The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

25) Chapter 50.1

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Chapter 50: Saint Magus 2.13


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

Li Luo was lying in front of Elvis’ desk, his whole body formed a round shape, as his tail circled on the side of his body, in addition his fluffy cat fur, which made him seem like a white fur ball.

This fur ball had a pair of triangular ears, a pink little nose, plus the round amber eyes. When Elvis took him into the classroom on the first day, he instantly caught the attention of the only three girls in the class, one of them was Luna. When she saw Elvis come in with Li Luo in his bosom, Luna’s eyes immediately brightened up.

Although Luna wanted to go forward and touch that little round cat, under the pressure that Elvis was emitting, she restrained her own stirring heart, and so did the other two girls. After becoming conscious of the fact that Elvis was not easy to get along with, a few eyes that looked at the scene, didn’t dare to approach Elvis.

On the evening that day after going back, Li Luo immediately checked the progress bar of the current storyline and found out that progress bar had already reached 13%, he took advantage when Elvis was sleeping to call out Xiao Qi, and opened the shopping center.

The items in the shopping mall were a lot more abundant in the magical world compared with the previous world, and there were not as many scruples like in the first world, many kinds of items could be seen available which made Li Luo dazzled.

Li Luo didn’t sleep for almost the entire night, as he roughly read over all of the items inside the shopping mall. When he saw a very interesting item inside, Li Luo had an impulse to purchase it, but he suppressed his desire. After all, he only had one chance, after using it, he could only wait until the progress bar reached 30% before he would be able to purchase the item again.

Li Luo knew what item he needed the most at this moment, as a result he was only slightly disheartened, before he continued looking for the best item for himself currently.

In the end, Li Luo selected an item, so not only he could talk to Elvis in the normal times using divine sense, but also he could directly speak to the man when he was in the beast form. Plus this item had an additional skill, that was, to make the words he said to come true. However, the cool down time of this skill was relatively longer, and could not be used on someone with a higher rank than yourself, moreover the time limit was just like the Universal Disguise Pill in the first world, one day.

The next day, Li Luo could not help but yawn, as his eyelids continued to sink down, when listening to the sound of the mentor’s voice on the podium.

Elvis noticed Li Luo’s small movement, and stretched out his fingers to scratch the chin of little round cat inside his desk drawer, then said to Li Luo using his divine sense, [If you are sleepy, then sleep, it will take a long time before class is finished.]

[En, then I’m sleeping.] Li Luo made another yawn, before placing his two front paws on his chin, and closed his eyes, accompanied by the mentor’s lecturing voice, quickly fell asleep.

Elvis continuously caressed the small cat’s long fur in the table drawer gently until he fell asleep before moving out his hand and once again carefully listened to the mentor’s lectures on the platform.

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