The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

32) Chapter 53.2

Chapter 53 Part 2:

The journey of climbing up was much easier and faster than when he went down. When he came down, he was against the wind because the wind was blowing from the bottom to the top, so Li Luo’s speed was slowed down by half. When he climbed up, the wind was helping him climb a lot faster. Li Luo lightly jumped on a prominent rock chunk, and then continued to climb up, it took less than half of the time it took to come down to reach the top of the cliff.

Elvis was still lying there motionless, but his face was paler and his breathing was a lot weaker than before. Li Luo quickly changed into human form, he took out a holy fruit from Xiao Qi’s system space, and cut a small piece of it with his fingertips, he then stuffed it into Elvis’ mouth.

However even if the holy fruit was inside Elvis’ mouth, he was unconscious now, so the liquid of the holy fruit rapidly flowed out from the corner of his mouth after a moment.

Li Luo tried several times but it didn’t work, when he saw Elvis’ breathing become even weaker, Li Luo didn’t have any other option, but to take a bite of the holy fruit, before leaning down and kissing Elvis’ pale lips. He pried open Elvis’ mouth, then inserted his tongue inside, and sent the liquid of holy fruit into the Elvis’ mouth.

After feeding with this method a few times, Elvis’ face finally became a lot better. Li Luo immediately felt happy inside his heart, he once again bit a big mouthful, before leaning over to Elvis’ lips. The holy fruit in his hand was already missing a half, most of the other half had already entered Elvis’ stomach, and a small part was swallowed down by him because of the occasional swallowing.

Li Luo plunged his tongue into Elvis’ lips, and feeling that the temperature inside that just recently somewhat cold had become hotter. Li Luo once again fed a mouthful of holy fruit inside Elvis’ mouth, and when he was about to withdraw his tongue, the back of his head suddenly pressed down by a hand, and the tip of his tongue that still hadn’t withdrawn yet was also sucked and kissed, as the scorching breath suddenly filled his whole mouth.

Li Luo’s eyes widened, he wanted to pull away from Elvis, but he was afraid of hurting him. He could only endure and didn’t push Elvis away. He wanted to avoid Elvis’ kisses, but the back of his head was pressed tighter, and the lips and tongue that ravaged his insides also became even more overbearing, seeming to want to swallow him whole.

Gradually, Li Luo noticed a sense of familiarity from this hot kiss. If he remembered correctly, that person also kissed him like this, it was very hot and overbearing, seeming that he was that person’s entire world.

Li Luo’s white cheeks were dyed with a thin layer of red, he looked up at Elvis and found out that Elvis’s eyes were still closed, as if his movements were only his subconscious mind’s reflex.

After that Li Luo saw Elvis stretched out his other hand and held his naked back, before pressing him directly into his bosom—as previously he felt anxious and in a hurry, he even forgot to put on his clothes after he changed into human form, and instead healed Elvis with the holy fruit.

Li Luo was kissed until he was unable to breathe smoothly, and he was at the end of his patience, so he directly turned back into beast form, and escaped from Elvis’ embrace. After putting on his clothes, Li Luo picked up the half eaten holy fruit that rolled to the side and wiped it, he no longer fed Elvis with his mouth, or fed him with the first method.

After Li Luo finished eating the rest of holy fruit, his whole face that slightly had a fever was restored to normal. He sat beside Elvis and looked at his side face that already had color, and could not help but be somewhat entranced.

When Elvis was kissing him, he didn’t know why he felt exactly the same way when he was kissed by Qin Yu in the previous world. The only difference was that his heart seemed to be accelerated even more than the previous world.

From Elvis’ kiss just a moment ago, he noticed the familiarity of it with Qin Yu’s previous kissing, he instantly felt his breathing become disorderly, and his heartbeat quickened several beats, he never felt like this before, but he didn’t dislike it.

Li Luo touched his lips that had reddened from the constant kissing, and thought of the scene just now, and once again felt a little restless. However, Elvis and Qin Yu were clearly two different people, why did he feel that kiss was so familiar?

Li Luo sat next to Elvis’ side, he reached out his hand to Elvis’ face and traced it, as he narrowed his eyes while sizing him up, but he still did not find a resemblance between Elvis and Qin Yu.

Li Luo studied him for a long time, and finally gave up in comparing the appearance of Elvis and Qin Yu.

As a Westerner, Elvis’ facial features clearly seemed a lot more solid, even though he was also equally handsome and threatening like Qin Yu, apart from this, there was not the slightest amount of similarity between the two of them—there was no comparable point.

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