The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

31) Chapter 22.1

Chapter 22: The Wild Dragon Proud Days 1.22


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

Li Luo stood in the middle of the room, while Jing Chun Empress Dowager and Qin Yan stood outside. Both sides locked their gaze for a full quarter of an hour, only then Jing Chun Empress Dowager and Qin Yan slowly came inside.

After they entered the room, Jing Chun Empress Dowager looked at Li Luo with a sneer. Her pair of beautiful eyes revealed a disgusted and sarcastic look. “Bengong [1] never expected Qin Yu, that little bastard, would discard you right away as if you’re nothing. Bengong initially wanted to use you to threaten that little bastard Qin Yu, and make him have a bit of propriety. Unexpectedly Bengong’s prediction was wrong.”

Jing Chun Empress Dowager stopped speaking. She bowed her head, and seemed to be carefully observing her own fingers that were covered with gloves engraved with precious stones. Her glossy lips slightly opened, and then said, “That little bastard simply doesn’t care about your life or death. A few days ago, he captured Rong City. As long as he continues to attack cities, he will eventually arrive at Bian Capital City.”

The more Li Luo listened to Jing Chun Empress Dowager’s words, the more stupefied he felt in his heart.

Wait a minute! Why was it that he felt extremely familiar with those words, but he didn’t understand what they meant? They had kidnapped him to threaten the protagonist? He didn’t mishear, right? Strictly speaking, he was only the protagonist’s brother. Please don’t hope that he would have the same role as the female protagonist, okay?!

Seeing that Li Luo just quietly listened to her talk and didn’t say a word, Jing Chun Empress Dowager’s downcast eyes flashed a hint of an unknown look. She suddenly lifted her eyes and looked up at Li Luo. She lightly covered her mouth with her fingers and laughed silently, “But even so, you have been with that little bastard for so many years. Personally killing you in front of him, it would at least be able to make him feel a little heartbroken, right?”

Qin Yan, who was standing beside Jing Chun Empress Dowager, did not speak even a single word. From the very beginning, he had just sized up Li Luo in front of him. His pair of eyes which gazed at Li Luo were filled with ruthlessness, just like a poisonous snake, which made Li Luo’s entire body feel uncomfortable.

After Jing Chun Empress Dowager finished speaking to Li Luo, she turned to the two palace maids who stood quietly on the side with their heads lowered, “Carefully serve him, whatever he wants, just satisfy his demand. However, you cannot let him out of this room.”

“Yes, Nubi [2] will remember.” The two palace maids quickly replied.

Jing Chun Empress Dowager left the two palace maids behind as she turned around and swiftly left. Qin Yan gave Li Luo one last glance and then followed Jing Chun Empress Dowager.

Only once they left Li Luo’s residence and were far away from it, the silent Qin Yan finally opened his mouth and asked, “Muhou [3], since that kid has no use, why do you still want to keep him?”

Jing Chun Empress Dowager slightly raised her lips. She smiled with narrowed eyes as she glanced at Qin Yan, “Huang’er, you just don’t understand a man’s mind. With that little bastard Qin Yu’s temperament, he maybe calm on the outside, but in his mind he was the most concerned about this boy. We can see it from his urgent actions. He even told us, we must not act rashly toward this boy, otherwise we will pay a painful price. Hahaha, let’s pressure him again with this boy to know how precious he is to him.”

“If that was the case, Muhou, why did you say that kind of thing to that boy?” Qin Yan asked puzzledly, as he frowned.

Jing Chun Empress Dowager slightly raised her chin, and faintly said, “This was to plant a seed of suspicion. Even if it was unremarkable at this moment, it will grow even stronger with the passing of years.”

Jing Chun Empress Dowager’s sleeves swayed. The wind was making the silk cloak that was almost dragging on the ground gather together. There was a cunning expression on her face, “Once the seed of suspicion is formed, it is difficult to eliminate. Even if Qin Yu, that little bastard, is able to rescue the boy smoothly, I too want to make their hearts become distant. I believe Qin Yu, that little bastard, will love this gift I prepared for him.”


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