The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured By the ML

24) Chapter 49.2

Chapter 49 Part 2:

After Li Luo heard Elvis’ words, he immediately opened his cat pupils wide for a moment, before silently turning his head and covering his eyes with his paws. After this period of time he could change into human form, all of his attention was immediately attracted by this, what his mind always thought was how to increase his time in human form, and he absolutely forgot about this matter.

In fact, after he turned into a cat, it never crossed Li Luo’s mind that he would be able to communicate with Elvis using divine sense just like how he was with Xiao Qi, or he could directly speak to Elvis in beast form. However he was also reading the book’s setting, that when he could fully master the change into human form, and Elvis’ level was increased by one, he could open these two functions, before when he was in beast form, he could only let out a meow-meow-meow sound, and only when he turned into human form, could he communicate with Elvis using language.

Even though he found out this pain in the ass setting, Li Luo did not call out Xiao Qi, and used the chance left from his previous world to purchase the item. As Xiao Qi had been telling him previously that although Li Luo had the right to use the chance that he accumulated in the previous world, he had to complete 10% of the progress bar in this world before he could open the shopping center. Even if he accumulated more purchase chances in the future, if he did not have at least 10% progress in his task, there would be nothing he could do about it.

This garbage setting, he also could only obey.

Recently his time in human form had been increased very high, he had forgotten about this matter. He decided to wait until Elvis fell asleep this evening to sneak out and call Xiao Qi to see if there were any good items he was interested in, in the shopping center.

“En? What’s wrong?” When he saw Li Luo’s actions, Elvis couldn’t help but frown slightly, he couldn’t help but reach out his finger and scratch the cat’s small chin, as the fluffy and round kitten instantly squinted his eyes and let out a meow sound.

After a while, the small round cat seemed to finally react, he immediately extended out his paws and pressed on Elvis’ finger. The amber colored eyes looked at Elvis with annoyance and dissatisfaction, as he bared his teeth at him. Elvis’ eyes flashed a smiling expression, he simply ignored the resistance of his own cat, and turned him over, he leaned his body over while reaching out his hand and touched the cat’s soft belly.

At Elvis’ hand that was unceasingly stroking him, Li Luo threw away his resistance to the comfortable touch, he could not resist his cat nature, and began to let out a purring sound from his throat.

Just as the two were getting along harmoniously, a voice suddenly came out, “Elvis.”

The smiling expression in Elvis’ eyes immediately disappeared without a trace. He pulled back his hand from Li Luo and placed his hand on his back, his azure eyes looked in the distance silhouette without any waves—it was Tals.

Tals’ eyes flashed hate and jealous emotions, before immediately disappearing without trace. He never anticipated that the previous waste that lost all of his magic power was unexpectedly able to change his misfortunes, in one swoop, not only he did recover his magic power, he also became the focus of everyone.

The unwillingness and envious thoughts that he had when Elvis was in the limelight and when he had been suppressed by Elvis once again hit his heart.

Tals strode through the aisle above the water surface and went to the pavilion where Elvis was sitting. His pair of light gray eyes looked at Elvis in disgust, “Elvis, you are very awesome. In two years, not only was your magic power restored, but you also became a three star Scholar Magus.” His tone of speaking was full of envy and jealousy.

Elvis pretended that he didn’t hear, he merely raised his head and gave Tals a glance, still sitting as motionless as a mountain.

Tals continued, “Do you still want to come back to the clan, and enjoy the previous treatment?” Tals naturally knew that Elvis had directly left Mika City without any words because of his grandmother. He even sold the house where he had been staying for more than ten years, but who would know whether his decision didn’t change now?

“Heh.” Elvis finally looked straight at Tals, while his hand stroking the snowball like cat who laid on its stomach with not light not slow pace. His azure colored eyes seemed to be able to see through the people hearts at a glance, making Tals feel inexplicably icy cold from head to toe, “Come back, why would I want to come back?” After he finished speaking, there was an invisible sneer that showed on Elvis’ face, he quickly picked up Li Luo, and directly walked past Tals, leaving the pavilion.

The dark blue water of the lake was still calm, as the breeze blew lightly, making a large string of wisteria flowers sway gently in the wind, and the air was filling with a light fragrance.

Tals was standing still inside the pavilion for a long time before his spirit came back, he trembled a few times, before his face finally regained some color. At that moment, he almost thought he would be killed by Elvis.

Afterwards, the fear in his heart just a moment ago rapidly turned into rage, which burned inside his heart, his eyes looked maliciously towards the direction where Elvis was disappearing, “Since you say so, then you are not one of our Roxis Clan members anymore. In that case, even if I do something, it will not violate our clan rules.” After saying that, he also left the pavilion, as his figure disappeared after a moment.

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