two palace maid’s end would be their end in the future.


After Li Luo left the imperial palace, he immediately snuck inside the house of common people and stole a set of short garments that the common people usually wear. He then quickly transformed his appearance, from the original palace maid appearance, into a man.

Universal Disguise Pill was effective for twenty-four hours, which meant that you could easily disguise as anyone in these twenty-four hours, for an unlimited number of times. His appearance at this moment was a rough man with a beard on his chin.

Li Luo touched the beard on the chin, nodded with satisfaction. Even if Qin Yu stood in front of him now, he too would not recognize that this person was Li Luo.

He reckoned when another palace maid who served in the morning ablutions came in, she would immediately find out that he had run away, but they certainly would not believe that he was already out of the imperial palace now.

Even so, he could not lower his guard. He had to go out of the city gate with the earliest wave of people leaving. Only when he was outside of the city gate would he really be safe.

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