The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

33) Chapter 54.1

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Chapter 54: Saint Magus 2.17


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

The healing effect of the holy fruit was obviously quite good, after Elvis finished eating it, not only did the color of his face return back to normal, but his breathing also became regular and smooth.

Li Luo once again touched Elvis’ chest, and felt his heartbeat which accelerated to the normal range, it was beating powerfully. There seemed to be no danger, as long as Elvis woke up, he estimated that his body would be almost recovered. At this moment, Elvis was recovering the energy that he had consumed too much of, so even if Elvis was still unconscious with his eyes closed, his face was very serene, without the look of pain like he had in the previous situation.

Li Luo looked at Elvis’ face, and thought for a moment, before pushing his somewhat strange doubts to the back of his mind. However the matter of Elvis who had subconsciously hugged and kissed him still made him absent minded from time to time.

Although Elvis was still in an unconscious state, as a man who was kissed by another man, the impact it caused to his heart was no less than the explosion of a powerful bomb, it would not calm down after a moment.

Li Luo reached out his hand and pinched his own tender face, could it be that he was the type of gay man who was the bottom? However, when he was in the real world, something like a man confessing to him or other strange things never happened, needless to say men, even women never took a fancy him—wait a minute! He suddenly felt that abnormal heartache come back, what’s going on?

In addition why did he naturally put men in front of women? Although he didn’t fall in love with any woman at this moment, he was still a straight man just like before! So he should behave like the true man, right?

Li Luo didn’t know why he suddenly felt his heart stuff, he looked at Elvis’s handsome face angrily, and couldn’t help but fiercely poke him several times with his hand, only when he saw Elvis unconsciously wrinkle his brows, did he stopped his fingers that wreaked havoc Elvis’ face.

Anyway, Elvis kissing him like that should’ve been just his unconscious reaction. When he was with Elvis, he never found that there was something amiss in Elvis’ treatment toward him, and he really spoiled him……

Suddenly a light groan interrupted Li Luo’s train of thought, Li Luo blinked his eyes once, and immediately saw that Elvis opened his eyes. His eyes still had a bit confused look when they opened, but very quickly recovered to normal. He sat up from the ground and looked at Li Luo, his azure eyes seemed to carry some kind of deep color, but it quickly disappeared, “Ludwig, you saved me.” He did not say it in an inquiring tone, but an affirmative one.

“En, how do you feel now?” Li Luo nodded, and then asked.

“I’m already completely fine.” Elvis breathed a sigh of relief and looked at his palm. “And I seem to have broken through the fourth rank barrier and entered fifth rank, so I’m already a five star Intermediate Magus now.”

“Really?” Li Luo’s eyes immediately brightened, it was a pleasant surprised. He never expected it would be a blessing in disguise, the protagonist broke through a few months in advance.

“En, after this exam is finished and we can come back, let’s confirm it again in the city.” Elvis took out a set of clean clothes and a few water pots from his storage bag, he would change his clothes, before going out to find a water supply. In order to avoid arousing suspicion, his actions were very natural, as he took off his clothes, exposing the beautiful muscle lines of his upper body. Every movement was revealed the invisible male charm.

Li Luo watched for a while, then touched his thin waist, and silently shifted his line of sight.


After Elvis recovered, the speed of them collecting the particular items that mentor assigned became significantly faster.

During this period of time, they also encountered several magical beasts that attacked, but all of them were only rank two, three, or four magical beasts, which wasn’t enough to be a threat to Elvis and they could defeat them easily, so when they collected the particular items, they also got a good amount of crystal cores of magical beasts.

In less than fifteen days, Elvis had finished collecting all the required items, but he didn’t go out and hand over his assignment, rather he started hunting magical beasts with Li Luo in the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts.

He paid the tuition fee of the St. Helier Magic Academy with his income from selling the crystal cores of magical beasts in the past few years, after paying the fee for one semester, the remaining income estimated only being able to support the next semester tuition and one month of their living expenses, he also wanted to raise himself and Ludwig, he couldn’t always sit and eat doing nothing.

He needed to take advantage of this time to earn the income for their future living expenses, in addition after he going out from this place, he still had to wait until all of the other disciples come out, before he could get his score and ranking, and return to the academy, so might as well stay in the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts.

Li Luo felt his proficiency in combat was improving a lot after he followed Elvis, as the rank of the contracted beast will also increase when his contractor’s level was improving, Li Luo felt his beast form become bigger. Furthermore, he was also able to create a layer of protection array about thirty or forty centimeters in diameter around his own and Elvis’ bodies, his strength now was sufficient enough to meet more than a dozen attacks from a fourth rank magical beast, it was quite good.


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