The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

34) Chapter 23.2

Chapter 23 Part 2:

Qin Yu was sitting on the couch inside the commander tent. Although it was already late at night, Qin Yu still couldn’t sleep.

Qin Yu had been awake for more than a month, ever since Li Luo was captured by Jing Chun Empress Dowager’s subordinates.

Qin Yu’s extremely handsome face looked very tired. He had very large dark circles under his eyes. His whole body was surrounded by a thick layer of black gas. This layer of invisible black gas seemed to be filled with an endless amount of murderous aura. As long as someone got as close to Qin Yu as ten steps, this layer of murderous aura would immediately erode into them. Their complexion would immediately turn pale. If it was someone with a small amount of courage, their two legs would tremble, and their stance would become unsteady.

As a result, in this almost two months time, no one dared to approach Qin Yu within ten steps. Everyone knew Qin Yu was in a bad mood. No one dared to go up to him at this time to stroke Qin Yu’s tiger beard. Everyone already had a mutual agreement to never mention anything related to Li Luo.

Qin Yu was silently sitting on the couch. His gaze was locked in the direction of Bian Capital City. His pair of black pupils had accumulated heavy dark colors, almost as if they were going to completely overflow from the rim of his eyes.

If not because he was a commander of this army, he would have long ago sneaked into Bian Capital City and rescued Li Luo, who was trapped inside. However, he couldn’t be so impulsive, he had to be rational. He had finally come to this step, he couldn’t give up at this crucial moment and waste all of his previous efforts.
No reliable news had been received from the spies that he sent. Just like a rock sinking into the sea, after they entered Bian Capital City, almost no sound was heard.

Qin Yu bowed his head, and slowly clenched his fingers. This feeling of anxiousness and powerlessness, he didn’t want to experience it ever again in the future.

Li Luo is his weakness. If Jing Chun Empress Dowager and Qin Yan were able to threaten him with Li Luo this time, afterwards there would be other people who would also kidnap Li Luo to threaten him. The only way to really protect Li Luo was if he got stronger and had more power in his hands to ensure that no one could harm the person he loves.

Therefore, after he obtained the thing that originally belonged to him and become emperor of Qin Country, it would not be the end, but his real starting point.

At the distant place of Bian Capital City, Li Luo was still waiting for the most suitable time to escape from the imperial palace. Li Luo had no idea that the protagonist of his book at this moment had great ambition and wanted to dominate the world, and he was the person that ignited it.


Li Luo explored the whole room several times, and finally, under the guidance of Xiao Qi, he pulled several clumps of gold threads from the curtains in the corner. All of these gold threads were made from the melting of real gold. The craftsmanship was complicated. It was hard to pull out, but at least it is pure gold.

Li Luo kneaded all of the gold threads that he pulled down into small pieces, and then let Xiao Qi hide them inside it’s small space. After he ran out of the imperial palace, he wouldn’t have enough money to run far, which would be the end for him.

After he was out of the imperial palace, as long as he found a gold shop on the road, he would be able to slowly sell it.

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