The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

33) Chapter 23.1

Chapter 23: The Wild Dragon Proud Days 1.23


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

After listening to Xiao Qi, Li Luo’s face showed a surprised expression. Xiao Qi could scan people’s weaknesses. So, in other words he could pass through and subdue the palace maids that served him. He could change into a palace maid’s dress, then leave this place disguised as a palace maid.

However, he would look weird if he was wearing a palace maid’s clothes with his stature. After all, he was a man. After thinking until this point, Li Luo could not help but felt helpless.

【Oh yeah, great host, I forgot to tell you something before.】 Xiao Qi suddenly exclaimed, 【As long as you completed your mission on a certain degree, you can begin to purchase some items inside the system. However, in each world, you can only make three purchases. A part of it is, every time the progress bar reaches 30%, you can purchase once. If you don’t purchase anything in this world, your purchase chances can be accumulated into the next world. However the items that you purchase in every world cannot be brought into the next world.】

Li Luo blanked for a while. He felt as if a huge joyful surprise suddenly hit him on the head. Especially when he was in such desperate situation. To received this kind of news, he felt just like a poor man that suddenly won a five million lottery ticket.

【At this moment, great host’s mission in this world already reached 60% completion, so you can make a purchase two times. Do you want to choose the purchase items? Due to the limited number of purchases, Xiao Qi must remind you to carefully consider what you get (RωQ)/~ 】 Xiao Qi’s soft childish like voice sounded, and awakened Li Lou from his ecstasy.

Li Luo quickly calmed down and asked, [Can I see what I can purchase now?]

【Of course you can. Great host, please wait for a moment (* ^ ω ^ *) ~】 After it finished speaking, Xiao Qi quickly disappeared.

After a while, Li Luo once again heard Xiao Qi’s voice.

【In order to not destroy the balance of this world, the purchase item can only be in line with this world’s worldview, so everything else has been temporarily locked up. I’ve already helped Great Host by blocking out all of the items that cannot be purchased, so Great Host can easily see the items that you can directly purchase. 】

After Xiao Qi finished speaking, a book-sized screen appeared in front of Li Luo’s eyes. It was translucent, spread across it were two rows, each row had about ten options.

Since at this moment Li Luo was inside a more realistic ancient Chinese world, so the options that appeared were the ones that were more appropriate for the ancient Chinese worldview.

Examples of the options that had appeared were martial arts cheats, or miracle medicines that were worth thousands of taels of gold, there were also a lot sums of money that could make people crazy from envy and so on.

Li Luo flipped through page by page browsing the items. For him, those martial arts cheats, as well as the money, were not of much use to him. Moreover, those things couldn’t help him now. So what he needed now were the most suitable items he could use to escape.

Since he only had two items he could purchase at this time, Li Luo was very careful with his choices.

The sight of the number of pages and options dazzled Li Luo’s eyes. There were a full fifty or sixty pages of options, and because he looked very carefully, his afternoon time was very quickly used up.

Finally, he selected one of the items inside—[Universal Disguise Pill].

Although it was called the Universal Disguise Pill, it was not actually a pill, but a round, light green pendant. There were a pair of young leaves carved on the both sides of the round pendant. The young leaves were only half of a fingernail’s size and made from green jade, which made the round pendant look very unique.

In order to double check his choice one more time, Li Luo read the introduction of the [Universal Disguise Pill] once again.

Name: Universal Disguise Pill

Effect: For twenty-four hours, nobody will be able to see through the one disguised. Including the sound, even the body size could be imitated 100%.

Cool down time: After each use, it will take three days before it can be used again. (Note: The more frequently one uses it, the longer it takes to cool down.)

After he carefully read the introduction again, Li Luo sighed in relief, and purchased the item right away.

Li Luo looked at the Universal Disguise Pill in his hands. It was ice cold but felt very good to the touch. Li Luo stroked the pendant in his hands a few times before he hung it around his neck.

Now, he just needed to wait for the most suitable time to escape.


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