The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

3) Chapter 39.1

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Chapter 39: Saint Magus 2.2


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

Li Luo didn’t have to wait for a long time in the field of green grass, before he saw a group of men and women dressed in magic robes come into his field of view.

Li Luo immediately ran happily a few steps, dashing towards that group of people, before he called out “Meow-meow” several times at that group of people. Subsequently, his plump and small body quickly rolled on the ground past a few men and women in magic robes.

The leader of that group of youths immediately saw Li Luo. He stared at Li Luo for a moment, before rapidly turning his sight away as he knitted his brows, “I thought that it was some kind of magical beast, I didn’t expect it was just an ordinary kitten.”

When he saw Li Luo rolling towards his direction, he even stretched out his leg and kicked Li Luo out.

Li Luo instantly rolled away a few laps, and issued a few sounds of “meow-meow” in pain.

A young lady dressed in a red-rimmed dress came out from the procession where the little cat last rolled off to, and she picked up the little cat that was lying on the ground and held it in her arms. After checking that the kitten in her bosom was not injured, she turned around, and looked at the leader of the youths, “Tals, why are you going so far? It didn’t even attack you, moreover it also doesn’t have any potential for attack, so why did you hurt it?”

After hearing the young lady’s words, the young man named Tals immediately snickered loudly, “Ha, it seems that our little Salina has begun to overflow with sympathy. You pity that waste and it’s not even worth it, now you even felt sympathy to such insignificant ordinary animal, it truly makes me unable to understand.”

“Elvis is not a waste. Even if he doesn’t have any magic power at this moment, he will certainly become stronger again in the future.” Salina’s face flushed red, she bit her red lip, as she retorted loudly against Tals.

“Hahaha, if it was the former Elvis, it maybe would be possible. But now, it has been three years, and he still doesn’t make any progress. Every year, when he attends the testing ceremony to test his magic power, his magic power still shows zero. He is useless now, simply nothing more than an ordinary person.” Tals showed a ridiculous smile in his face, “Now I’m the genius that the elders placed their hope with, but you instead went to hold Elvis, that waste’s thigh. Might as well come over and lick the tip of my shoe. Perhaps when I am happy, I’ll give you one of the treasures that the clan elders bestowed to me.”

As the young man’s voice fell, the roar of laughter immediately sounded from the surrounding youths.

The rim of Salina’s eyes had become red when she heard Tals’ words. She only stared angrily at Tals, but did not say anything back. Holding Li Luo, she silently returned to the end of the procession.

Li Luo stuck his head out from inside Salina’s bosom, stretched out one of his small claws and patted Salina’s shoulder, then let out a “meow” sound loudly.

Salina immediately burst into laughter, and she caressed Li Luo’s plump head a few times, “Do you want to comfort me? It’s okay, I’m not feeling sad.”

Seeming to remember something, Salina showed a sweet smile to Li Luo, “You’re so cute, Elvis will certainly like you. Even though he can’t set up a contact with a contracted beast right now, you can just stay by his side and accompany him.”

Seeing the little white cat in her bosom, open its pair of big amber eyes, and as if understood her words, let out “meow” sound just like it was answering her.

Selina couldn’t help but reach out and touch that little fluffy creature in her arms, and couldn’t help but once again repeat the sentence, “Elvis will certainly like you.”

The group of youths only dared to wander around the perimeter of the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts, and after searching for contracted beasts everywhere, they did not find any suitable ones. Seeing that it was already late in the evening, everyone hurriedly got out of the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts. When it was nightfall, the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts was very dangerous for Magus at their level. Therefore, they must walk out of this vast Mountain Range of Magical Beasts before the sky was completely out of light. Since they also did not enter deeply, it only took one hour of time, before everyone was out of the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts.

Three carriages were already waiting outside the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts long ago. Seeing the group of youths come out, a middle-aged man with a four star magic robe immediately exposed one quick smiling expression. The somewhat prideful complexion of youth that walked forward, after seeing him, quickly vanished a lot, the middle-aged man exchange a few words with Tals, before letting the group of youth go into the carriage.

After nearly two hours of driving, the carriages arrived in the front of a city with towering walls—Mika City.

Since the distance between the city and the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts was relatively close, the walls of Mika City were built with the strongest of rocks. The wall was also filled with magical defensive arrays set up by Magus of the sixth rank, to ensure that the walls of Mika City would not be destroyed if the small chance of a horde of magical beasts started to attack the city would emerge.

As soon as the city’s guards on the wall saw the flag of the emblem of a family symbol with six stars on it, shining in golden color on both sides of carriages, and there were more than a dozen magic lamps floating above the three carriages, they immediately opened the gate that had been tightly closed.

Three carriages entered the city without any pause, advancing towards the west.

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