The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

35) Chapter 24.1

Chapter 24: The Wild Dragon Proud Days 1.24


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

It was night. There was not a single star in the sky, even the crescent moon was covered by a dark cloud.

Li Luo let the palace maid on duty that night bring in a few dishes of dessert from the imperial kitchen. After the palace maid came in, Li Luo stood to the side right away. He watched the palace maid take out the desserts from the boxes and arrange them on the table.

When the palace maid lowered her guard, Li Luo slowly approached her. His footsteps were very light, just like a cat walking on a rug, without making any noise.

The palace maid was completely unaware of his approach. Her head was still lowered, as she took out a plate of walnut crisp from a box, and carefully placed it on the table.

Under the guidance of Xiao Qi, in a fast movement, Li Luo struck the back of the palace maid with his hand ruthlessly. The palace maid’s eyes rolled back as she fainted. Her body collapsed in an instant. Li Luo quickly reached out his hand and caught the palace maid’s body. Afterwards, he dragged her body and put her onto the bed.

The palace maid’s clothes also have pants to wear inside, so there wasn’t much psychological pressure on Li Luo. Li Luo only needed to take off the palace maid’s robe, and change his clothes into it. Finished, Li Luo transmitted his thoughts into the Universal Disguise Pill that hung around his neck. Soon afterwards, his appearance turned into the palace maid on the bed, including the mole on the back of palace maid’s ear, even his reactions were the same.

Li Luo covered the palace maid’s body with a quilt, then he walked to the table and let Xiao Qi take all of the desserts on the table into its space. He had collected these desserts for more than a week, and now he needed to escape from Bian Capital City. Even if he was on the road for a whole week, he would be able to maintain his physical strength even if he didn’t encounter a place to rest.

After he finished these things, Li Luo picked up the box of food. He lowered his head, opened the door, and went out.

After he walked out of the room, he immediately felt several people gaze at him as they checked around his body several times, their eyes alert. Only when they were completely certain of his identity, did they turned away their gazes from him.

Li Luo tried his best to walk like a woman. With a small step, step by step, he slowly walked out of the courtyard where he was held captive.

Obviously, those imperial guards who had carefully sized him up and checked him previously had no longer suspected his identity, so as he left the courtyard, no one gave him a glance.

【Congratulations Great Host for successfully making it out alive, and moving toward a free and unrestrained life ヘ (^ o ^) ノ \ (^ _ ^) ~】 Xiao Qi, after Li Luo stepped out of the courtyard’s gate, sprinkled flowers in Li Luo’s mind.

Li Luo looked at Xiao Qi in his mind that was cheerfully churning, almost immediately making his footsteps slip, and he fell down to the ground. The corner of his mouth could not help but twitch. Making it out alive, free and unrestrained, what the hell?

Since for the time being, he still needed Xiao Qi’s help, so Li Luo didn’t let Xiao Qi sink into a hibernation state. Although Xiao Qi was somewhat out of line, but in this case, to have someone to talk with wasn’t bad. Moreover, he only had Xiao Qi to help him.

Li Luo rejoiced that at this moment he still had Xiao Qi, this system. If he didn’t have Xiao Qi’s system functions, even if he was able to strike his palace maid into fainting, and disguised as her, those imperial guards outside would have found something fishy about him. It would’ve been impossible for him to have successfully left this courtyard where he being held captive.

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