The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

27) Chapter 51.1

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Chapter 51: Saint Magus 2.14


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

The sun was shining brightly for thousands of miles without any clouds in the sky.

More than a thousand youths dressed in magic robes were standing in a field of green grass near the lake where they previously gathered before going through the final test to enter St. Helier Magic Academy. The current situation was similar to that day, the difference was that they had already entered the academy and are now would undergo the end of semester assessment. What’s more, no disciples could rob other disciples’ designated items, as long as it was snatched, not only did the disciple who was robbed fail the test, even the one who forcibly robs it also being eliminated. So this time, all the disciples would enter the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts together.

Moreover, the limit time was one month, twice longer than the last time.

Elvis was still following behind the crowd in no hurry at a slow pace, he didn’t even feel the slightest amount of tension from taking the test.

Tals was standing behind the crowd, while watching Elvis who was walking in a leisurely pace, his eyes flashed with an unfathomable radiance, before he lowered his eyelids, and quietly followed behind Elvis. After they entered the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts, and had gone in a certain distance, he took out a small round stone with a magical atmosphere from inside his magic robe. If anyone who knew this item saw it, they would definitely recognize it as a common communication stone in the Walt Empire.

At this time, the communication stone was gradually flashing rays of light, it was unknown where the information were send.


Elvis’ magic control could be said to be very proficient, so the speed of him getting a particular item was much faster than anyone else.

Even though the others that saw this was shocking, when they thought of Elvis’ usual performance, as well as his current level, they immediately felt relieved. Not only was Elvis ranked first in their class, he was also already a Junior Magus, besides a few disciples in the front, he had surpassed most of them, and left them behind, as a result the deeper they went, the fewer and fewer people were around Elvis.

In addition, Elvis also wanted to avoid other people, so he would be able to let Li Luo change into human form and cultivate their feelings, therefore he also intentionally went to a place where less people were around.

It was raining the night before, so the forest was damp but didn’t smell unpleasant. The blades of grass below the trees were contaminated with a lot of water vapor, and the ground was also a bit moist, it was not too damp because the sunshine had already halfway dried it. Everything seemed to have been washed with water, everything looked particularly clean.

Li Luo lifted his head up from Elvis’ bosom, the triangular ears on his head were moving, and because he was in beast form, his sense of smell was also very sensitive. He had not felt anything was wrong just a moment ago when there were mixed scents of many people, but when the people around Elvis gradually became fewer, he smelled one particular scent that always following Elvis. Even when Elvis was alone, that scent still did not dissipate.

He was very familiar with this smell, it was Tals’ scent.

Li Luo would never believe that Tals did not have any bad thoughts by following Elvis. After discovering this, Li Luo immediately told Elvis using his divine sense anxiously, [Elvis, Tals has been following us all this time, and now he’s still more than 20 meters behind us. I don’t know what his intent is, but it’s definitely not good, you must be careful.]

Elvis actually had long discovered this anomaly, but when he heard Li Luo’s anxious tone, the corner of his lips couldn’t help but rise, before he slightly nodded his head and then caressed Li Luo’s head. [En, I know.]

After Li Luo warned Elvis, he closed his eyes, and sank into his consciousness, he quickly looked at the synopsis of the story, he wanted to know what plot would happen at this moment, whether Elvis would encounter any danger.

Although he knew that Elvis had the protagonist’s halo as he was the male protagonist of this world, the wounds that he got on the road to become stronger would not be less painful. Just like the last time when his grandmother Vicia died, Li Luo could clearly feel Elvis’ sorrow which was as if a knife was being twisted in his heart.

Li Luo very quickly found the section of storyline. When he finished reading it, he found out Elvis would not encounter any danger, moreover he also disposed of Tals, and his older cousin Gardam afterwards, Li Luo could not help but breathe a sigh of relief, and put down his tense heart.


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