The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

28) Chapter 51.2

Chapter 51 Part 2:

Sure enough, after a while, Li Luo smelled another scent rush over towards this direction.

Li Luo immediately stood up from Elvis’ bosom, after once again telling Elvis to be careful, he instantly jumped down from Elvis’ embrace.

The changes occurred suddenly at this moment, as a round and bright purple flame out of nowhere went straight toward Elvis’ back with fast speed.

At this moment, Li Luo’s four paws had just barely touched the ground, when he saw this scene, he quickly twisted his waist and rushed toward that purple flame, as his small and round figure turned into an afterimage. He stretched out the tip of his front claw, there seemed to be a glimpse of invisible wind between the edge of the claw blade, so when he swung his paw, it quickly formed four wind blades, that mercilessly chopped down that purple flame into pieces.

Afterwards, Li Luo landed behind Elvis’ back, in an attacking posture, his amber cat pupils were looking to the direction of the attack in alert. Elvis also turned around, there was still no expression on his handsome face, but his azure eyes seemed more cold than usual, as if a faint layer of frost condensed on its surface.

“Elvis, I didn’t expected that this little cat you raised, was actually a magical beast?” Tals slowly came out from the shadow of the trees, a hint of surprise flashed past his eyes. Behind him, Gardam’s tall figure also appeared, as his black eyes looked at Elvis full of killing intent.

Elvis did not answer his azure colored eyes scanned over Tals and Gardam, he placed his fingers inside his magic robe and took out his magic staff, before slightly lifting it up in the direction that Tals and Gardam were standing, ready to fight at any time.

Tals who had Gardam’s backing, was full of confidence. He looked arrogantly at Elvis, as if Elvis in front of him was just an ant that was about to die. Heh, he’s obviously an ant that could die at any time, why would he want to restore his magical power, he also appeared in front of him. God must have given him this opportunity to let him truly get rid of this thorn in his side that always stabbed his eyes.

“Elvis, do you know what was the worst decision you have ever made?” Tals narrowed his eyes, his light gray pupils flashed a trace of deep and fierce hatred, “Was it not good enough if you stayed as ordinary person? Your best ending was to die like a useless waste, at least you still could leave behind an intact corpse, but now?”

Tals looked around for a moment, his smiling expression was a bit distorted, “You can only die here, and your corpse will be eaten by magical beasts, nothing will be left.”

Elvis narrowed his eyes, but he only slightly leaned over his head, still not speaking, his azure eyes were still cold as he looked at Tals. He raised the corner of his lips making them seem like they slightly curved, as if sneering at Tals’ words just a moment ago.

Tals’ eyes were bloodshot, he turned around and looked at Gardam. The latter nodded at him and raised the magic staff in his hand. With a soft chant, the magic staff in Gardam’s hand instantly emitted a dazzling bright yellow light, and then a purple thunder and flame dragon was formed, before it rapidly rushed towards Elvis’ direction.

This was the ultimate magic spell that only a four star Junior Magus could perform—Thunderfire Dragon.

Tals who originally thought Elvis would definitely not be able to escape the attack, was stunned as he looked in Elvis’ direction.

Elvis who he expected would be beaten into a sorry figure and unable to stand up, unexpectedly didn’t even have a scar on his body. He only saw Elvis lightly lift his arm, and chant a spell, he didn’t know what kind of spell Elvis had chanted in his mouth, as the magic staff in his hand ignited a circle of cyan rays of light that turned into a root just like a vine, entangling the purple flame dragon that flew towards him, and bound it in midair.

The purple flame dragon, which looked like a huge force, unexpectedly couldn’t move even a bit under the cyan light, Elvis’ eyes flashed, as he one again chanted a spell, there were a few thin blue awns that quickly surrounded the struggling purple flame dragon, the dragon became smaller and smaller, before finally disappearing from the eyes of everyone.

“How, how is this even possible?!” Tals’ arrogant smile instantly froze in the corner of his mouth, wasn’t he merely a three star Scholar Magus now? How could he block a Junior Magus’ attack? All of this was simply unimaginable!

He immediately thought of a possibility, Tals could not help but widen his eyes, he did not dare to look at Elvis, could it be that Elvis was already a four star Junior Magus?

No, impossible. Only a few months passed, how could Elvis’ cultivation speed be so fast? Only in a few months he was able to break through the bottleneck and enter four star Junior Magus boundary. If it was true, then Elvis’ progress was too frightening.

Gardam couldn’t believe what was happening in front of him, he looked at Tals with eyes full of surprise and disbelief, “What’s going on, Tals? Didn’t you say that he was only a three star Scholar Magus?” If Elvis was just a Scholar Magus, how could he resist his attack.

Tals’ face was also very ugly, he looked at Elvis and said with hatred, “Even if he was already a Junior Magus, he definitely just recently broke through, and older cousin, you have been in that level for one year, could it be that you’re unable to deal with him who just recently entered it?” He paused, and then said, “I will hinder his magical beast, so older cousin you can concentrate on dealing with him alone. We have to dispose of him today, we must succeed! Otherwise, he would definitely come to us for revenge in the future.”

After Gardam listened to Tal’s words, the killing intent in his eyes became even more heavy. That’s right, now that he and Tals had been riding the tiger, whether they succeeded or not, they long since had no way of retreating.

The two of them looked at each other, they were determined to achieve their goal.

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