The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

35) Chapter 55.1

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Chapter 55: Saint Magus 2.18


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

A large expanse of white clouds spread across the azure colored sky, covering most of the sun that was hanging in the sky. However, despite this, the temperature was still very hot, and the clouds didn’t obscure the sunlight above even a bit.

On the flat avenue, a carriage was driven from a distance, with a few dozens of people around it.

The leader was a middle-aged man with a long and horrible scar on his face, his eyes were flashed a sharp look from time to time, at first sight one could tell he was not a good character at first glance.

A few dozens of people behind him were also very neatly dressed, from time to time they vigilantly scanned all around with their eyes.

Two days ago, they had already experienced an attack, and in the end, they naturally defeated those hoodlums who had come to rob their goods. However, he did not expect that long silver hair youth of the two men whom he recruited when he was in desperate need of people would be very skillful. Thinking this, the man could not help but shift his line of sight and cast a glance to his rear.

Not far away behind him, an older young man with a very outstanding appearance, and a young man who was shorter than him, was unhurriedly following at the back, as they talked something to each other from time to time. It’s just that short silver haired young man looked very naive, and that taller and more handsome young man…he really couldn’t see what he was thinking.

Seemed to be aware of the middle-aged man’s gaze, the tall blond haired young man turned his head and swept a glance at the middle-aged man. The middle-aged man suddenly felt a shiver down his spine and immediately turned his line of sight.

However, this wasn’t something that he wanted to control, the taller young man was a four star magus who he finally was able to recruit with great difficulty, he couldn’t provoke him and make him unhappy. You know, the mage always looked down on the warrior, so every time they escorted the goods and wanted to recruit a mage, it was very difficult. This time, the goods were very important, as long as he successfully escorted these batches, he and his brothers would have no problem even if they didn’t have any business for three years.

The blond haired young man and the silver haired young man were Elvis and Li Luo, and Li Luo was now able to completely change into human form, without the ears and tail. So he was in human form as he was together with Elvis, anyway, other people didn’t know that he in fact Elvis’ contracted beast.

The reason why they joined this mercenary group was because the both of them wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to make money.

The tuition fees of St. Helier Magic Academy was very expensive. After all, the college had hired so many famous mentors across the continent, and only the cost of hiring alone was already very high.

Even if the tuition fee was high, those disciples still didn’t mind and did their best to enter the St. Helier Magic Academy, to be able to be admitted into the St. Helier Magic Academy, was just like the proof of one’s status. Every student who could enter the St. Helier Magic Academy would have a bright future.

Making money by hunting magical beasts was too time-consuming, moreover their time wasn’t much, the reason why they chose to escort the goods was because they could get the money’s worth of their hard work of four or five months hunting magical beasts.

The day before yesterday Li Luo and Elvis arrived in the city with a huge flow of traffic, and just happened to encounter the team escorting the goods that were in the middle of recruiting a mage, moreover the rewards were quite generous.

Originally this team only wanted to recruit Elvis and didn’t want Li Luo, but after Elvis stated that if Li Luo didn’t go, he wouldn’t join, so in order to recruit Elvis, this four star magus, they could only barely accept Li Luo, but their treatment of Li Luo wasn’t very good.

In fact, they were all worrying too much, Li Luo had learned martial arts in the previous world, although he was not as good as Qin Yu, but compared to a low level warrior in this world, he could already be considered to be very good. In addition, his body in this world was very nimble, which was a lot of help to him.

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