The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

3) Chapter 37.1

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Chapter 37: Real World 2


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

Li Ning shrugged her shoulders, “I’m not too sure, I saw it in the newspaper today. Little Luo, you and him were considered good friends. Although the two of you weren’t in contact for two or three years, I think I still need to tell you about this matter.”

After he listened to Li Ning’s words, Li Luo was not in the mood to eat dinner somewhat. Although he was eating his fill, he was literally eating without tasting the food.

Riding in Li Ning’s car and going back to his own rented apartment, Li Luo immediately took the newspaper that was stuffed inside the doorway, before he went inside the house. Li Luo was quickly flipping through the newspaper in his hands as he took off his shoes and changed into his indoor slippers then he walked inside.

Just as he turned to one page, Li Luo instantly saw the news about Jin Chenji, moreover half of the side of that page of newspaper was occupied by the headlines of him. When he thought about the company that Jin Chenji controlled which was a colossus that almost monopolized more than half of the economy in Hua Country, this space was understandable.

The first few paragraphs of the front news were focused on the identity of Jin Chenji, following with the time and place of the car accident, then the speculation about the car accident. In the middle was the scene of the car accident, one could see the image of a car window stained with clear bloodstains on it, Li Luo couldn’t help but squeeze his hands, making the newspaper crumple. He frowned, focused his mind, before he carefully read the news once again to find the hospital address where Jin Chenji was checked in.

It was a private hospital in Hua Country. The charge fee in that place was very high, but had the medical treatment and resources that were one of the very best in Hua Country. Its confidentiality was very good, it prohibited all the news related to the patients entered. Everywhere inside the hospital had been installed with alarmed equipment. It also could effectively prevent the reporters mixed in from taking photos. The visitors needed the consent of family members to enter the patient’s room, and after nightfall, besides the patient’s family members, other people couldn’t stay.

Li Luo put down the newspaper, and went out to the fruit shop to buy a basket of fruit, besides fruit, he did not know what to bring as gift when he going to the hospital.

Early in the morning the next day, he intended to call Jin Chenji’s younger brother, Jin Chenxie, first, and let him know he wanted to visit his big brother in the hospital, before calling a taxi to directly go to that private hospital.

Then, Li Luo first went to his bedroom to take a bath. When he finished, only then did Li Luo remember that after he came back to the real world, he didn’t check out the recent developments of his novel and didn’t post any new chapters. However he was not in the mood to write now, fortunately he had a few new chapters in his stock files before he crossed over, so there should still be a few chapters in the stock files now. It was enough to cope with a few days.

After he pressed down the power button and waited for a minute, the computer that he had been using for more than five years finally opened. After a few minutes, Li Luo entered his username and password in his somewhat unfamiliar account and logged in. Although the time when he returned to his world was same as the time before he transmigrated, in fact he had lived in Qin Yu’s world for more than a decade, still he could remember this password because the password was a few of his commonly used passwords, and he still could somewhat remember it.

After he released one of the new chapters in his stock files, Li Luo did not look at anything else, as he quickly turned off the computer and went to sleep.

In his dream, Li Luo felt a pair of sad eyes stare at him continuously, those pair of sad eyes were hidden in the darkness, while he was standing in a sunny meadow. Those eyes that were hidden in darkness seemed to have been waiting for his arrival to save him, take him out from this layer of boundless darkness. However, no matter how Li Luo was walking over toward him, he was unable to approach that location. As if while he was approaching, that layer of darkness would also retreat, no matter how much effort he used, it wouldn’t do.

Li Luo suddenly woke up. He immediately sat up from the bed, as he felt his heart was very stuffed and painful as if there was a heavy block crushing his heart. He couldn’t help but pick up his left hand and looked at it continuously, as he remembered the look of despair Qin Yu showed when his time to leave was up. At that time, he really wanted to stay behind and continue to accompany Qin Yu. When he saw him like that, he felt that it seemed like his heart was also broken the same as him. That kind of heartache feeling was simply just like being suffocated.

Now that he had returned to the real world, how about the Qin Yu that stayed there? Li Luo found that he had never thought of this problem, when he was forced by Qin Yu, he only wanted to quickly go back to the real world and avoid Qin Yu, just like those five years when he left without notice.

He never thought about Qin Yu’s feelings, never thought why Qin Yu was so scared that he would escape again and always tie him up to his side, like when he captured him after he disappeared for five years. He only thought of himself, only thought about his own feelings, believed that him leaving was for Qin Yu’s good, but he did not think about what Qin Yu really wanted.

Li Luo originally thought that after leaving Qin Yu, and returning to the place where he had always wanted to come back to, his mood would be relaxed. However, the fact was that whenever he remembered Qin Yu, and thought he could not see him again, he always felt a sense of unspeakable suffocation.

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