The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

30) Chapter 21.2

Chapter 21 Part 2:

“Mucheng gege…Mucheng gege…” Liu Ruoyan opened her eyes wide, in her big eyes, panicked looks immediately emerged. “Is…is he gone?” She turned pale as she thought of what had happened before she passed out.

“Those people, it must be those people who took away Mucheng gege!” Liu Ruoyan loudly said. Then her voice slowly lowered, tears were streaming down from her big eyes, “It’s my fault, if I didn’t insist on Mucheng gege coming out to buy lanterns, such a thing wouldn’t have happened…it’s all my fault…” After speaking to this point, Liu Ruoyan covered her face with both hands and cried out loud.

After he heard Liu Ruoyan’s words, Qin Yu’s bad premonition had become reality. His eyes burst out terrifyingly cold chills right away, his fingers that had grabbed Liu Ruoyan’s shoulder were tightening, almost as if they were going to pinch Liu Ruoyan shoulder blade until it broke, “You tell me clearly, who is it in the end that took away Mucheng?”

Liu Ruoyan seemed as if she didn’t feel the slightest degree of hurt from Qin Yu’s powerful pinch on her shoulder, she weakly shook her head, “I don’t know. The last thing I saw was a black clothed man, and then I fainted.” After speaking to this point, Liu Ruoyan suddenly felt that there seemed to be something in the cleavage of her bosom. She immediately put her hand into her bosom, and took out a folded yellow envelope from inside.

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed. He immediately released Liu Ruoyan’s shoulder, and took the envelope from her hand. He immediately opened the envelope and read the letter inside in haste. The more he read the contents, the more ugly his complexion got. Finally, he directly used his internal force and turned the envelope in his hands into powder. With a darkened face he squeezed his palm slowly, spreading it onto the ground. After he finished, Qin Yu didn’t speak, he just quickly walked out of the small alley with an ashen complexion. He advanced towards the residence where they stayed and went inside.

Although in her heart Liu Ruoyan really wanted to ask Qin Yu what exactly was written inside the letter, and wanted to know who it was that kidnapped Su Mucheng. However, after she saw that Qin Yu’s whole body emitted ever more terrible killing intentions after reading the letter, she simply couldn’t open her mouth to ask, and could only watch Qin Yu’s back figure as it disappeared before her eyes.


Li Luo felt that he had been asleep for a long time before he recovered his consciousness. Afterwards, he felt a terrible headache lancing through his head. The pain arrived suddenly, and brought a few memories along with it. He felt as if his whole head was buzzing. It took a moment until the pain settled down.

Li Luo blinked his eyes, sat up from the ground, and he surveyed his surroundings. What had filled his vision was a very gorgeous palace.

Every corner was decorated with very luxurious furnishings. He was lying down on the carpet, not far away from crimson curtains with embroidered gold thread. It was placed a few feet higher above the vases and other decorations. Everywhere was red and gold in color, it almost blinded his eyes.

Looking at this eye-catching color, Li Luo felt he had even more of a headache.

He once again laid down on the ground and closed his eyes. Only when the buzzing feeling in his head completely disappeared, did he open his eyes again. He felt a lot better now when looking at this incomparable bright colored room.

Li Luo raised his hand and pressed his forehead. He remembered very clearly that he and Liu Ruoyan were going into a small alley to buy lanterns. Then they were attacked by a few black clothed men, and then he fainted. When he woke up, he was already at this place.

Li Luo once again laid down, as he silently searched the information of the storyline in his mind. However, even after he scanned the information three-four times, he hadn’t found any part where Su Mucheng had been kidnapped.

What the hell is going on here?

Li Luo felt as if his sense of superiority had been destroyed. Previously as the book author he was able to predict the future. Now, he wouldn’t be able to do that again.

Li Luo didn’t have any clue about the current situation, but he didn’t intend to sit still. He hurriedly got up from the ground, and looked around the room. Then he went to the door and pushed it with both of his hands. He was not surprised that the door was locked. Moreover, he saw many faint shadows of people outside, that were keeping watch on him tightly.

To make matters worse, he found that his body’s internal forces were sealed. At the moment, he was just like an ordinary person.

Suddenly, Li Luo heard the sound of footsteps from afar, and they gradually got closer. The sound was very loud as though many people walked toward this room.

Li Luo retreated a few steps. He stayed away from the door and stood in the middle of the room looking towards the door’s direction—it seemed he would soon know who exactly kidnapped him and for what purpose.

The sound of footsteps were getting closer and closer. Under Li Luo’s attentive gaze, the closed door in front of him opened. From the outside, the piercing sunlight shone in. Li Luo’s eyes couldn’t help but squint. Then, he saw two figures standing outside the door—a gorgeous woman wearing a complicated palace dress, and a young man wearing a yellow dragon robe with hostile looks.

These two people are—?

Li Luo’s mind went blank for a moment in disbelief.

Wait a minute, Director, this script is clearly the wrong one!

Why would the villains in his book kidnap him? There was no such thing before when he wrote the novel.

The both of you should have been dead when the protagonist forced you abdicate. There is no need to see me before you die, for I will not feel a shred of sympathy for you!

Is it a good thing the storyline is crooked like this?! And what’s the use of kidnapping him? He only wanted to be the protagonist’s best friend and then have a quiet and peaceful life, could it be that he would not be able to?!

Li Luo’s mind was roaring, he had a bad feeling about this.

No matter how bad he felt in his heart, on the surface, Li Luo didn’t show any suspicious or precautious expressions on his face—or rather, he had no idea what expression he should have at this moment as he faced the two main villains in his book.

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