The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

29) Chapter 52.1

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Chapter 52: Saint Magus 2.15


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

In the quiet Mountain Range of Magical Beasts, there was a constant flash of all kinds magic light.

Tals and Gardam originally thought that they could deal with Elvis and his magical beast, but the fact always turn out contrary to the way one wished, and they really felt terrified in their hearts during the real battle.

Elvis’ Junior Magus level already had a pure green color, not only did he break each of Gardam’s attacks, but also made Gardam feel labored to defend every time he counterattacked. However in contrast, his expression didn’t change even a bit, as if Gardam’s attacks at him were just like a display of one’s slight skill before an expert, they were very easy to deal with.

On another side, Tals’ attacks basically couldn’t keep up with Li Luo’s speed, whenever he wanted to attack Li Luo, Li Luo would avoid it skillfully. That small and round cat’s movements were very fast, just like a white elf jumping around in the forest.

The more Tals and Gardam kept fighting, the more scared they were, they had gradually realized that they couldn’t defeat their opponents. Now that they had scars more or less on their bodies, in contrast their opponent which weren’t in the slightest bit of mess at all.

Tals and Gardam couldn’t help but retreat, they had a faint feeling, that if they didn’t leave now, they would definitely die here.

Elvis naturally saw the growing fear in Gardam’s eyes, his azure colored eyes flashed a cold blue light, before he raised the magic staff in his hand, as his mouth chanted a spell, the earth began to tremble, and then two large hands made of earth appeared from the ground, grabbing Gardam and Tals. At the same time, Elvis put away his magic staff and took out a long double-edged sword which glittered like frost in his hand, he didn’t wait for Gardam to finish chanting the spell, as it instantly appeared in front of Gardam, and with terrified eyes, the long sword instantly sank down into Gardam’s chest, before piercing his heart.

On the other side, Li Luo also raised his sharp claws, the wind blade from the claws’ tips became stronger and stronger, so when he struck, it made the surrounding air twist, Tals’ eyes widened, he screamed out in fear and wanted to avoid the wind blade that went in his direction, but it still cut off his neck.

Li Luo licked his dry lips, his four paws lightly landed on the ground, after experienced the previous world, where he would follow Qin Yu and expedition in many places, there was already no fear of killing the enemy in his heart, on the contrary he felt it was really very exciting.

Elvis pulled out his long sword, as a drop of blood spattered on the blade, before dripping from the tip of the sword to the ground, and instantly sinking into the soil. The light in Gardam’s eyes gradually dimmed down, and when Elvis pulled out his sword he had already lost his life.

The two large hands made of earth were soon restored to its original shape, as the bodies of Tals and Gardam softly fell to the ground, their eyes were still widened in fear.

“Elvis, what’s to be done with their corpses?” Li Luo walked a few steps, before thinking about the ‘destroy the corpses’ problem, and asked. After all, it was very likely that they would come across with their fellow disciples after a while, if they saw Tals’ and Gardam’s dead bodies, the academy would investigated whether Elvis killed both of them, and the effect would not be good.

Elvis wiped his double-edged sword clean, before placing it back inside his storage bag, he turned his head and scanned the bodies of Tals and Gardam that lying on the ground, “Just throw them into the middle part of the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts just like their plan.”


Li Luo looked around once, before quickly turning into human form, he changed his clothes behind a bush, then instantly walked towards Elvis, but he suddenly felt the ground behind him begin to shake violently as if a level seven earthquake was occurring, followed by a roar of beast which rushed straight towards his direction.

Elvis also noticed that something was wrong, he quickly turned around and looked in Li Luo’s direction, as his complexion suddenly changed and quickly ran to Li Luo, the magic staff in his hand flashed out a green light, attacking something behind Li Luo’s back.

Li Luo’s triangle ears moved, he immediately accelerated his speed, and turned into a blurred shadow, before he soon appeared at Elvis’ side. He turned around and saw a very large creature, it was like a wolf, but the body had a layer of silver white flame as if burning. At this moment, it’s body was bound by hundreds of vines, but they didn’t seem to be able to hold it for a long time, as the vines burst open one by one. While the giant creature continuously tried to rush at Elvis and Li Luo, its sharp teeth were glittering like frost, and the flame on its body also become stronger and stronger.

Elvis’ eyes flashed a cautious look which rarely appeared, he clenched the magic staff in his hand tightly, the color of his azure eyes became deeper, he reached out and took Li Luo behind his back, showing an extremely defensive posture as he faced the giant creature in front of him. How come a fifth rank magical beast appeared here? Moreover it was the Silver Flame Wolf. This kind of magical beast had always been known for its speed, it was very difficult to cope with even if they were of the same level, not to mention it had grown into the fifth rank, a rank higher than him, therefore even if they wanted to escape, they couldn’t.

When Li Luo saw the magical beast, his face couldn’t help but also change, if he remembered correctly, there was no such scene in the storyline that he just read. In other words, he did not write this scene at all in his book, what happened?

However he also couldn’t think about it, as the situation was very urgent now. When he followed Elvis to the library, he also learned a lot of knowledge of this world, so after a glance, he also could recognize the magical beast in the front of them.

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